Compressor is known as the heart of refrigeration system. Alleged compressor (Compressor) , the fluid that is a kind of driven that is low-pressure gas promotion high-pressured gas is mechanical, it is the heart of refrigeration system. It makes cryogen gas from what absorb low pressure of tracheal and inspiratory low temperature, after through electric machinery movement drives a piston to undertake compression to its, to the refrigeration agent gas of high pressure of vent-pipe eduction high temperature, provide power circularly for refrigeration, come true thereby compress → condensation (radiative) → expands → evaporates (absorption of heat) refrigeration circulates.

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Linear compressor, it is to introduce principle of magnetism in suspension and helix link hydromechanical structure, undertake compression to gas, provide power for refrigeration. Compressor divides piston compressor, screw compressor, centrifugal compressor, linear compressor. Piston compressor is general by equipment of housing, electromotor, cylinder body, piston, control (starter and hot protector) reach cooling system composition. Cooling means has oily cold zephyr cold, cool naturally 3 kinds. Linear compressor does not have an axis, not cylinder body, sealed and medicinal powder hot structure.

Of 10 big compressor of world what reach a large number of waiting for according to collecting compressor industry to exceed 156 brands information is voting as reference, sheet of issuance brand a list of names posted up provides data support by platform of CNPP big data, integration analysis of compressor industry brand famous degree, dimensions of assets of employee amount, company and the data of each actual strength such as management circumstance, this data finds good brand reference to use for convenient user only, it is old brand data below reach as follows after comprehensive information:

One, AtelasiAtlas Copco(Sweden)

Overview: The productivity that Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch to be able to last to come true offers all sorts of solutions. Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch held water 1873, headquarters is located in Swedish Stockholm, scope of business pervades the whole world 170 many countries and area. The domain of Wu of 4 great undertaking of Atlas Copco group: Technology of compressor technology, vacuum technique, technology, motivation.

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Atlas group held water 1873, produce steam locomotive;1890 year begin to produce pneumatic tool;1917 year begin to devote oneself to diesel engine;1946 year begin to move toward a whole world. 1956 more the name is Atlas Copco, begin to develop air to compress a domain. 1968 establish domain of course of study of 3 important matters, arrived to developed field of course of study of the 4th important matter 1999. Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch already was one is in global compressor, expand tool of machine and air processing system, building and mining equipment, power and the industrial group that assemble systematic domain to hold lead position.

Technical evaluation: Atelasi is Sweden be famous in a brand of world, it is very famous in the world. Atelasi is the first brand of industry of global pneumatics machine. Of world pneumatics machine retain the quantity takes the world the first, global sale the first. Sweden Atelasi compressor brand is had in the market rate amount to 50% above, ke Ping is borrowing Atelasi Kepu 130 old deep accumulate, be far ahead of the productivity in the industry is the same as in the whole world. Atelasi compressor of screw of fuel injection of series of popular science GA stalking or branch arrives from 7kW 315kW, ZT/ZR series does not have oily screw compressor to have opportunity of pneumatics of VSD frequency conversion to every power of 900kW from 37kW. Atelasi it is OK that the machine of pneumatics of VSD frequency conversion that popular science stalks or branch already was confirmed with the sky of other photograph of press adjustment means is compared economic 35% even more power consumption.

Atelasi is the contriver of machine of the first pneumatics, company headquarters is set in Swedish capital Stockholm. Its are in Airpower is the largest compressor production base on the world, with its machine of screw type pneumatics is famed at the world. Atelasi is empty press advantage is very outstanding: It is treatment precision is good, noise is low; 2 it is compressor motor and electric component configuration very tall; 3 it is advanced computer control; 4 it is to have add discharge efficiently to divide adjust means; 5 it is not easy and flat flange join.

