In everyday working life, use air compressor is different also, because pneumatics machine is OK,cent is low pressure and high pressure. If the client wants to understand empty press this product, so general metropolis so quiz: What do high-pressured pneumatics machine and low-pressure pneumatics machine have to distinguish? So this is both have have what kind of distinction, let us look together.

One, go up in working principle

High-pressured pneumatics machine and distinction of low-pressure pneumatics machine are not very big. Low-pressure pneumatics machine is reduce a process, and high-pressured pneumatics machine is two reduce a process. Say simply, the air after low-pressure crock is compressed enters high-pressured crock to be compressed again, enter gas tank next. Generally speaking, the pressure of 8 kilograms of above can be compressed twice only.

2, high pressure and low-pressure distinction:

1. some points to power source voltage, if input upright voltage to have commonly: Single-phase 220V. Three-phase 380.660V.6000V.10000V.

2. some points to pressure, from arrive high low can divide for:

(Exhaust of machine of 1) low-pressure pneumatics presses force ≤ 1.0MPa.

(10MPaMPa of empty press of 2) high pressure.

3. some points to capacity, from arrive greatly small can divide for:

(Capacity of 1m3/min of machine of 1) small-sized pneumatics ≤ 10min.

(Capacity of aircraft of 2) large pneumatics > 100m3/min.

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High-pressured pneumatics machine

The applied domain of high-pressured pneumatics machine basically is in the following 6 respects:

1, fire control breathes a domain: Fill flask to fire control respirator, the maximum pressure that has breathing gas cylinder breathes air prime, can realize the spot to fill flask quickly in fire and poisonous environment especially, offer safe and pure high pressure to breathe gas source. Suit a car to carry deserve to install, it is the device of high-pressured air feed that is worth reliance.

2, phreatic water breathes a domain: Fill flask to phreatic water respirator, the maximum pressure that has breathing gas cylinder breathes air prime, suit motion of project of phreatic water exercise, underwater, dive, deep-sea breed aquatics to wait for phreatic water domain.

3, domain of air feed of warplane instrument high pressure: Can satisfy mechanization of my people liberation army adequately to fight troops artillery, tank, panzer, prevent the high-pressured air feed that turns the machine of for military use such as car, project car to ask, the high-pressured air feed that provides on the safe side enrages a source. Deploy on the gear-box of machinery of for military use for example can have high-pressured filling energy of life to pneumatic system, solve report to start a system to start the issue of loss of slow electric energy.

4, CNG car changes his costume or dress air-tightness detects domain: Basically apply to car of car, double to CNG natural gas fuel and oil to change gas field, can be opposite flange of unit of jet of pipeline of car gas cylinder, car, pressure regulator, booster, blender, natural gas, natural gas undertake air-tightness detects use with leak test. This product is special apply to automobile factory, car to change one’s costume or dress factory, public transportation company, vehicle maintenance and repair examines the branch is used.

5, fire and colour play athletic field: Basically be to gunshot the weapon undertakes high pressure aerates, the high pressure that assures to shoot a weapon aerates need, air safety is high grade and pure, can assure favorable fire result.

6, high-pressured air-tightness detects domain: Use at boiler of appearance of bottle of gas cylinder, steel, valve, conduit, pressure, high pressure to wait for all sorts of high pressure container or the air-tightness of pressure vessel detects, air-tightness examines, compression test, intensity examines, the domain such as air-tightness desired result is used. Apply to quality technology to supervise equipment of bureau, special type to detect academy, aerospace and taller to air quality requirement scientific research unit and chemical branch are used.