Machine of pneumatics of river source cut into a mountain serves business to specialize in compressor of air of cut into a mountain, without machine of oily screw pneumatics, machine of machine of pneumatics of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion, low-pressure screw pneumatics, two class compress screw pneumatics machine to wait,

Machine of pneumatics of cut into a mountain (river source) 24 hours of services click sale and maintenance seek advice from us

QiAir Compressor in China

Pneumatics machine series:

BK series, BMVF series, LG series, PMVF series, JN series, JNF series, JNP series, KN series, KSZJ series, KSCY series, KSDY series


Install a replacement of quality goods maintenance formerly, absolutely not shoddy, 10 minutes are answered, 24 hours come freely to serve, 2-8 hour reachs the spot quickly.

Service limits:

River source (city of Lian Ping, violet gold, Long Chuan, peace, river source, river source city)

QiAir Compressor in China

Patulous read:

The key of machine of screw type pneumatics makes the value of part and care and maintenance:

Of machine of screw type pneumatics basically form comprise by 6 systems, include air system, lubricant system, cooling system, control system, electrical system and safe protection system. Every system is producing main effect in screw pneumatics machine, they are short of one cannot.

In the compositive component of screw pneumatics machine, basically include filter of bucket of the lead plane, electric machinery, a powerful person that take energy of life, oil gas, cooling fan, oily filter, air, condenser, relief valve, lube to wait. These components have his in screw pneumatics machine distinctive and indispensable action. If any component appears breakdown, cause other component occurrence problem possibly, what affect pneumatics engine then is normal move, affect manufacturing process then, may bring about accident happening even.

QiAir Compressor in China

No matter be the empty press of machine of pneumatics of use screw type or other type, need to undertake safeguard and maintaining regularly. This includes each systems of pair of pneumatics machine and component to undertake checking, discover the problem is solved in time, undertake clearing necessarily, right repairable the component has repair, the component that changes to need undertakes changing.

Mix through good maintenance maintain, the good moving position that can hold pneumatics plane, improve its work efficiency, reduce the possibility of breakdown happening, prolong its service life effectively, OK still and managing the upkeep costs of a huge sum that causes as a result of breakdown.