2, IngersollRand of flower case Suo Lan(The United States)

Overview: Yinggesuolan is a global diversity industry company, yinggesuolan is virgin 1871, in recent years, the company is progressively already transition is those who have numerous brand product to control modelling company, the service differs at the whole world the client of the domain, changed ask to capital investment more expensive heavy machinery creates business pattern before. Current, whole world of flower case Suolan shares unit of business of 11 old strategies, and in the whole world each main area all set operation orgnaization. The brand below Yinggesuolan’s banner: CLub Car, Yinggesuolan (Ingersoll Rand) , cold king (Thermo King) and especially clever (Trane) devotes oneself to to improve civil residence and quality of air of Lou Yu architectural and easy jointly measurable, carry and protect food to reach perishable taste safety, improve the productivity of global industry domain and efficiency. Be worth what carry is, 1954, submarine of the first nuclear power deployed Yinggesuolan boiler feed pump and equipment.

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Does strategy of 3 big core include Yinggesuolan: ? Fatigue writes Yao of  of green grand ⒎ to hold ∪ of Luan alarm humorous in the palm > ?013 of W of ぁ of benefit of drop of blown away by wind growing permanent teeth since year, yinggesuolan is successive two years by ” fortune ” the magazine is chosen for ” whole world most one of company ” that get respect. Yinggesuolan devotes oneself to for a long time still energy-saving with environmental protection, hold to Suo Lan of ” flower case to make the technology progresses more the client of concept service whole world of environmental protection and energy-saving ” . Depend on the crackajack contribution of pair of economy, environment and society, yinggesuolan row 2012-2013 Dow Jones can develop global index and North America index continuously.

4 old strategy brands of company include: Club Car brand, it is the truckle with world banner dimensions 0 discharge move car manufacturer. Club Car is in lead position in the innovation domain of the industry. Brand of flower case Suo Lan, product of its diversity innovation includes complete set to compress air system, tool, pump, and stock and fluid processing system. Be worth what carry is, yinggesuolan invented tool of the first pneumatic of world 1934, because of its dynamical tool is designed and produce experience, already made the dynamical tool brand with banner whole world now. Yinggesuolan is the leader that global winch and calabash equipment make, have the rich and comprehensive winch on the market and calabash product line.

Cold king brand, found 1938, offer for of all kinds carriage system lukewarm accuse a solution, include car of trailer, lorry, passenger transport, marine container and railroad to carry etc, it is the carriage with banner whole world manufacturer of lukewarm all accusing a department. Cold Wang Yong has history of 76 years, 7 factories and center of 3 most advanced research and development were built inside limits of alive bound, the whole world has more than 865 agents. Especially clever brand, found 1913, dedicated the improvement at air quality- – air conditioning, central heating and clean air. Especially clever the world banner brand that is air conditioning system, service and solution at present, devote oneself to to be residential building and world large and airy of control of famous commerce, industry, public construction is comfortable degree.

Yinggesuolan still owns the famous brand inside limits of many whole worlds, include ARO, GHH Rand, hibon, SIRC is waited a moment. For instance the target of ARO is the cubage pump that makes world-class and systematic manufacturer. ARO offerred the whole world for each industry client the pneumatic membrane pump of banner technology

Technical evaluation: ·If the group compares total sales of group of flower case Suo Lan and Atelasi, the company wants Yinggesuolan a few bigger, because,this is of Yinggesuolan advocate this business compares estate industry air conditioning big, the proportion that pneumatics engine professional work takes whole group is not large. Yinggesuolan is world-class brand in the industry. But the empty press of a few old brands of world retains the quantity adds in of ability and Atelasi than. The tower above that Atelasi’s market has site of rate, sale, service to want to compare Yinggesuolan is very much. Of Atelasi advocate course of study is pneumatics machine domain. The screw that do not have oil occupies the 50% above of the market, machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw takes the whole world 25% the left and right sides. Mobile pneumatics machine takes the whole world 33% the left and right sides. Flower case alls alone machine of pneumatics of type of Lan Luo lever is the quietest likewise, the most efficient, maintain most handy empty press, its screw pneumatics machines and tools has those who highlight is reliable and durable, efficient with low noise, especially what its special design has optimization is acoustics experience and run efficiency.

