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Pneumatics Electromechanical machine introduces

Does form of electric machinery star join (Y) with the triangle (? ) join

Three-phase electromotor can pass two kinds of different means join: Astral form (Y) join and triangle (Δ ) join. Normally mark is the winding of electromotor U, V and W (U1-U2; V1-V2; W1-W2) , and use T1 of American mark criterion arrives T6. In astral form join, of electromotor winding ” extreme ” mutual join, form a center, its layout figure is similar form of a star (Y) .

Advocate the initiative end of join of power source criterion in electromotor, mark is U, V and W, corresponding appearance sequence is L1, L2 and L3. Graphic representation shows electromotor is roll of suitable hour hand, be like from ” D ” what drive end sees is same. If want to make electromotor anticlockwise,turn, need to change only the random on starter or electromotor the join position of two front line. When electric machinery when anticlockwise movement, need checks cooling fan to whether be run normally.

In astral form join, phase voltage (principal voltage of phase voltage = / √ 3; For example 400V=690/ √ 3) pass whole winding. Turn into to the voltaic Ih of center phase current, and the electric current that pours out of from winding will be If=Ih.

Differ with this, triangle (Δ ) join the start every winding and terminus join respectively, form a triangle (Δ ) . Accordingly, principal voltage can have shed every winding directly. Voltaic Ih enters electromotor, this is principal current, it is between each winding billabong, make each photograph has electricity, among them, ih/ √ 3=If.

Notable is, same electromotor can receive the astral form join of 690V to go up repeatedly already, on the triangular join that also can receive 400V repeatedly. Below these two kinds of circumstances, the voltage that sheds classics winding is 400V. And the electric current to inputting electromotor, receive electric current of connective of 690V star form to want under receive electricity of 400V triangle connective. There is √ between electric current the scale of 3 concerns.

For example, the report of electromotor board the tension that can use 690/400V. This that is to say, astral form join basically is used at high-pressured operation, and triangular join basically is used at low-pressure operation. In addition, join at astral form relatively, triangular connective electromotor can have taller input electricity.

QiAir Compressor in China

Electric machinery moment of force

The torsion of electromotor is to measure its to rotate the important physical quantity of ability. Every electromotor has a the biggest torsion. If load exceeds this the biggest torsion, electromotor will not run. In be less than electromotor inside the normal and laden limits of the biggest torsion, electromotor can work normally. But, the process that start may involve additional load. The function of electromotor expresses normally with torsion curve.

To squirrel-cage asynchronous electromotor, its torsion curve shows, when start, the torsion of electromotor can be compared big at ordinary times. Among them, mst represents the torsion that start, mmax represents the biggest torsion (also be called ” cutting torsion ” ) , mmin represents the smallest torsion (also be called ” saddle torsion ” ) , mn represents rated torsion.

The astral form with screw type compressor / electromotor of the triangular asynchronous that start is exemple, the torsion demand curve of its torsion curve and screw compressor is relevant. In astral form join falls, compressor is in carry for nothing (run without bear) . When the speed of electromotor achieves the specified rate that restricts 90-95% , electromotor switch joins to the triangle, right now torsion increases, compressor begins to load, reach its job point.

QiAir Compressor in China