The whole world serves the manufacturing activity at different type in the CCUS unit that build and running, from generate electricity natural gas of industry, oil extracts metallurgy industry. Oil of carbon dioxide drive and bury retain photograph tie, it is the main way that oil gas industry should change to global climate and direction, also be the main body after drive of oil field water extracts replaces a technique, can prolong life of oil field business effectively. In the meantime, the investment of high specified number and property of CCUS of cost block up are extensive commercialize development, expand as prospective project scope, drive of technical progress, policy and carbon money market development, bottleneck problem hopeful is able to solve.

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Oil industry grows CCUS to have natural advantage

Carbon catchs collect to use with seal up for keeping (abbreviation CCUS) it is to show the carbon dioxide gather up that industry of source of aux will be able to and activity of other industry production produce comes, store with all sorts of methods and use a kind of technology in discharging atmosphere with avoiding its.

Petroleum Company raises oil of carbon dioxide drive oil recovery ratio and carbon dioxide are safe in geological body bury for a long time retain effective tie, gas of greenhouse of give attention to two or morethings decreases a benefit and drive oil economic benefits, and to CCUS process medium geology is evaluated, catch market, carry, use and seal up for keeping etc have peculiar advantage, expand CCUS business more easily.

Height of international Petroleum Company takes CCUS seriously the commercial opportunity when answering climate to change, the strategy that regards oil gas as the industry CCUS develops way.

Specific for, development CCUS reflects to the action of oil industry in: It is to use CCUS to be able to reduce the greenhouse gas of oil gas company to discharge directly, answer a country to answer climate change and carbon to reduce a demand.

2 it is oil of drive of executive carbon dioxide the technology can carry on any account to permeate oil field recovery ratio, have economy more. China is low the half above that permeates oil natural resources to occupy total natural resources to measure. Majority is low permeate oil field to be produced basically without nature can, need is transformed through fracture wait for technical measure ability to realize industrial sex to develop. The experience outside China makes clear, oil of carbon dioxide drive is carrying on any account to permeate store the layer employs reserve and respect of single well crop effectively to have certain effect, can raise oil field recovery ratio 5% above, overall beneficial result is very considerable. In view of oil of carbon dioxide drive the technology is being developed low the advantage that pervades oil deposit aspect, applying oily technology of carbon dioxide drive to develop limit oil deposit will be one of main development direction of Chinese oil industry.

3 it is to develop CCUS and domain of business of oil gas company to agree. CCUS project includes to seal up for keeping latent capacity is evaluated, the project of relevant form a complete set such as project of drilling engineering, ground, in each phase of the complete lifecycle of CCUS project, can have oil gas operation or oil gas service kind the company is participated in, this and height of domain of business of oil gas industry agree.

Technology of successful practice CCUS is paid close attention to by height of world each country

As climate metabolic problem causes global attention with each passing day, western developed country is based on the characteristic of oil of carbon dioxide drive, combine its and CCUS look, namely CCUS-EOR. The whole world serves the manufacturing activity at different type in the CCUS unit that build and running, from generate electricity natural gas of industry, oil extracts metallurgy industry. These device basically got national financial supports.

— Norwegian. Norwegian country Petroleum Company enraged Tian Qi to use system of the first large CCUS of world in oil of Sleipner of the North sea 1996, up to now, already accumulative total seals up for keeping carbon dioxide many tons 1600. Sleipner of two when carbon dioxide seals up for keeping large projects and Snehvit are in global brine layer Norwegian. What check and improve the carbon dioxide after combustion the most greatly on the world before Norwegian government invested 1 billion euro to build eye to catch collect technology is medium try establishment and center of research and development (TCM) , use at building 2013. In addition, norwegian petroleum council still plans to was worn in Norwegian mainland 2022 build project of CCUS-EOR of off shore entire chain, the target is 100 million tons of when extract in Norway the mainland wears discovery ancient leftover oil belt and bury put carbon dioxide.

