As socioeconomy fractionize degree deepen ceaselessly, double screw compressor regards a kind of main power plant as the source, be applied at all sorts of production domains by increasing ground, consequently its run condition to use direct influence the production of gas company to move. Once its are operated undeserved, safeguard not do one’s best, can produce all sorts of breakdown in move, affect the manufacturing efficiency of the service life of equipment and enterprise thereby, serious person cause person safety and property equipment loss possibly still. We undertake in the inertial problem of exhaust respect to screw compressor today a few discuss.

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1, principle of screw compressor job

Inspiratory process: When rotor is rotational, advocate the cubage between the tine that deputy rotor place forms expands gradually, this cubage connects with inspiratory mouth merely, outside air by the cubage between inspiratory tine inside. Add when the cubage between tine big when, the cubage between tine and inspiratory mouth disconnect, inspiratory end. This is ” of “ intake process.

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Close reach carry a process: When inspiratory cease, advocate peak of deputy rotor tine can be shut with housing, the air inside the cubage between tine is closed to be in namely by advocate, deputy rotor reachs what housing comprises to close inside antrum, this namely “ closes process ” . Two rotor continue to turn, advocate deputy rotor ages mutual clench the teeth, face of clench the teeth carries shift to exhaust gradually, the air inside the cubage between tine also is carried to exhaust end accordingly, namely “ carries process ” .

Compress reach injection process: In carrying a process, as the whirl of rotor, the cubage between tine is ceaseless as a result of the clench the teeth that rotor ages reduce, the aeriform bulk inside the cubage between tine also is reduced subsequently, gas is compressed, pressure is elevatory, this namely “ compresses process ” . Compress while, lube is differred because of pressure and gush is entered mix with air inside roller seating space.

Exhaust process: When rotor turns to the cubage between tine and housing vent to be interlinked, the gas that is compressed begins eduction, this process lasts to tine endmost molded lines all the time complete clench the teeth, right now the cubage between tine is 0, gas by complete eduction, finish ” of “ exhaust process namely.

2, common breakdown analysis and processing

2.1 exhaust temperature is exorbitant

Once exhaust temperature exceeds beforehand the protective temperature of buy is worth, the overheating on compressor calls the police to stop switch oneself conference action, cause stay engine trouble in season. General exhaust temperature is in 70 ~ inside 95 ℃ limits, partial brand will be taller.

(1) groovy component is checked. Groovy examination is pressed commonly first easy hind difficult order undertakes. ① lacks engine oil as a result of compressor system, nose cannot get very good refrigeration, make nose exhaust temperature exorbitant thereby, should complement in time right now lube. ② oily filter. The oily filter of screw compressor has taller precision, filter core jams extremely easily, bring about lead plane to offer oily inadequacy, exhaust temperature is exorbitant. Can use special tool to come to oily filter debus, whether does core of serious examination filter contain contamination, if filter core is dirty,should undertake in time changing. ③ cooling fan. Cooling fan is the crucial part of wind cold aircrew, can carry out to oily condenser and air aftercooler come loose compulsively hot. Fan regards motivation as the source, can make be in the cooling wind between housing and outer space to undertake circular going from place to place, raise a machine medicinal powder hot effect. Once fan stops roll, the exhaust temperature of compressor can be achieved inside proper time call the police to be made the same score from cut off the water supply. In view of cooling fan area slightness of big, lamina, stiffness is poorer, changeful the characteristic such as form, need often undertakes checking to its, try to adjust when necessary. ④ condenser. Oily condenser and air aftercooler serve as main radiator, must undertake cleaning regularly. The bilge of the surface outside condenser basically is the greasy filth that cooling oil and dirt form, and condenser is much by the wing piece control is become, place in the wing piece the greasy filth between keeps clear of hard, use low-pressure vapour gush to wash except corrupt the effect is better; The bilge inside condenser canal basically is the carbon deposit that produces in oily loop process, undertake circular rinsing with special clear lotion commonly, till carbon deposit is complete purify.

(2) pressure switch is checked. The pressure of lead plane exhaust of double screw compressor by pressure switch set, once pressure switch attaint or locker lock are lax, suffer machine vibration to affect, make set value produces drift easily, cause exhaust pressure to exceed demarcate to be worth, cause aircrew exhaust overheating then.

