Is so cold weather right what does the normal movement of machine of the pneumatics below air conditioning environment have to affect? How to notice to maintain?

One, the microtherm influence to air compressor

After air cooling enters pneumatics plane, a large number of vapour will produce below high temperature, when filtering with water after pneumatics machine, want often the water in eduction aftertreatment equipment.

Conduit of classics of calm sb’s anger enters manufacturing area, offer the person that use to use, some are buried in underground, some are buried in sky. When the weather is cold, partial moisture can arise because of microtherm, some increases because of moisture even, use of the person that make use normally be affected certainly. E.g. , in industry of laser beam cutting machine, if compress air exorbitant, can affect cut precision. Mine uses compressor wet use what compressor cannot affect pneumatic tool normally, but the working intensity that can affect pneumatic tool.

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Need attention:

After winter jockeys, the water in wanting to notice to discharge bag of all sorts of empty all gas, sewage, catchment, conduit, air, gas, oily. The temperature when working because of winter aircrew is higher, once stop machine, because external temperature is inferior, the meeting after air is cool produces a large number of condenser water, all sorts of control conduit are easy appear jam, the hidden trouble such as craze.

2, the microtherm influence to function of air compressor lube

System transporting oil is the important part in air compressor loop. The machine tool is in normal movement process, oil path system produces clash because of roll, the heat that attrition produces makes lube temperature elevatory. In the oil path system that needs refrigeration, microtherm is very advantageous. However, to the empty press that does not start for a long time or empty press, when oil path is started again below microtherm, the meeting because lube temperature is too low and produce condensation, cause starting failure thereby. So, examine lubricant system, whether is examination lube whack is very necessary.

QiAir Compressor in China

For memory lubricant, general need is adding hot cell to deposit. If deposit,be outdoor, because temperature is too low, lube may be frozen condense, although use,cannot stand when necessary.

Winter low temperature is good to the influence of pneumatics machine bad still, be in not only of pneumatics machine in moving, and of the maintenance in pneumatics machine and spare parts deposit go up to also want special attention. This product temperature is inferior, answer to always notice pneumatics aircraft runs state, safeguard regularly, prevent pneumatics machine breakdown, assure to produce safety. On the rails.

To machine of certain and dynamoelectric pneumatics character, when winter starts first, aircrew is lubricant partial lube viscosity is taller, pressure ratio of partial mine report is inferior, easy cause it is more difficult to start, use 2-3 group commonly, 3-4 of machine of the pneumatics that choose form second, let aircrew start, pneumatics accident goes 10 minutes, stop machine hind to restart again, aircrew can work normally commonly.

3, the protection that notices winter air compressor

1. excretes a powerful person and pipeline system to undertake microtherm is protected to the electron. Of air compressor compress air to be able to produce a few water. Condenser water classics is automatic when eduction of catchment a powerful person, suffer effect of outside low temperature, freeze at conduit or other place.

2. takes step, prevent a computer room indoor thermal drop is small. After pneumatics accident goes for some time, as temperature reduce, the viscosity of lube increases, after this starts period of time to pneumatics machine start afresh have very big effect, affect mechanical service life.

3. affirms air compressor, gas tank, drier and filter are automatic the working state of catchment a powerful person. When working hours or equipment quit the job, conduit, gas tank, desiccator turn on the water a powerful person or family is whole open, valve is closed after condenser water.

The temperature that 4. air compresses unit room maintains in 0. Close or tone reachs indoor adjustment temperature; Pneumatics machine stays machine or when working, should adjust with electric heater appropriately temperature.