One, reduce a goal

Aeriform compression has a primary purpose, namely with prep above the pressure of original pressure sends aspirated form. Original pressure standard is likely on any account differs, from low-down absolutely pressure (thousand kilograms) until thousands of kilograms; Pressure goes to thousands of kilograms from a few grams; And transmission tolerance from a few stere / cent till hundred thousands of stere / cent.

QiAir Compressor
Compression particular goal has various:

1. Use a tool in drive wind power is transferred in reducing air system;

2. Offer air to burn; (the practitioner of 90% paid close attention to date of public of ‘ of ‘ compressor net)

3. In natural gas canal and distribute gas;

4. Make gas passes a process or systematic loop;

5. Create a more active to chemical reaction condition;

6. Stem from a variety of purposes are made and maintain a higher than before pressure level, method is the gas that enter leakage or flows into this system or the system of miscellaneous gas eduction that exist so.

2, compress a method

The way that reduces gas has 4 kinds: 2 kinds are intermittent air current law, additional 2 kinds are law of successive air current (this is paraphrastic classification term, is not to press thermodynamic or the function is classified) . These methods want:

1. The successive gas of will certain amount holds back Yu Mou to plant inside container, reduce its bulk to make pressure elevatory thereby, will compress gas to roll out container next.

2. The successive gas of will certain amount holds back Yu Mou to plant inside container, carry gas to vent but do not change its volume, those who adopt exhaust system is refluent will compress gas, will compress air to roll out container next.

3. The mechanical movement that carries the rotor that rotates quickly will compress gas. The gas that rotor transmits speed and pressure to flow (in the speed on fixed diffuser or fender pressure of farther translate into) .

4. Send gas akin or another kind of gas (it is normally, but not be vapour certainly) in high speed nozzle, spend translate into pressure in the high speed of diffuser admiral gas mixture.

Use a method 1 belong to with the compressor of 2 intermittent air current kind, call transfiguration compressor; Use a method of 3 call speed compressor; Use a method of 4 call eject compressor, its inlet pressure is pressed under atmosphere commonly force.

3, the sort of compressor and characteristic

The definition of all sorts of compressor is below. Cam type, diaphragm type and diffuse the compressor such as pump did not include among them, be because of them utility is special and dimension is relatively lesser.

In the space that the limitation of successive air current that —— of cubage type compressor is will certain amount closes at, make pressure elevatory.

—— of reciprocating type compressor is cubage type compressor, its compress component is a piston, reciprocate is made inside air cylinder.

—— of circumgyrate type compressor is cubage type compressor, compressing is by rotate the compulsive motion of component comes true.

—— of blade type compressor is compressor of circumgyrate type transfiguration, its axial blade is in radial is made slide on the rotor with columnar prejudicial cylinder body together. Hold back the eduction after the air between blade is compressed.

Liquid – piston compressor —— is compressor of circumgyrate cubage type, amid water or other liquid regard as the piston will compress gas, next aeriform eduction.

—— of compressor of type of collect Ci double rotor belongs to compressor of circumgyrate cubage type, amid mutual clench the teeth of rotor of two collect Ci stays in aeriform cut thereby, send vent its from the mouth that take energy of life. Compress without interior.

Screw compressor —— is compressor of circumgyrate cubage type, the rotor that amid contains helix gear twice mutual clench the teeth, compress gas thereby and eduction.

Speed compressor —— is circumgyrate type compressor of successive air current, the lamina that amid high speed rotates makes the gas that carries it is quickened, thereby speed can translate into pressure. This kind changes partial happening rotating on blade, the part happens in fixed diffuser or circumfluence implement on fender.

—— of centrifugal type compressor belongs to speed compressor, amid has one or more to rotate impeller (blade is in normally flank) make gas is quickened. Advocate air current is radial.

The axis sheds type compressor —— to belong to speed compressor, amid gas is quickened by the rotor of blade. Advocate air current is axial.

Mix —— of confluent type compressor to also belong to speed compressor, the appearance of its rotor combined centrifugal type and axis to shed a few characteristics with both type.

—— of eject type compressor uses high speed gas or vapour gush efflux takes away inspiratory gas, be in next the pressure of speed translate into of diffuser admiral gas mixture.

4, the classification of pneumatics machine and its characteristic

The empty press of 3 kinds of main types includes:

Reciprocating type

Circumgyrate type

Centrifugal type

Above the empty press of 3 kinds of types can differentiate further for:

Bare chance and overall

Wind is cold with water-cooling

Fuel injection and without oil

Make us simple ground discussion is the following the pneumatics machine of these 3 kinds of types:

Machine of reciprocating type pneumatics

Dimension is 0.7MPa (G)- – the 0.72Kw of limits and 0.028m3/min arrive 932 Kw and machine of pneumatics of 176.4m3/min reciprocating type are transfiguration type compressor. This kind of compressor will close to be compressed in the air successive inside an airtight space (contractible its bulk) increase its atmospheric pressure thereby. Opportunity of reciprocating type pneumatics comes as the original that compresses displacement with a piston inside cylinder of overfulfil reduce a process.