— Canada. Current, the the biggest, most successful CCUS-EOR on the world sets an example the project is Canadian Weyburn project. Weyburn oil field is located in Canadian Sa this the north of basin of Williston of lukewarm province of thorough of noise made in coughing or vomiting, discovered 1954, the area makes an appointment with 180 square kilometre, oil deposit is buried deep 1400, 1500 meters. This oil field threw development 1952, used include straight well to add add closely with horizontal well wait for measure closely, but cannot crop of keep within limits decreases successively continuously, already was in evening of water drive exploitation. Begin to use carbon dioxide drive from 1999, divide 4 phase to carry out. Crop picked up 2014 30 thousand pails / day, the effect is distinct, at present carbon dioxide drive produces per year oily quantity to make an appointment with 550 thousand tons, predict to make life of oil field business lengthens 25 years. Source of gas of carbon dioxide of project of CCUS-EOR of Weyburn oil field is in charge of move and managing by commercial company, transport gas station of oil field field; Note collect a well anticorrosive use material to pledge anticorrosive, ground system uses coating anticorrosive; Note collect a well to monitor for solar energy power supply, gather dynamic information automatically; Gas drive leading edge uses the earthquake between the well and 4 dimension earthquake; Yield the fluid is in charge of detached carbon dioxide by professional corporation, be defeated by an oil field to be used circularly, with deputy yield light hydrocarbon is touched deduct processing expense.

2014, company of Canadian SaskPower power built the first carbon to catch market embedded power plant, can reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity every year to amount to 1 million tons. Carbon of SaskPower attrib border dam catchs collect project is the carbon after first commercializes dimensions coal fired power plants on the world burn catchs collect project, what make this technology progress is fiducial. The successful operation of this project, technology of card palpability CCUS generates electricity in coal fired the feasibility in application and economy.

— the United States. Oily technology of carbon dioxide drive matures basically in the United States, produce per year oily quantity to make an appointment with 15 million tons, for its the biggest improve recovery ratio technology, still perfect in ceaseless development. Main reason is the source of carbon dioxide gas with beautiful state-owned cheap stability, oil deposit is given priority to with sea facies deposit, store layer content sex is successional better. Source of oil gas of drive of American carbon dioxide is given priority to with gas pool of natural carbon dioxide, occupy 80% ; Contain carbon dioxide natural gas to hide detached carbon dioxide to occupy 15% ; Industry discharges carbon dioxide to occupy 5% ; Gross makes an appointment with 58 million tons / year, total supply is steady. American carbon dioxide is carried give priority to with conduit, the trunk total course that builds operation makes an appointment with 6000 kilometre, to offer the price source of gas of cheap carbon dioxide laid solid foundation, gas source comes wellhead cost under 250 yuan / ton. In addition, oil deposit of drive of American carbon dioxide is given priority to with sea facies deposit, crude oil is mixed more easily with carbon dioxide, store layer content sex is good, successive and all pledge, this makes oily effect of carbon dioxide drive better, also be this technology be able to the main reason that large-scale promotion uses.

Current, the oily project of the most large-scale carbon dioxide drive on the world, it is to be located in the 2 SACROC oil field of American that fold a basin. This oil field discovered 1942, the area makes an appointment with 200 square kilometer, oil deposit is buried deep 1800, 2100 meters. Day of oily item of drive of carbon dioxide of SACROC oil field produces water to measure 120 thousand stere, yield water is all recycle, for private use of detached hydrocarbon gas part, part is sold, carbon dioxide is used circularly. This oil field is current day infuse carbon dioxide 5440 tons, carbon dioxide of accumulative total infuse 175 million tons; Carbon dioxide drive produces per year oil to make an appointment with 1.5 million tons, accumulative total of carbon dioxide drive is petroliferous about 43 million tons. Project of drive of carbon dioxide of SACROC oil field is the biggest the characteristic is to register air pocket form by arrive less much, progressively and patulous, be similar to booth thin pancake made of millet flour, add a loop to note angry use, carbon dioxide got making full use of.