(3) is lukewarm examination charging a powerful person. Lukewarm accuse a powerful person to be 3 a powerful person, when compressor refrigeration is started, can make oil bypasses condenser, direct gush joins leader, implementation oil is lukewarm rise quickly, the vapor in compressing air in case condenses in oily segregator. When oil lukewarm after rising to 65 ℃ , lukewarm meeting charging a powerful person lifts lukewarmly as oil and will advocate loop is opened stage by stage, through moving oil of reduce expenditure classics the oil of condenser and bypass measures scale to control oil lukewarm, ensure the fuel injection temperature of compressor maintains in optimal dot; Be like lukewarm malfunction charging a powerful person, criterion lube is likely not via oily condenser direct gush joins leader, oil is lukewarm cannot reduce, cause exhaust temperature tall and stop machine. Stop machine hind, answer to check oily condenser to enter the temperature of a vitta above all, if difference in temperature is not big, answer lukewarm accuse a powerful person to undertake checking. The breakdown that lukewarm likelihood charging a powerful person appears: The heat on core of ① a powerful person quick bedspring cannot change lukewarmly as oil and normal motion; Body of ② a powerful person wears away, the movement does not reach the designated position, cannot work normally. Want a foundation actual condition is seasonable repair or newer.

(4) breaks examination of oily electromagnetism a powerful person. If aircrew is used for a long time,open automatically stop means to work, stop because of be being opened often, a powerful person of the electromagnetism that break oil produces damage extremely easily, oil is not worth or because offer,causing main engine is be interrupted for oil and cause aircrew exhaust overheating.

(5) if compressor did not use special lubricating oil, be replaced however with inferior lube, below high temperature condition, lube can’t protect each components of compressor, this can bring about exhaust temperature instant to lift. Pneumatics machine temperature is exorbitant it is a kind of common breakdown, what often cannot cause operation personnel quite is enough take seriously, high temperature lasts, can bring about manufacturing loss of efficiency, the consume of double equipment, shorten equipment life.

2.2 exhaust control force on the low side

Lead plane exhaust presses force on the low side to basically wait for a reason to cause by leak of the inadequacy that take energy of life, exhaust, need to check from the following respects:

Breakdown of ① air bleeder () cannot be shut when to load; Setting of ② pressure switch is too low (relay controls aircrew) ; ③ pressure expresses breakdown (relay controls aircrew) , change pressure watch; Breakdown of ④ pressure switch (relay controls aircrew) , maintenance, change when necessary pressure switch; ⑤ control pipeline is flat: Pipeline of air compressor control is flat will make so that unit negative charge cannot be taken,a powerful person that take energy of life cannot be opened entirely full; ⑥ air demand is more than supply quantity: Whether does the valve on conduit of examination air feed have flat appearance on open or system, decrease with tolerance; ⑦ inhaler jams: The action of air filter is will inspiratory air tries to filter, make sure the air cleanness that enters air compressor is clean. If inhaler filter core jams,enter those who affect unit badly tolerance. Must change in time so its filter core; ⑧ pressure adjuster is out of order or damage: The function of pressure regulating system is the measurement that uses tolerance according to the client, self-adjusting compressor, so that achieve balance of supply and demand. The pressure adjuster that wants pair of attaint so changes in time, adjust in time to the pressure adjuster of malfunction; Segregator of ⑨ oil gas jams: Because certain impurity exists more or less in oil path system, after filter core works for some time, the obstruction that can produce block phenomenon to make compress air to pass filter core increases, affect the regular job of aircrew. Accordingly, operate personnel to should go up according to monitor face plate indication signal, change in time filter core.

On the high side of 2.3 exhaust oil content

What on the high side of compressor exhaust oil content can lower gas not only is clean degree, pollute equipment, and can increase oily cost, raise manufacturing cost. Exhaust oil content appears when exceeding bid, can begin to check from the following respects.

(1) occurrence attaint of oily detached fuse

In the moving process of screw type compressor, occurrence attaint of oily detached fuse is like damaged, perforative phenomenon, so the action that its lost oil gas to depart. That is to say gas mixture is in charge of direct be well versed in with the exhaust of compressor, much cooling oil was not come out by depart, as gas together by eduction airframe, caused appear in exhaust process the breakdown that carry oil.