Compressor of flower case Suo Lan designs a characteristic: 1) of innovation modular design, tall compositive bring up high reliability; 2) leader drive module; 3) the lead plane of flower case Suo Lan of wear well; 4) rigid transmission system; Efficient electric machinery. 5) cooling module, module of refrigeration of type of an organic whole; Aircrew uses centrifugal type fan. Especially design of peculiar structure of cold hot cell; Design space of more economic unit compactly. 6) oil filters and detached module: Reduced the join of 15% to nod than congener product, lowered the occurence rate of leak greatly; Reduced air oil content greatly, can reach the industry under 3ppm banner level; Use ” O ” model the circle is sealed, from go up at all rose to prevent leak grade. 7) environmental protection designs Jing Yin: Can absorb noise effectively, than low 3-5dB(A) of general empty press, reach environmental protection level truly; 8) the intelligent control system that human nature changes and human nature change a design, fast self-help serves.

3, Than lustre Er Bitzer(Germany)

Overview: BITZER is a whole world famous business uses manufacturer of refrigeration compressor research and development, headquarters is in Germany, oneself branch is had in 90 many countries. Currently holding the post ofleadership post is Bede Xiaofule, german honor is senatorial. The investment that BITZER is in China only then 1994. Now, BITZER sets two shops in Chinese Beijing, it is Bizeer respectively refrigeration technology (China) limited company, Bizeer compressor (Beijing) limited company (BCB, BRT) . Use at environmental protection air conditioning and refrigeration system than compressor of lustre Er refrigeration, basically apply at refrigerant and efficient and energy-saving building, aircrew, retail with food treatment industry and traffic carry a trade. Its product is carried in refrigerant, traffic reach industry of comfortable air conditioning to have leader place.

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Is than lustre Er production reached offer: ? Encouraging  of inn of imperial order Jue considers carbonyl of  of wholesale   to hand in encouraging  to consider search of Zhang Guan of Jue of imperial order of wholesale   to consider search of Zhang Guan of Jue of  of wholesale   to consider  of travel of wholesale   to consider wholesale? pressure vessel, with relevant after service. BITZER offers the compressor of car air conditioning for a few Motor Corporation at the same time.

Technical evaluation: Represented top quality, efficiency, dependability than lustre Er Bitzer. Comparing lustre Er Bitzer is exclusive a company that produces 3 kinds of main compressor: Type of screw type, reciprocating type, vortex. Already became the biggest refrigeration compressor manufacturer on the world than lustre Er Bitzer. German product is had very strict, sound certificate of quality and supervisory system. Germany is made mean high quality, high performance, super- safeguard durably, less, design classy characteristic. Additional, machine of German entrance pneumatics still has Kaeser (triumphant scatter) , Boge (uncle case) , Ai Gao of ALUP, ECOAIR () , Demag (Demage) wait for well-known trademark.

4, Think of popular science SECOP(Germany)

Overview: Headquarters of group of German Cisco general is set in German Fulunsibao, build 1956. 2010, the AURELIUS of German holding company that headquarters is located in Munich from Denver this the group bought Denver this company of family expenses compressor. Be based on droit to change, denver this company of family expenses compressor more the name is Cisco general company. The whole world has 4 large plants, two repose in Europe, the ACC group that additionally Cisco general group bought successfully 2013 is in Austrian factory.

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Technical evaluation: The former Denver before German Cisco general is bought this compressor, belong to manufacturer of independence of compressor of refrigeration of world whole sealing, it is the compressor manufacturer before world innovation ability is resided, denver this in cold chain of air conditioning, refrigeration, food and industry refrigerant respect ranks world banner standing.

The quality of compressor of German Cisco general is beyond question, mean because of German product high quality. Think of compressor of series of popular science BD for instance, below the case that becomes feebleminded bad news, the property that still keeps very outstanding, maintain exceed Jing Yin to run. Although be in,tilt to still run normally below 30 degrees circumstance and maintain sex of on the safe side. BD has extremely wide voltage to input limits, for instance 12V/24V/48V.