The United States is having 8 in the dimensions CCUS-EOR project that run (include item of SACROC oil field) , building 2 when debug, additionally still a few is in early days to grind beforehand level. Catch in these carbon dioxide collect and in raising recovery ratio project, having 4 is from inside the natural gas of exploitation depart gives carbon dioxide, and additionally 4 projects are from chemical industry the process catchs market carbon dioxide. Be located in the project of Enid chemical fertilizer of the Oklahoma for instance, be located in amount to division the big Campagna coal of his city makes natural gas item, be located in Dekesasi the company of air chemical industry of the city (Air Products) the item of Coffeyville oil anxious aerification that reforming of vapour natural gas makes hydrogenous project and Kansan. So far, in the large-scale CCUS-EOR project that the United States already joined movement, had not come from the source catching market of coal fired power plant, and basically come from chemical process. Main reason is in these chemical processes (in natural gas for instance synthetic ammonia, coal makes synthesis gas, oil is anxious make hydrogen) in, the technology catching market of carbon dioxide is more mature, cost is lower.

— A couplet chief of a tribe. The company of iron and steel of steely company chief with A couplet the biggest chief of a tribe, in metallurgy the depart in producing a course caught market 2016 carbon dioxide, can reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity every year to amount to 800 thousand tons. This project is city of zoology of A couplet chief of a tribe Masidaer the 0 one part that arranges a project, joined movement in November 2016. Current, company of ADNOC of A couplet chief of a tribe with Chinese oil with respect to carbon dioxide drive oil and bury put begin technical collaboration research.

Implementation of industry application Petroleum Company is clean 0 discharged important ways

Acceptance of European Petroleum Company ” 2050 clean 0 discharge ” , they regard CCUS as implementation this one target must one of ways, british Petroleum Company (Bp) take the lead executive Teesside project, the plan catchs market to 2030 and seal up for keeping carbon dioxide 10 million tons, build England industrial district of the first 0 carbon; The 10% investment of funds of affirmatory will total scientific research go to Daodaer CCUS technology research and development; Housing card company drives CCUS project deploy in the whole world, its realized stable investment redound in Quest project of Canada, the Lu Tedan project that engineering, predict implementation sealed up for keeping 2030 carbon dioxide 10 million tons.

American Petroleum Company thinks, CCUS can bring transition to expand opportunity for traditional oil gas industry, aikesenmei catchs market segment to have distinctive controlled and caky patent technology in carbon dioxide, mix to carbolic infuse seal up for keeping the domain has thorough research; Xue Folong takes the lead the Australia that carry out is tall more the project began to seal up for keeping in August 2019 carbon dioxide, when predicting full load is produced year seal up for keeping the quantity achieves 4 million tons, it is to look the biggest geology on preexistence bound seals credit balance to look. Climate of oil gas industry proposes an organization (OGCI) the climate that created 1 billion dollar 2016 invests fund, of will total investment 50% use at beginning CCUS to the technology studies and set an example project, reduce cost in coordination, enhance commercial potential. OGCI released the whole world 2020 first ” carbon dioxide seals up for keeping resource catalog ” , the evaluation shows global carbon dioxide is buried put latent capacity to be one billion two hundred and twenty-six million seven hundred thousand tons.

Chinese oil began the science related CCUS to study the work nearly 15 years. Built the platform such as center of national key laboratory, research and development and experiment base, assumed a batch of countries major project, project approving of form a complete set is great project of science and technology of special, key and great mine field experiment; Finished geology of carbon dioxide of Chinese main basin to store latent capacity and adaptability are evaluated, with resources latent capacity the evaluation is a foundation, identify a main area that suits to develop CCUS property; Began flue of power plant of provide for oneself to enrage the important carbon such as carbon dioxide to decrease a technical research, preliminary accumulated relevant technology. In Jilin first carbon dioxide of China of oil field building departs, catch the base of entire industry catenary such as collect and drive oil, up to by 2021, carbon dioxide of accumulative total implementation seals up for keeping the quantity exceeds 2.5 million tons; Daqing oil field also is running CCUS demonstrative project, at present carbon dioxide seals up for keeping can China goes to 300 thousand tons / year; Carat Ma cooperates according to petrifaction company and company of Xinjiang Dui Hua, the CCUS that built 100 thousand tons of course catchs collect demonstrative project.