When a side that compresses a process to rely on a piston only will finish, this reciprocating type calls machine of only action pneumatics, double action is called when if rely on a piston,2 are finished. Machine of reciprocating type pneumatics has a lot of spring valve on each air cylinder, when valve only the after pressing difference to reach fair value valve of two side just can be opened.

When the pressure inside air cylinder slightly under inlet pressure when, the valve that take energy of life is opened, when the pressure inside air cylinder the drain tap when pressure of exhaust of summary prep above is opened. (the practitioner of 90% paid close attention to date of public of ‘ of ‘ compressor net)

When if reduce a process,be being finished by a cylinder or a group of cylinder of only course, this pneumatics machine calls machine of only course pneumatics. A lot of capacity that use operating mode actually to want to exceed opportunity of only course pneumatics. Compression ratio size (exhaust / inlet pressure) the problem that can pose exhaust temperature overheat or other design to go up.

A lot of power exceed the machine of reciprocating type pneumatics of 75Kw to be designed to be multistage aircrew, compress a process to be comprised by dual class or multistage, there is cooling function to enter the air temperature of below one class in order to reduce commonly between class class.

Machine of reciprocating type pneumatics has fuel injection and without oil two kinds, have the wide selection room of pressure and tolerance.

Compressor of circumgyrate type air

0.85m3/min- – machine of pneumatics of 85m3/min circumgyrate type is transfiguration type compressor, machine of pneumatics of prevailing circumgyrate type is machine of pneumatics of type of screw of only course fuel injection, this kind of compressor has two rotor inside machine antrum, will compress air through rotor, interior does not have valve. Machine of this kind of pneumatics is oil commonly cold (cooling medium is air or water) , this kind of oil had sealed effect.

Because cool,undertake in pneumatics machine interior, because this component won’t have very high temperature, accordingly, machine of circumgyrate type pneumatics is successive duty can design become the order of the day cold or water-cooling aircrew.

Because the structure is simple fragile little, machine of pneumatics of whirly type screw is safeguarded very easily, operation, have the characteristic with agile installation. Machine of circumgyrate type pneumatics can be installed in any grounds that can prop up weight.

Machine of pneumatics of screw of type of circumgyrate of two class fuel injection contains two pairs of rotor in lead plane component, compress a process to be strung together with the 2nd class by the first class receive compress finish. Machines and tools of pneumatics of type of two class circumgyrate has a structure to be mixed simply flexibility and efficient characteristic, machine of pneumatics of type of screw of type of two class circumgyrate but wind Leng Heshui is cold and enclose type completely.

The lead plane that uses special design without machine of pneumatics of screw of oily circumgyrate type need not fuel injection can undertake compression, arise to compress air without oil thereby. Have wind without machine of pneumatics of type of oily whirly screw Leng Heshui is cold two kinds, have the flexibility with fuel injection. What see like you, machine of pneumatics of circumgyrate type screw has wind cold, water-cooling, fuel injection, mix without oily, only course two class, there is extensive applicability on pressure, tolerance, structure.

Compressor of centrifugal type air

11.2m3/min- – machine of pneumatics of 420m3/min centrifugal type is machine of one motivation pneumatics, he completes the transition of energy through gyral turbine, rotor realizes the changeover of above through changing airy kinetic energy and pressure. Reduce airy velocity of flow to realize the kinetic energy commutation to pressure by dormant diffuser.

Machine of centrifugal type pneumatics is machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil, the lube of athletic gear by the axis sealed keep apart with air.

Centrifugal type is compressor of type of successive operating mode, mobile very few, special the requirement that applies to big tolerance not to have oil.

Machine of centrifugal type pneumatics is water-cooled, typical aircrew includes aftercooler and all control equipment.

Those who use tolerance is affirmatory

The compression that decides a new plant the traditional method that air asks is will all use tolerance with what enrage equipment (M3/min) add up, consider to increase a safety, leak and development coefficient again.

In an existing factory, you should make a few simple tests can know to compress air to furnish only the capacity is sufficient. Be like cannot, criterion but appraise cipher out still needs how to much increase.

The output pressure of compressor of the air on general industry is 0.69MPa (G) , and the pressure that sends equipment to use a site at least 0.62MPa. The typical air compressor that this shows to we use has 0.69MPa (G) uninstall pressure and 0.62MPa (G) pressure of cylindrical shell to load or call a system pressure. Had these numbers (or of some system uninstall and to load is worth) we can decide.

If cylindrical shell pressure is nodded under nominal to load (0.62MPa (G) ) or did not rise to uninstall pressure gradually (0.69MPa (G) , need more air possibly. Want to check from beginning to end of course, believe firmly without big leak, and of compressor it is normal to uninstall and control a system to move.

If compressor must with prep above 0.69MPa (G) pressure job ability offers 0.62MPa (G) systematic pressure, the conduit size that is about to examine dispatching system is too small perhaps, or it is block the dot still needs to increase how many tolerance to using tolerance, the system is flat produce what influence and the size that how determine gas tank to use requirement of tolerance peak value by fits in order to satisfy.

