Do not have machine of pneumatics of fat static sound use and maintain machine of oilier than using also pneumatics is more convenient and simple. The oil of some pneumatics machine needs to change regularly or be cheered in use process, oiling may have leakage oily appearance, can pollute surroundings, need time clears. Without machine of pneumatics of fat static sound you do not need concern to be short of oil, also do not need to often be cheered. Life compares press of oily vast sky! The one level that brand pneumatics machine exceeds a country to detect can effect standard, common fill oil to be able to reach 3 level only repeatedly continuously can effect. Used the pneumatics machine huge that fills oil to waste lubricating oil. With a 7.5KW machine of high grade pneumatics full oil is exemple, every months of lowest drains 5 Kg lubricating oil; Below one year, want with lube floriferous 60 kilograms. In the meantime, compress the oil in gas for purify, use filter mixes efficient engine oil for many times to change filter core also is the expenditure with not small brushstroke.

Producing tolerance is 3 times of the product groovier, two class are compressed, pressure is higher and adjustable, noise is low, the machine runs stability, shake small, product life is long. The brand has attestation of multinomial international standard, through safety of domestic product quality attestation reachs CE of ETL of German GS, United States, Europe to wait for attestation of multinomial international major, character assures!