National hair changed on April 25, 2007 appoint promulgate ” energy-saving reduce an omnibus work program ” , the decision establishs the State Council the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon heads a group. The country will approve the same year on November 23 the new energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon, environmental protection is energy-saving the central point that makes attention of the people of the whole country. On December 13, the Ministry of finance and national hair change appoint released jointly new ” first government purchases energy-saving product detailed account compulsively ” , this also is indicating our country carries out what the government purchases energy-saving product compulsively formally to begin.

In recent years, rise ceaselessly as standard of our country industry, a lot of factories expand further with tolerance. A lot of factories are using screw pneumatics machine gradually to replace piston pneumatics machine. However, the choice of screw pneumatics machine also has exquisite, choose a suitable model, often can utmost ground is managing the sources of energy.

When achieving 1.2m/min with tolerance when yours, the screw pneumatics machine that can use 7.5kw replaces vortex machine and diminutive piston machine. Usually, the factory is to use machine of frequency conversion pneumatics. Machine of pneumatics of frequency conversion of choice permanent magnetism and polar the screw pneumatics chance that reduce can omit report, but this also is not absolutely, machine of pneumatics of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion can not use little chance greatly, super- with, the meeting that should exceed pneumatics machine to produce tolerance with tolerance causes engine of Electromechanical of pneumatics of permanent magnetism frequency conversion full load even excess load encourages, the likelihood when arriving returns bad news report than machine of screw of frequency of average worker worker instead. Obligate wants to give certain sky beyond tolerance or wattage to add the option that uses gas in order to have when type selecting.

Should use when tolerance is bigger, general meeting is used polar reduce screw chance, two pairs of rotor of this type allocate target pressure on average in nose, use wait for pressure ratio to design pressure, every market compression ratio wants reason to be compressed than only course reduce a lot of, in one class nose after inspiratory gas, pass fuel injection refrigeration, make be free gas makes 2 class nose more easily inspiratory, reduced the resistance of nose induction air greatly, 2 class compress screw machine photograph to be able to save 15% right-and-left n to machine of average double screw pneumatics. Large when using gas, 2 class are compressed also is a right choice.

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