5, Favour cloth pulls division Embraco(Brazil)

Overview: Enbulake is the whole world the lead firm of market of compressor of sealed type refrigeration, enbulake is dedicated the company at refrigeration solution. 1974, if Yinweili’s Enbulake begins go into operation,be located in Brazilian south. Original, it offers money to rely on the Brazilian freezer industry that imports compressor at that time, in next its produce moral to sell in 10 years at 5 continent. As 20 centuries the economic globalization at the beginning of 90 time, enbulake begins to stand to produce base and enlarge global sales volume in Brazilian condition peripheral, the position that consolidated its whole world precedes.

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Besides compressor series product, what Enbulake returns manufacturing family expenses and business to need with refrigeration equipment place in the factory of its Brazil, Italy, China, Slovak, Mexico is electric system of refrigeration of yuan of parts of an apparatus, cast, complete set, and the electron that is used at electric equipment to optimize yuan parts of an apparatus. Enbulake and enterprise of Chinese freezer bibcock have deep collaboration to concern, include sea Er, benefit among them and letter of riverside, sea, beautiful water chestnut, Boxihua.

Technical evaluation: The Enbulake of Brazil of global compressor tycoon, its compressor is in numerous compressor brand quality is very outstanding. For instance compressor once was in Enbulake to ranked the whole world 2016 the first, accordingly, its famous degree very big. A few type that resemble sea Er for instance once had used Enbulake’s compressor. Brazilian favour cloth pulls division compressor to stress a good point: Quality assures adequately, the technology is very mature, famous degree very tall, especially life is long wait, of course its defect is the price taller. The 6 in the door end that for instance brand of well-known trademark high end blocks Sa emperor 301, 331, what 339 series use is favour cloth pulls division compressor.

6, Ai Mo gives birth to Gu Lun EMERSON(The United States)

Overview: Ai Mo gives birth to a company to held water 1890, headquarters is located in city of American Missouri st. louis, it is a global company that takes banner place in technology and engineering field. Emerson banner issues brand of compressor of famous vortex type, major is engaged in network the sources of energy / the process is controlled / industrial automation / conditioning / home appliance / the large group company of the domain such as the tool.

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Alleged ” Gu Lun ” , be given birth to by EMESON(Ai Mo later) bought, but ” Gu Lun ” brand name can be delayed all the time with. Compressor of Copeland Gu Lun, be American production first most, the product of partial model moves to have production in Shenyang to Chinese settle.

Technical evaluation: Ai Mo gives birth to the characteristic with cereal annulus outstanding compressor: It is to exceed high-energy effect above all: Can effect comparing is in the piston compressor with global the most advanced market is tall still 12% ; It is to have crackajack reliability next: Athletic part is for instance little, axial and radial compressor are patent, those who have is flexible the design was offerred be able to bear or endure unprecedentedly to fluid is attacked and tolerate the ability of foreign matter.

Ai Mo lays the prominent dominant position of cereal annulus compressor: It is cubage efficiency tall: For instance vortex compressor between the space of crescent moon form of photograph adjacent press difference small, leak is little, without attract steam and platoon steam a powerful person, resistance is little, without the reflate of clearance cubage. 2 it is adiabatic efficiency tall: Although be below circumstance of same refrigerating capacity, vortical compressor is made an appointment with than reciprocating type tall 10% . 3 it is noise small overall and oscillatory small. Ai Mo gives birth to Gu Lun to compress machines and tools to firm cast-iron airframe is offerred come loose greatly the hot area refrigeration with improving compressor the effect, use light qualitative aluminium to make a piston decrease grind and oscillatory. Be worth what carry is, ai Mo gives birth to Gu Lun to compress machines and tools to have most advanced electron diaphragm piece, can provide protection of comprehensive electric machinery.

7, Shou Li SULLAIR(The United States)

Overview: Company of American life power (SULLAIRCORP) is the whole world mill of the the most professional, oldest compressor of screw type air, it is the leader that global screw compresses technical domain from beginning to end. Life power company is virgin 1965, headquarters is in the United States Indiana Mixigen city, be subordinate to belongs to the United States to combine technical company.

