Medical aeriform cent enrages body and negative pressure gas to be being pressed two kinds, pressing gas to include oxygen among them, compress 7 kinds of commonly used gas such as air; Negative pressure gas basically is to use vacuum technique to suck divide the pus of phlegmy, blood inside patient system etc contamination. Is what we introduce generation to pressing gas today mainly medical pneumatics machine — what is medical pneumatics machine? Specific what use is there? And of typical product reveal.

QiAir Compressor in China

(medical pneumatics machine)

Medical air compressor (pneumatics machine) , it is to belong to miniature not to have compressor of piston of oily reciprocating type. Advocate if be the Medical Protection facility that needs gas source to provide enough, clean gas source, apply to equipment of dentistry equipment, the aircraft that make oxygen, lung ventilator equipment, medicine equipment to wait. The drier of medical and adsorptive type that be designed independently by elegant Lei De and makes group, belong to medical pneumatics machine.

QiAir Compressor in China

(elegant Lei Dezheng controls unit)

Drier of this medical and adsorptive type group (if pursue) , having excel the design of congener product: Zincous alumina piece inside buy pipeline, butterfly form flange joins; Have efficient and energy-saving characteristic at the same time: Second birth of pressure dew point is controlled, dual class filters system. But OEM is custom-built. Medical the stand or fall of air quality basically depends on compress airy aftertreatment, elegant Leidedi shows you, the equipment of source of medical treatment gas that is you please is deployed high grade medical pneumatics machine.