(2) occurrence breakdown of the pipeline that answer oil

In the working process of screw type compressor, bear of the pipeline that answer oil emphasizes wanted responsibility, interior of oily detached fuse and compressor entrance can form difference of a kind of pressure, in this kind of pressure wrong action falls, the oil that the pipeline that answer oil is in charge of collecting the bottom of oily detached fuse carries a compressor, issueing a circular process to relay add is used. If answer oil path to appear,jam, rupture and installation is incorrect wait for breakdown, the oil that cannot collect bottom of oily detached fuse carries a compressor, the oil that causes bottom keep long in stock is overmuch, so the oil that this part was not transported to answer compressor will as aeriform eduction, the appearance that takes oil appears in process of meeting occurrence exhaust.

(3) systematic pressure control is too low

In the moving process of screw type compressor, systematic pressure control is too low, will cause the centrifugal force inside segregator to be less than the job to ask to leave mental efforts, so the action of segregator comes out now with respect to won’t complete system, can cause the oil content that enters the gas inside fuse of segregator of below one link exorbitant, exceeded its depart range, also brought about oil gas depart is not complete, appear in compressor exhaust process the breakdown that carry oil.

(4) invalidation of valve of the least pressure

In the moving process of screw type compressor, the action of valve of the least pressure is to make sure control of pressure of the system in moving process is over the least pressure. If valve of the least pressure appears invalidation phenomenon, so the least pressure of the system will not assure, because the air consumption of lottery equipment is very big, can create systematic pressure too low, the pipeline that answer oil cannot answer oil. The oil that gathers in bottom of oily segregator fuse will not be answered send compressor inside, meeting as compress aeriform eduction compressor, cause the trouble carrying oil in smooth exhaust process.

(5) the cooling oil that adds inside compressor is overmuch

Before screw type compressor moves, affiliation cooling oil is overmuch, exceed the range of compressor, so in the moving process in compressor, because oil level is exorbitant, although separate system came out oil gas depart, but in gas in discharging, gas returns oily be involved in of meeting general refrigeration to arrive among gas discharge, the oil content in causing a deflate system is exorbitant, occurrence belt oily breakdown.

(6) cooling oily off quality

Before compressor moves, added unqualified cooling oil, cooling perhaps oil exceeded applicable time, cannot have achieved cooling result. So in the moving process in screw type compressor, cooling oil lost its action, can not enrage oil cooling depart. So oily breakdown of occurrence belt of sure in exhaust process meeting.

2.4 the mouth that take energy of life returns oil

Compressor stops machine hind, cooling oil presents gas opening from lead plane ejective, this one phenomenon returns oil to present gas opening namely. The cause that causes this one appearance basically has the following sides.

(1) is gone against stop breakdown of a powerful person. Lead plane vent-pipe is the only channel that compresses air to pour regurgitate lead plane, go against stop to hairpin of core of a powerful person of a powerful person cannot be shut completely or run core of a powerful person for a long time to wear away sealed invalidation can be brought about compress air to flow backwards, drive lead plane rotor to invert, the lube inside intromit lead plane from the mouth that take energy of life ejective. Disintegrate is gone against stop a powerful person, core of examination a powerful person and sealed, if attaint changes, this kind of trouble is less.

(2) breaks breakdown of oily electromagnetism a powerful person. A powerful person of the electromagnetism that break oil is to often close valve, action is to be in stop machine hind to cut off oil path, prevent lube to enter lead plane from oily segregator. A powerful person of the electromagnetism that break oil is shut lax, below the circumstance that has not uninstalled completely in pressure, oil can enter lead plane from gasoline tank, cause the mouth that take energy of life to turn over gush. The examination stops oily electromagnetism a powerful person, if damage,change new a powerful person or family.

(3) drain valve not release. In staying machine course, drain valve should hit acquit to put the pressure inside oily segregator, oily filter, if a powerful person damages cannot normal exhaust step-down, break oily electromagnetism a powerful person to be shut not in time, after can bringing about lube to enter lead plane from the mouth that take energy of life ejective. Check drain valve, if attaint should undertake,change.


Although screw compressor is stability of a kind of function, fragile a less mechanical equipment, but there are various elements to be able to bring about its to malfunction in move. The breakdown that we appear in move to compressor only has more understanding and master, ability assures its on the safe side to move, serve for production better.

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