One, test law- – the examination has air compressor tolerance

Test of time pump gas is the method that a kind of easier and accurate examination has air compressor tolerance or outputs, as a result of,this will conduce to judgement compressing airy to be in short supply is not of the machine wear away or breakdown place causes.

The program that has timing pump enrages an experiment is below:

A. Gas tank cubage, stere

B. Between compressor gas tank the cubage stere of conduit

C. (A and B) total volume, stere

D. Compressor total convey by vehicles goes

E. Close the gas valve between gas tank and factory air system

F. Gas tank deflate, fall pressure to 0.48MPa (G)

G. Shut air bleeder very quickly

H. Gas of gas tank pump comes 0.69MPa (G) needs time, second

You already had the data that decides actual tolerance place needs existing compressor now, formula is:


QiAir Compressor

In type:

C= compressor tolerance, m3/min

V= gas tank and conduit cubage, m3 (C)

P2= uninstalls pressure finally, MPa (A) (H + PA)

P1= initial pressure, MPa (A) (F + PA)

PA= air pressure, MPa (A) (0.1MPa is on sea level)

T= time, S

If experiment,the rated tolerance of the computational result of data and compressor of your factory air is close to, you are OK relatively affirmative, the load of system of your factory air is too high, need to increase air feed to measure thereby.

2, estimation algorithm

V=V existing equipment uses equipment of aftertreatment of tolerance + V to use leakage rate of tolerance + V + V lays in a quantity

3, decide what what need to increase compress air

Need the air of pressure to measure according to increasing systematic pressure place, compress air air feed to measure with respect to what can affirmatory need increases,

The M3/min= of need (existing M3/min) P1/P2

In type, the compression that the M3/min= of need needs quantity of air air feed

Existing M3/min= shows some to compress air air feed to measure

The systematic pressure that P2= needs, MPa (A)

P1= shows some systematic pressure, MPa (A)

The M3/min that wants addition M3/min= need – existing M3/min

The institute of the demand that use gas that the result tells you to be had to satisfy should increase how many tolerance. So that satisfy current using to enrage a requirement not only,the proposal increases enough tolerance, still consider the demand in the future and leak factor to go in.

4, the influence with flat system

As a result of,offerring tolerance to be not worth often is or it is the leak as a result of the system for certain, air system is flat it is loss dynamic a successive germ, so best ought to make its as far as possible a few less. A few are equivalent to 1/4 inch the small leakage dot of alveolus, the many compression to 2.8M3 is dropped in leakage of the likelihood below 0.69MPa pressure air, this is equal to your loss the tolerance of the air compressor of a 18.75Kw, with electric power every spend 0.4 yuan, move every year 8000 hours (three-shift system) computation, these air that leak make you for nothing loss 60000 yuan.

Most factory can be offerred safeguard personnel and spare parts to build leakage. The tool of attaint. A powerful person, filling, connect, burette and tube should be checked in time and repair. (the practitioner of 90% paid close attention to date of public of ‘ of ‘ compressor net)

The leak of whole system can carry the plant in systematic pressure does not determine below air feed circumstance (in receiver body upside) from 0.69MPa (G) fall 0.62MPa (G) needs time will diagnose. Use pump to enrage an experiment we are OK cipher out is whole systematic leakage rate:


QiAir Compressor

If flat rate exceeds 5% of whole system tolerance, must build leakage.

5, the norms that chooses compressor

Once you decide the factory uses angry tolerance (M3/min) with pressure (MPa (G) ) requirement, can choose the norms of air compressor. The factor that when the choice you should consider possibly includes:

How much is using tolerance at present? After factory extend how much is asking with tolerance? Generally speaking, it is 10 % with year of increase rate of tolerance. Whether should forethought use special workmanship and tool?

Good way is compressor of circumgyrate screw type and centrifugal type compressor decides norms should assure to be mixed in modulation adjust control limits works normally.

The norms that compressor of air of cold reciprocating type of only action wind decides should assure to control what there is 30~40 % on systematic foundation to uninstall time in constant speed.

Compressor of air of water-cooling reciprocating type can work continuously, but when choosing norms, best consideration has 20~25 % buffer or uninstall time.

Study the sky of all sorts of model to enrage compressor function characteristic with estimation motivation cost, decide thereby which kind of it is to satisfy your factory to be mixed at present the optimal choice that the requirement asks in the future.

Is the factory flat and serious? Whether to so that can you reduce the negative charge that reduces air system finally,want the plan that build leakage?

You choose air compressor to place move, safeguard, are installation and function characteristic satisfied?

Does in the choice air compressor reach his additional facility (like drier and filter) whether did you already consider compress airy quality to ask?

Does additional facility choose air compressor to He Ying rings to you?

Whether had you considered in case advocate when air compressor breakdown reserve tolerance?

Whether do each orders need those who use same tolerance to compress air?

Is chooses air compressor using case of the movement when is tolerance inferior how?

The likelihood should consider to so that,use a lesser air compressor managing the sources of energy, avoid advocate air compressor circulates too much and wear away.

Whether does the factory have those who need to add one consideration not load of requirement of common intermittence peak value?