Overall for, chinese oil enters CCUS technology to enlarge experiment phase in Jilin, Daqing at present, long celebrate, Xinjiang is developing forerunner test, overall the phase that is in forerunner experiment to cross industrialized experiment. “945 ” main goal is industrial technological sophistication, maturity is reached set an example, build the many industry that are based on existing CCUS technology to set an example the project has a project to influence ability.

Foreground analyses CCUS extensive development to must defeat bottleneck

The CCUS project measure that develops from the whole world and bury put look on the quantity, CCUS-EOR is main way and direction, pure CCUS project suffers policy change and economic benefits influence to be afterwards hard, partial program project already was forced to stop. Main reason is CCUS project still is put in specific power consumption and cost to seal up for keeping exorbitantly, for a long time security and dependability inaccuracy are decided wait for a problem. The investment of high specified number and cost are industry of block up CCUS large-scale the bottleneck that commercializes development, expand as prospective project scope, drive of technical progress, policy and carbon money market development, circumstance hopeful is able to improve.

Be in China, the development of CCUS industry needs to support measure, specific include:

It is the relevant policy that national level CCUS develops, include: Accrual of policy of privilege of taxation of CCUS project new technology, loan interest privilege, land privilege, project period favourable policy, bring into carbolic market to trade favourable policy and CCUS power plant are additional generate electricity oil of item of CO2-EOR of hour of several privilege, derate is special of the respect such as accrual gold urge policy. The equipment that accords with a condition (include with environmental protection, the sources of energy, managing with the special device related water) , and certain infrastructure capital fund, can undertake depreciation is handled acceleration. CO2-EOR project belongs to oil extraction 3 times to increase recovery ratio scope, drive add collect crude oil part to be able to enjoy national derate 40% taxation privilege.

2 it is CCUS relevant superintendency measure. Solve in oil gas store the layer seals up for keeping the jurisdictional liability issue of carbon dioxide, country, the place is jurisdictional problem, and director branch is jurisdictional problem (branch of environmental protection branch, natural resources of energy management department, land) .

3 it is to make the CCUS in carbolic market reduce an amount as national nucleus card (CCER) methodology, drive CCUS carbon to decrease the cognizance of a quantity. The CCER actor that advances CCUS project to form enters Chinese carbon to discharge authority to trade first the market. (exploration of oil of Yang Yongzhi China develops an academy)


Accelerate dimensions to change development to answer CCUS cost to challenge

On March 17, farsighted consult gets the sources of energy (Rystad Energy) issuance research makes clear as a result, catch in carbon collect and seal up for keeping (CCS) the service expenses that develops a field will be in the violent wind in 10 years rises tomorrow, break up two times to 2025 from 2022, 4 this years defray of global accumulative total will exceed 50 billion dollar.

As a kind large-scale greenhouse gas decreases a technology, carbon catchs collect to use with seal up for keeping (CCUS) get the attention of increasing country and enterprise, show swift and violent development state. Only each country announced to arrange project of 100 new CCUS 2021, if these projects can be advanced smoothly, to 2030 global carbon catchs market ability to will break up two times, reach 160 million tons / year. Nevertheless, this and arrange of international the sources of energy (IEA) evaluate a result to still be put in very big difference. IEA is in system of global the sources of energy is only 2050 0 discharge a scene next forecasting, global carbon dioxide caught market volume to be 1.67 billion tons 2030 / year. Quicken CCUS industry dimensions to change development imperative, but be faced with a lot of element such as code of technology, cost, risk, policy to restrict.

CCUS technology has not mature completely. With carbon dioxide the technology that catch market is exemple, according to the analysis of Mai Ken stannum, only Gao Nong spends point source (50% , flue gas of 90% pH indicator) it is very mature that carbon catchs collect technology, low density point source (5% , flue gas of 15% pH indicator) the majority that holds carbon to discharge gross, basically come from large reduce seniority employment hard (if generate electricity, cement) , can wait for the method that catch market through sorbent of material of chemical dissolvent, solid, membrane separation, among them it is relatively mature that chemical dissolvent catchs collect method. Direct air captures is to realize negative carbon to discharge must technical measure, the technology is still at present immature.

