The competition of the market is miserable intense and ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, the company has held his direction to be not lost only, just do not send by overturn of “ sea ” , be washed out by market competition ……


This second exhibit meeting still exceptionally grand occasion, watch the person that exhibit everyday in an endless stream, although the corresponding period has the meeting that score gain, but appear and did not form billabong to this second PTC, attracted view of more foreign professional personage to exhibit instead. Review this second exhibit meeting window quite much, the article discusses slightly.

One, whole is experienced

It seems that everybody agrees together this year same, much home company exhibited not to have oily screw air-blower, without grease small-sized and lubricant, centrifugal air-blower taste newly. The ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of new product explains everybody is paying close attention to this industry, have to its foreground think adequately. The enterprise that does not have too much new product also is mixed from the exterior, detail more structural proceed with, the product that roll out gives a person the sense that find everything new and fresh.

1, air-blower of the screw that do not have oil

Regard traditional Luo Ci as the substitute of air-blower, screw air-blower has better precision safeguard, can effect is its most powerful competition weapon. At present Chinese enterprise rolls out screw air-blower or the design concept that are based on screw compressor to undertake arranging designing, the price can become the obstacle that the market popularizes.

2, small-sized and centrifugal air-blower

Because the technology of high speed electric machinery is farther mature, the dynamical system of small-sized and centrifugal air-blower simplifies greatly, the opportunity has the small-sized and centrifugal blast of air-blower market to serve as certainly.

3, lubricate without grease screw compressor

Distinguish at compressor of fuel injection screw, as a result of the clean sex of water, its market promotion is worth to expect. Without grease lubricant screw compressor avoids housing of rusty, lead plane to use casting aluminium, rotor to use data of pottery and porcelain, moisture uses stainless steel material to pledge from the bucket, product cost will be higher.

2, market analysis

As screw air-blower, without grease of all sorts of new products such as small-sized and lubricant, centrifugal air-blower roll out ceaselessly, compressor market will naturally by farther fractionize. The market with original hypothesis allows quantitative change to change not old saying, the growth of new product and promotion will naturally with contending for congener product the market is mixed crowded occupy market of fuel injection screw to give priority to. The product is rolled out this year is to solve “ to have the problem that does not have ” , be about to solve “ to sell the issue of ” next, everybody is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is for “ sell a good price ” , in the market redound of high specified number comes true into level first.

1, the fixed position of air-blower of the screw that do not have oil

It is the technical exploration that marchs toward dry type not to have oily screw compressor or the dilate that are aimed at traditional air-blower market, this is the company should go mature strategic question. If be to be aimed at traditional air-blower market, how to pull close both price difference is the chief problem that the need after breaking through a technology solves.

2, the blue sea strategy of fractionize market

Remember prior PTC exhibiting meeting, join those who exhibit enterprise majority to be centered on fractionize of interior of machine of fuel injection screw to reveal, locomotive engine, fixed machine, frequency changer, permanent magnetism frequency changer. And outstanding change of nearly two years is, everybody is absent the limits of machine of fuel injection screw of confine tradition, expand however more the air-blower of the screw that do not have oil of hi-tech content domain, without grease of small-sized and lubricant, centrifugal air-blower in revealing. The domain that everybody is paying close attention to, once achieve technical breakthrough, numerous enterprise certainly will is fooled and go up, form new sufficient competition market, everybody is done very hard, can take price war again again.

Our anatomize can discover the fractionize “ such as gas of high pressure of a few deep ploughing, locomotive engine, craft is blue the enterprise of sea market ” covers tightly in “ ” of hair big money. The competitive strategy that how establishs him company in the light of enterprise oneself characteristic and sale channel is very main and necessary.

3, the effect of ” of “ encircle a city that company strategy changes

Anatomize the strategy of a few companies this year, discover very the phenomenon of “ interesting ” , the enterprise that with quality competition gives priority to is pushing out product of edition of ” of personal “ low, it is difficult that the enterprise that gives priority to with crop and price competition is greeted however and go up the product of edition of ” of “ high end that rolls out oneself, it seems that the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention that everybody has ” of him “ be forced to do, the just that highlights in process of mutual strategy move is effect of ” of “ encircle a city. Does the domain “ that in respective unfamiliar competitive domain “ fumbles ” still is familiar with in oneself very much suffer is ” good? Be afraid only him enterprise knows very well 3 flavour.

Of politic test of “ low ” is deep range of quality reliability and channel; What strategy of ” of “ high price competes is product function and high additional cost. It is easy that the move between the strategy often is met the company of strategy of ” of “ high price high quality figure is helped, very difficult conference promotes the enterprise of product of “ low ” image.

QiAir Compressor

3, of prospective industry forecast

1, competitive pattern

Relative to compressor industry character is “ to have bit of cold ” this year, below the influence of big environment, every enterprise must be compared too before “ is more difficult ” a few, on the arena of PTC, the enterprise also is met ” of “ in and out, the path ” that “ lives is the most fundamental law in an industry competition. Everybody says via regular meeting the industry shuffles, but the enterprise of compressor industry still so much, the characteristic that is industrial product apparently and sale mode can resemble home appliance and day very hard changing industry materiality to become the soil of “ forestall ” , the meeting below this kind of circumstance forms “ ” of a few eldest brother guides ” of “ numerous brother one case the situation of “ struggling ” , mutual small attrition ” can have a “ , unapt “ brushs substantially ” of gun fire accidentally spells a “ life-and-death ” .

2, the fractionize enterprise in fractionize industry

Screw compressor does the ” of fractionize “ market of compressor industry, occupy position with the character ” with its distinctive “ all the time, offerred the edaphic ” that “ lives for numerous enterprise. Compete to everybody be fairness, if where,the “ glamour ” that oneself maintain in intense competition does not fall, those who reflect is the core competition ability of the enterprise: These metropolises such as product, sale, service, financial, operation become crucial essential factor to affect the competition of the enterprise. If an enterprise does not have sufficient, overall competition capacity, refine the market to search ” of “ La Hai to become “ ostrich ” is minute of ten well-advised choices.

3, specialization, the management pattern that changes subtly

“ specializations ” body is mixed in ability now on quality, “ essence is refined in ” body is delivered now and be being carried out, an enterprise has only these two kinds of character perforative in every link that manage, the enterprise just can last healthy progress continues. the enterprise competitive cent is 3 layers class, more popular view is: 3 shed an enterprise to sell product, second-class the enterprise sells brand, top-ranking enterprise to sell culture. Company culture construction has 3 dimension to spend again: Visual identifying, behavior identifying, concept identifies. Form at present although the main company of screw machine market did not reach the layer level that sells culture, but major company is centered in 3 layers undertake the product is popularized in crisscross.

The competition of the market is miserable intense and ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, the company has held his direction to be not lost only, just do not send by overturn of “ sea ” , be washed out by the market.

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