Came 23 days on Feburary 22, 2 × 300MW of Shandong Tai’an compress air store can innovate demonstrative project can grind evaluation can be held in Shandong Jinan, china can build electric power to plan to design total courtyard to chair this second meeting. Yang Chun of mechanical institute researcher mixes earth of cliff of Wuhan of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences with respect to transition of the sources of energy ” double carbon ” below strategic setting store can the query that science and technology answered a reporter.

Mix in transition of Chinese the sources of energy ” double carbon ” below big setting of the strategy, what action can harbour of large-scale calm sb’s anger act? To this, yang Chun and express, mix in transition of Chinese the sources of energy ” double carbon ” below big setting of the strategy, chinese solar energy, wind energy develops at full speed, but the instability as a result of solar energy and wind energy, right large-scale store can demand is bigger and bigger also. National electrified wire netting ” foreground of new technology of electrified wire netting studies ” project advisory group thinks ” pump water harbour can, harbour of calm sb’s anger can be mixed batteries store can be extensive development store can technical first selection. ” harbour of calm sb’s anger can be 3 kinds large-scale store can one of technologies.

“3 kinds of means have actor drawback each, pump water harbour can the technology is relatively mature, harbour of Tai’an pump water can have been built the 2nd period, but the physical features of a place that pump water harbour can need to on any account is differred, rely on condition of favourable geographical position, construction cycle is additionally long, batteries of investment big; store can be not used wash out the car below to carry dynamical cell to do, but still be a challenge to the environment; compresses air store can, start later, but the advantage is clear, the place in acupuncture point having salt can use saline acupuncture point, without the place of saline acupuncture point support makes acupuncture point artificially, geological limitation is small, have the base of large-scale construction, still have dimensions additionally big, start sharp good point. ” Yang Chun and point out, accordingly, harbour of calm sb’s anger can be sure to become large-scale store can the pillar industry of the domain.

Can harbour of calm sb’s anger of saline acupuncture point want commonly how old deepness? Whether can you cause geological disaster? “The basis shows the pressure parameter of level ground system, harbour of calm sb’s anger can bury saline acupuncture point to be in greatly commonly 500-1100 rice, future, this buries deep limits may wider and wider, can suit to do labor of calm sb’s anger of saline acupuncture point can the place will be increasing. ” Yang Chun and express, avoiding geological disaster is the factor that considers above all on the design, stability respect, basically be the stability that buries dark side to assure subterranean hole room from layer, both neither can be squeezed collapse by crustal stress, also cannot the high-pressured air with indoor hole is maintained defeated; to be in sealing respect, the sealing of saline cliff is first-rate, form consensus all over the world already, and have natural gas of saline acupuncture point store the project case of the library is prevenient natural gas of; high pressure can store in subterranean salt acupuncture point, store air need not worry more, because although air has small divulge also won’t explode.

So, does ode of resource of Shandong salt mine put a case how? Yang Chun and say, up to now, shandong province is in Tai’an, He lustre, and talked about a city to discover salt mine, talk about city salt mine to bury among them deep deeper, about 2200-3100 rice, present technology does not support temporarily do compress air store can; He lustre area salt mine is buried deep 1400 meters or so, had not developed now, underground has not formed salt mine of area of Tai’an of; of space of saline acupuncture point to bury deep 900-1100 rice, suit to begin compress air store can, had formed space of 15 million underground of saline acupuncture point, and the exploitation capacity that has salt of 7 million tons of solid every year, can support now level 300MW is large-scale compress air store the large-scale deploy that can reach future.

“Tai’an is a good place, salt mine is resourceful, bury deep moderate, besides begin harbour of calm sb’s anger of saline acupuncture point can beyond, subterranean salt acupuncture point still can be used do store natural gas. Look from geological angle, tai’an has latent capacity to become Shandong to save store can center, can gas storage, oil storage, store report, to the sources of energy of Shandong transition will have conclusive effect. ” Yang Chun and hearten ground say.