CCUS project cost is high, especially direct air catchs this compositive mixing to seal up for keeping directly without what use cost. Below existing technology condition, after coal cable demonstrative project installs carbon to catch market unit, catch market every tons of carbon dioxide will be additional increase 140, 600 yuan moving cost. Develop cropland of academy oil gas to develop an expert according to Chinese oil exploration Hu Yongle is calculated, if near oily area with in low density source is given priority to, and dimensions is relatively lesser, criterion cost of carbon dioxide origin is relative taller, be in commonly 200, 300 yuan / ton.

CCUS project is put in certain safety and environmental risk. In addition, major CCUS technology has additional the characteristic that increases specific power consumption, increase what specific power consumption brings contaminant necessarily to arrange an issue. From risk of the dimensions that seal up for keeping, environment and superintendency angle consideration, the safety that abroad asks carbon dioxide geology seals up for keeping commonly period not under 200 years.

Quicken dimensions to change the bottleneck of development in the light of industry of block up CCUS, can break through from exert oneself of the following respects. The first, accelerate research and development of technology of key of CCUS each link, especially low density point source and direct air catch collect technology, increase the capital support of pair of technology research and development. Developed country height takes the development of CCUS technology seriously, for example, american energy department announced two fund plan of invite public bidding early or late recently, add up to throw 115 million dollar to support carbon to catch collect and use technical research and development.

The 2nd, much arrange develops simultaneously, reduce CCUS each link and integral cost. Mai Ken stannum thinks, the cost of CCUS basically is centered in the link that catch market, fall this grasper includes to develop new generation carbon to catch collect technology, reduce effect of economy of standard of etiquette of electric power cost, form, optimize seal up for keeping bit of program, reasonable use social natural resources to wait. Through reducing power consumption is mixed the cost that use phone, implementation falls significantly in the link that catch market this; Use dimensions economy effect to optimize at the same time seal up for keeping bit of program, can reduce further carry and seal up for keeping cost. Forecast in relatively hopeful scene below, CCUS cost may be reduced 30% , 40% .

The 3rd, build CCS key position, integrated and different link is different industry, form harmonious, complete industry chain. Mai Ken at present expresses Wood, a crucial essential factor that achieves the dimensions that climate target place needs to develop commercial CCUS is to build CCS key position. CCS hub is stood by seal up for keeping place, join group of source of carbon dioxide industry at the same time, through raising scale benefit is mixed share cost to reduce development risk. According to discharge capacity, seal up for keeping it is very important that capacity and usable infrastructure match carbolic source and the position that send hub of CCS of make choice of. Aeriform world network reported on March 17, CO2 Management AS of Norwegian energy company will not come to plum city build center of have a change of luck of a carbon dioxide in Germany, with the carbon dioxide that catchs market at use or sealing up for keeping, this is Germany first this kind of establishment.

Oil industry already had been done make full use of the preparation of CCUS. Oil industry in 20 centuries 70 time initiated this technology, have send advantage and rich experience first. The infrastructure that it still can use carriage carbon dioxide and can seal up for keeping the dried up oily gas field of carbon dioxide and the relevant mastery of a skill or technique that use the capacity below this cultivate land. Mai Ken at present expresses Wood, as a lot of oil gas treatment craft created carbon to catch the low cost opportunity of collect, sufficient market demand may make CCUS becomes the profit center of oil gas industry.

The near future, international oil price already rose considerably, on March 25, oil price receives Bulunte at 120.65 dollars / bucket. Most expert is analysed, 90 dollars / the high oil price of bucket above will be maintained longer. This catchs market to carbon of Petroleum Company development, bury put with improve recovery ratio technology (CCS-EOR) it is very good good luck period. Oil price rises can raise CCUS project considerably bear cost, bear certainly to having the oil field of force, oil price every rise 10 dollars / bucket, its bear cost will raise 12, 92 yuan / ton. In addition, governmental policy includes the development of duty of code, carbon, incentive measure and carbolic market, provide the development that is CCUS impetus.

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