Pneumatics machine application is wide, each figure that large trade can see it. Ferial li of empty press that we see it is to producing a workshop mostly. A lot of people do not know to pneumatics machine also can be used in shipping travel process actually. Pneumatics machine applies in shipping: With compress air to blow except ark of a powerful person that understand the of great capacity, oil residue, , use as torpedo of tool of hooter, pneumatic blasts off, submarine submergence and rise. Still have the following use next: 1, machine of pneumatics of screw of the air that start compresses air to regard as those who start large derv engine is powerful and the sources of energy that can store. Although be air,use below the inferior pressure that is less than 150psi, but can use a space reasonably so with high-pressured force memory normally, still allow enough volume to be used at starting a trial for many times at the same time. 2, control, instrument and class action energy of life have a lot of systems and flow need to compress air on the boat. Engine arranges the system that monitor, solar term door is controlled, control a powerful person. Of course this is machine of the pneumatics on the boat compresses airy a few kinds in a lot of utility and application only.

QiAir Compressor in China
3, travel of lubricant action boat is driving hull the meeting when water travel encounters resistance, use with respect to need at this moment compress air. Low-pressure air puffs through alveolus, an air produces between hull and water in order to reduce the resistance when shipping travel, , ensure shipping travelling speed. 4, inert gase use liquefied natural gas needs to enclothe its to light material or blank bin with nitrogen as fuel source or carriage shipping, appear in case explosion. Replace go aboard nitrogen canister belt, in the spot generation nitrogen has important sense. So, shipping must install air compressor above all. Above is pneumatics machine the utility on shipping. Shipping is opposite all right the respect demand such as pneumatics engine quality, function, carry out hind is higher, want when the choice all-around think integratedly should choose function to stabilize the equipment with high efficiency.