Air compressor applies extensively at industry and life domain. Although it is machinery of a kind of component, but air compressor is having main effect in send. A lot of enterprises and individual do not know how to choose appropriate air compressor. How many money does air compressor want normally? How to choose appropriate air compressor?

QiAir Compressor in China

Pneumatics machine is classified

Look from the type, air compressor is divided roughly it is two kinds. Generally speaking, bulk compressor, centrifugal compressor and centrifugal compressor also call dynamic compressor, but the name is different. In addition, according to main configuration, air compressor can be divided to secure compressor, mobile compressor and portable compressor.

Undertake choosing according to using setting

A lot of enterprises and individual do not know how to choose appropriate air compressor. In fact, answer to choose air compressor according to using a case. For example, fixed air compressor is opposite bigger, do not suit to be used relative to compact place in the space, but optional choose shift or portable air compressor. If be used in the fixed workshop of the factory, should choose to secure air compressor. Power of fixed air compressor is strong, flow is high, voltage is tall.

See manufacturing company

The main application territory of air compressor is very much, classification is different also, when choosing air compressor so, should accurate examination manufacturer. Manufacturer is more professional, more reliable, professional company can assure quality, especially old brand enterprise, pay attention to fame.

Pneumatics machine price

According to different classification and different classification and dimension, the air compressor of different type the price is different, can choose many quite.