Soft starter, it is one kind has electric machinery actually soft start, soft jockey, carry gently energy-saving and a variety of electric machinery control equipment that protect functional a single person. Advocate if string together,receive shunt-wound brake canal and circuit of its electron control are turned over in power source and the three-phase between electric machinery be accusinged. Turn over what shunt-wound brake is in charge of to guide through controlling three-phase current flow angle, the input voltage that lets electric machinery be accusinged can change according to diverse demand, realize all sorts of functions.

Transducer, it is the place that basically is used at needing timing, its output changes voltage to still change frequency; at the same time not only soft starter is solid it is a booster actually, use when electric machinery is started, output changes voltage merely, did not change frequency. Transducer manufacturer emphasizes, transducer has function of all soft starter, but its price should compare soft starter expensive, the structure is more complex.

Soft starter is to be used in want step-down to start with inactive place, at this moment electric machinery rotate speed is changeless; but transducer basically is to use timing, the place of constant voltage, rotate speed is decided by frequency. Transducer produces business to think, both the biggest distinction is transducer can the frequency that aleatoric set runs, but soft starter rises only soft open soft the action that stop.


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Soft starter definition reachs action

Soft starter is to string together receive at power source and between electric machinery be accusinged, through microcomputer control its in-house brilliant brake canal sparks guide current flow angle realizes communication pressure regulating, make electric machinery inputs voltage from 0 rise gradually with setting function to concern beforehand, till start an end, gift electric machinery full voltage, it is namely soft start, in soft starting process, electric machinery starts torsion to increase gradually, rotate speed also increases gradually, till brilliant brake the canal guides completely, electromotor job is on the physical characteristic of rated voltage, implementation is flowing start, reduce the electric current that start. Avoid to had been started shed tripping operation. Process end is started when waiting for electric machinery to achieve rated revolution, move normally for electric machinery offer rated voltage.

Soft starter (soft starter) it is electric machinery of a kind of collect soft start, soft jockey, carry gently energy-saving with a variety of protection functions the control equipment of novel electric machinery at an organic whole, abroad calls Soft Starter. Soft starter uses three-phase to turn over canal of shunt-wound brilliant brake to serve as voltage regulator, receive its power source and electromotor stator between. This kind of circuit is like circuit of commutate of bridge-type of three-phase fully control. When using soft starter to start motor, the output voltage that brilliant brake is in charge of increases gradually, electromotor is quickened gradually, till brilliant brake the canal guides completely, electromotor job is on the physical characteristic of rated voltage, implementation is flowing start, reduce the electric current that start, avoid to had been started shed tripping operation. When waiting for electric machinery to achieve rated revolution, the process that start ends, soft starter replaces the brilliant brake that already finished the job automatically to be in charge of with bypass contactor, for electromotor normal movement offers rated voltage, in order to reduce the hot loss that brilliant brake runs, prolong the service life of soft starter, improve its work efficiency, make electrified wire netting prevented harmonic pollution again. Soft starter still is offerred at the same time soft jockey function, soft jockey as contrary as the soft process that start, voltage is reduced gradually, revolution drops gradually 0, avoid to jockey freely the torsion impact that cause.

Main function

Overload protects a function: Soft starter introduced voltaic operating ring, dog at any time consequently detect the metabolic state of electric machinery electric current. Through increasing overload voltaic set is mixed turn over time limit to control mode, realized overload to protect a function, make when electric machinery overload, brake is in charge of Guan Duanjing and issue alarm signal.

Be short of photograph protection function: When the job, soft starter detects at any time the change of three-phase line electric current, once happen to flow, can make fall vacant photograph protect reaction.

Overheat protects a function: Through soft starter interior hot relay detects the temperature of radiator of brilliant brake canal, once radiator temperature allows value hind to involve brilliant brake valve automatically more than, issue alarm signal.

Measure loop parameter function: When electromotor works, the detector inside soft starter is monitoring electromotor runs state all the time, send CPU to undertake handling the parameter that monitors, CPU has the parameter that monitor analysis, memory, show. Because this electromotor is soft,starter still has the function that measures loop parameter.

Other function: Pass the combination of electronic circuit, still can realize other in the system a variety of interlocking protection.

Transducer definition reachs action

Alternate the alternating current with voltage, changeless frequency into voltage, frequency the transformer of alterable alternating current calls transducer. Reduce the concussion load that when electric machinery is started, causes, control electric machinery rate, spin the time that start, change electric current gently, achieve soft started end, return the efficiency that can improve electrified wire netting and electromotor at the same time. Actually, transducer basically is used in energy-saving respect, through adjusting, the change outputs voltage, electric current, frequency. The electric machinery that general timing calculates uses transducer.

Transducer job principle

Transducer is a labour frequency power source (the alternating current source that 50Hz or 60Hz) commutation become all sorts of frequency, in order to realize the facility that the gearshift of electric machinery runs. And the control that this controls circuit to finish pair of main circuit among them, rectification circuit becomes alternating current commutation dc, shed intermediate circuit to have flowing filter wave to the output of rectification circuit continuously, inversion circuit goes against dc alternating current again (reach core to control circuit to come true: Hand in – straight – the process) that hand in. And frequency conversion technology is to should communicate electric machinery to need and be born of stepless speed regulation

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