October 27, 2018, compressor industry first group level ” compress air to stand can effect classifications guideline ” global news briefing is below the transmission that is based on small letter, direct seeding to wait for mobile interconnection technology, intense echo was caused in the industry, to positive effect arrived since the orderly development of the industry.

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In Feburary 2017, standing conference decides the State Council will ” People’s Republic of China standardizes a way (edit draft) ” submit to standing committee of countrywide National People’s Congress is discussed. The conference asks aggrandizement standard leads, in standard of perfect industrial product while, exert oneself begins service metric system to edit, drive economic structural adjustment to upgrade, it is important that group level makes standard system component. Indicating delegate market is top the ” of “ killer mace of competition ability establishs game regulation and standard namely, make by state monopoly, to market main body namely the enterprise is open, be helpful for arousing market vigor and the competition ability that promote a product further from this.

Nervous with each passing day environment is supplied to fall in the sources of energy, as use up the whole nation year total n 8 ~ the compressor industry of 12% , suitable in season generation develops, in policy how-to below, roll out in time ” compress air to stand can effect classifications guideline ” (specific content detailed sees transcript) it is proper meantime, also reflected compressor person take on with responsibility. Of this standard roll out it is not only with can the enterprise is built energy-saving model pneumatics station provided academic basis, also be the person that compress the equipment producer on air industry catenary and agency to point to clear direction.

Pursue a contract from be born of industry of empty 2012 press since energy management serves, energy-saving the bid that already made pneumatics machine trade matchs term, build with upgrade transform old pneumatics station to be energy-saving model pneumatics station already was become with can the enterprise just needed. However, is He Wei energy-saving model does pneumatics stand? The country was released 2009 ” cubage type air compresses value of functional effect demarcate to reach can effect grade ” GB 19153-2009 is opposite only of pneumatics machine can effect level undertook classificationing demarcate, so in order to use efficient and energy-saving model pneumatics machine namely one class can the pneumatics machine of effect + the aftertreatment of low morale loss, is relocate energy-saving model is the pneumatics station that conduit compose builds energy-saving model does pneumatics stand? Be to produce an unit to compress airy specific power consumption to stand than old pneumatics is small pneumatics station energy-saving model does pneumatics stand? To this, come for years, opinions vary in the industry, each have each level, right or authority is wrong. As China the first batch undertakes pneumatics engine contract what energy management serves is veteran, to this, the author is to have experience greatly. This second ” compress air to stand can effect classifications guideline ” roll out, complete break down energy-saving model the confused situation that pneumatics station does not have uniform standard. This guideline is united and normative those who compress air station can effect detects, computation and can the assess means of effect grade, method, whether the station is to evaluate some pneumatics energy-saving model pneumatics station provided standard and basis, be helpful for a country the implementation of energy-saving target. This guideline stipulated industry compresses air station equipment and systematic requirement, service requirement, can effect index and grade, to the standardization of compressor industry development will have crucial positive effect. So, ” compress air to stand can effect classifications guideline ” of group level publish fill the blank of Chinese compressor industry, have the sense of milepost type to the development of industry of whole China compressor, it is solid return to the name.

So, this ” compress air to stand can effect classifications guideline ” the issuance of group level, why to have positive effect to the development of compressor industry?

The first: This guideline is the group level that compressor industry has specific legislation place the first times, have an industry to recommend gender and autonomic sex, will remove active guiding to the healthy progress of the industry action.

Because of new in November 2017 castigatory ” standardize a way ” the 2nd regulation: “ standard includes standard of national level, occupation standard, place and group level, industry standard. ” the position that went up to make clear group level further from law.

The 2nd: This guideline is by practitioner of true compressor industry a gleam of / the unit, expert that is in charge of a branch and association, through collecting practice data, consider market current situation integratedly, through the guideline that designs jointly after delibrate for many times, have actual and direct sense most, the guideline of can real fall to the ground. So, the pneumatics station that this guideline consults to be done than whose home after is more energy-saving have standard basis.

This guideline is classics China branch of compressor of association of general and mechanical industry is amiable body formulate of leading organization of purifying device chapter, by Hefei general mechanical and electrical products is detected courtyard production factory and Chinese · China (Shanghai) commerce production factory is in charge of drafting, company of company of production of many famous compressor of Chinese, aftertreatment production company, energy-saving service, senior dealer participates in examine and revise.

The 3rd: This group level is an industry initiative form, and cent is 5 class, it most ground connection is angry, can react most the trade is current technology, management current situation, can reflect industry volition most, government of and rather than is compulsive, have fair sex, just sex. So, it considered the country is right already energy-saving requirement, took care of industry business to live at present again problem, for “ obligate of junior unripe ” vivosphere. Such standard more the innovation development that is helpful for an industry and whole progress.

Group level attributes market level, make independently by the market; Market level and governmental standard cooperate with development, harmonious form a complete set, this is a kind of new-style standard system. Market level besides demand of quick response market, a when its bear the weight of main function innovates namely.

The 4th: Compressor industry is a height is commercialized already, the industry that competition turns white-hot, behoove is handed in will decide its develop direction, quality and rhythm by the market. Start because of Chinese industry later, develop fast, unlike west country has industrial base in that way accumulate, so, the whole of Chinese compressor industry makes technology, level, precision lag behind at western enterprise relatively, but of compressor industry commercialize ability and applied ability very strong, and the advantage that Chinese enterprise has sex of flexibility, innovation. So, this the guideline is industry of the compressor inside global limits is released first, it takes the lead in will build outside China energy-saving model the standard that pneumatics stands pressed same standard, be helpful for Chinese compressor industry participating in competition. The person that common saying says “ gets a level gets the world ” , of this guideline make with release, gained congenital competitive advantage for Chinese compressor industry.

Note: Industry of Chinese empty compressor is to show the related to compressor enterprise in Chinese churchyard is mixed from personnel of course of study, not after the production of compressor of be confined to, sale and carry out. The author has what favour participates in this guideline to establish a procedure, have feeling greatly, satisfy compose this article. The guidance that thanks Mr. Jin Wei particularly and to the article edit.

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