QiAir Compressor in China

Among them, IHI Shou Li compresses a technology (Suzhou) limited company is by American Shou Li company (SULLAIR) and Japanese Ishikawa island are sowed grind heavy industry company limited (a development that joint investment builds IHI) , production, assemble and the sale is of all kinds industrial what turbine compressor system reachs device is strategical cooperative company. Its product covers a variety of model such as TX, TRE, TRX and TA, can wonderful contented iron and steel, petrifaction, car, shipping, electron, spin, chemical fibber, chemical industry, metallurgy, generate electricity, mechanical, balata, food is amiable the industry such as body.

Japanese Ishikawa island is sowed grind heavy industry company limited (IHI) is founded 1853, already developed now it is one of Japan’s biggest industry groups, with 3 water chestnut heavy industry, plain Qi is versed in again and call 3 big heavy project of Japanese, the whole world one of 500 strong companies, be engaged in cosmic development, the sources of energy, shipping, marine equipment, content spreading the trade such as machinery of system, industry, mechanical whole set of equipment. IHI already made global heavy industry the leader of the bound.

Technical evaluation: In turbine engine domain, compressor of IHI life power produces a field in the development of turbine engine is Japan’s biggest plant, also be worldwide inside one of the mainest members. The world is the Boeing of 80% , empty the turbine engine on the guest’s plane is offerred jointly by IHI and American GE company. IHI has ability of very strong technology dominant position, research and development and practice experience of more than 100 years in respect of technology of air motive force, not only can produce the large turbine engine with a very complex structure on all sorts of space navigation equipment, the car with the smallest structure on bound of preexistence of producible also eye uses turbine supercharger. Compressor of IHI centrifugal type is had in Japanese market rate be as high as 80% above. Compressor of IHI centrifugal type already spread all over car, shipbuilding, electron, spin, steely, communication, home appliance, day to change now wait for an industry

8, Answer fill FUSHENG(Chinese Taiwan)

Overview: Answer fill held water 1953 Taiwan, it is compressor of air of global movable type famous manufacturer. The product involves car of stationary air compressor, refrigeration compressor, new energy resources to use pneumatics machine / the domain such as derv dynamo from 1953 answer fill since establishing joint-stock company, already experienced the harships via half many century, own high grade automation facility. Answer fill a product to involve car of compressor of stationary air compressor, movable type air, refrigeration compressor, new energy resources to use fan of dynamo of pneumatics machine, derv, Luo Ci to wait for a domain.

QiAir Compressor in China

Be worth what carry is, answer the CURTIS production company that contains one of American companies holds water in American Missouri st. louis, this company is the United States’ famous reciprocating type and manufacturer of screw type compressor all the time. Later, answer fill a success to buy branch of machine of American ELLIOTT centrifugal pneumatics, jump over a company limited with Japanese north joint-stock, offer the world the machine of movable type pneumatics with top class, energy-saving environmental protection. Be worth what carry is, answer flourishing considerate, active service is all the time answer the focal point that contains a company to serve a system.

Technical evaluation: Answer fill a lot of products to have a lot of prominent dominant positions and characteristic: 1) ego diagnoses protection, make clear the movement of directive and control pneumatics machine, jockey wait for a function, can make sure pneumatics machine is user safety 24 hours a day to work continuously, beardless person specially assigned for a task hospitals nurse. 2) low cost of low a confusion of voices: Answer machine of pneumatics of lever flourishing snail uses Swedish SKF bearing, rotor makes balance test via dynamic balancing machine, the balance is good, vibration is little, noise is low. 3) high compression ratio: Answer machine of pneumatics of lever flourishing snail has the top class single class on the world compression ratio. 4) low oil content: Answer the product that those who fill place of screw pneumatics machine to use is German MANN company, technical index is reliable. Answer fill every piston machine to produce tolerance to all produce tolerance for actual measurement, without the least bit moisture. Be worth what carry is, answer the stability that fills a company to taste quality to assure to produce, used import yuan of parts of an apparatus high qualitily in great quantities, cover of its product except, electromotor, high pressure is electronic-controlled ark and oil gas depart all are entrance component outside the bucket.  

9, CompAir Kang Puai(England)

Overview: Kang Puai is the leader of global compressor, it is England the empty press with a long history leaves professional production company, headquarters is set in British London. Have the very giant orgnaization that cross a state. Kang Puai has the manufacturing base of facilities of the modernest production to make, these base include the United States, Germany, France, England and China. Be worth what carry is, the spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve that Kang Puai is in mainland of England, Europe, United States, Australia and China to have his deserves to send storehouse, these matching that send a center to have the stock of component of all compressor standard.

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Kang Puai product enclothed compressor of air of whole screw type, blade type, piston, centrifugal type. At the same time the company still offers compressor of movable type air and special gas compressor to wait. To make of compressor move achieve groove, ensure the user obtains proper temperature, humidity and high quality compression air, the company refers Kang Puai before including, the processing equipment of back end, heat reclaims the comprehensive solution such as system, intelligent control system, mix for building, metallurgy, mining, oil, chemical industry, electric power, spin, shipbuilding, mechanical, food light industrial wait for each domain services.

Technical evaluation: Kang Puai compressor with bulk province of small, specific power consumption, noise is low, move to go to the lavatory with care and maintenance reliably etc the characteristic is celebrated at global compressor industry. Be worth what carry is, each crucial link that guarantee system of quality of face of health general Ai Quan ensured manufacturing process is medium, assured the quality of the product thereby. All subsidiary are lowermost company level with the standard of ISO9001 quality certification system.

10, day standsHITACHI(Japan)

Overview: Japanese day stands is the whole world 500 cross a state integratedly by force group, be in the office that established company of the first day endowment in China 1979 early. Day establishs main cause domain to involve: System of the sources of energy, safeguard people safety is comfortable the traffic system such as a railroad of travel, apply big data to have the information system of innovation, and manage through health, diagnose, the medical treatment technology Medical Protection that provides healthy life is waited a moment.

QiAir Compressor in China

Day stands virgin 1910 Japan, ever was business of Japan’s bigger production of integrated electric machinery, with air conditioning / freezer is given priority to, collect electric home appliances<gj / computer product / semiconductor / the whole world that the product such as industrial machinery stands for the industry group day of an organic whole is social innovation career is gotten army person, the professional work that begin involves the field such as health of construction of electric power, the sources of energy, industry, current, water, city, communal, medical treatment, through with the client assist achieve offer high grade solution. Day stands to once was developed full automatic a washing machine, stand that once made a Japanese mainland 470, 000KW nuclear energy generates electricity equipment, once undertook the first fiber-optic transmission system experiments successfully, once developed the chip of the smallest remote control IC on the world, it is 0.3mm only.

Technical evaluation: Day establishs the clear dominant position of compressor: In Yurili the contriver that is vortex type compressor is mixed the person that lead, have technical precipitation of 32 years especially, in the first of all of the whole world on the stability of compressor function. Domain of air conditioning of global high end, day stands with 3 water chestnut it is very outstanding delegate. Be worth what carry is, day stands to once was invented made compressor of air conditioning of type of the first vortex of world own patent. Day establishs compressor of high capacity vortex to use new-style actuating device, the ability that because redundant refrigerant oil is caused in refrigeration loop,can prevent effectively drops, efficiency rises considerably. Day stands use IPM (pattern is set inside rotor) technology, make torsion promotes 20% , electric machinery efficiency rises considerably, more traditional than communicating electric machinery to reach dc machine is more energy-saving. Especially the day of efficient rotor pattern that day establishs establishs compressor — sterling day stands ” core ” , have powerful motive force. Day stands to once used super metal material character at domain of air conditioning compressor. Especially the application of 6 extremely efficient electric machinery, enhance efficiency of magnetic force cut. Cooperate technology of efficient filter wave, improve electric machinery efficiency.