Accompanying our country air to compress the rapid development of industry technology, air compressor had in structural composition and functional form respect very big improve, compressor of centrifugal type air became new generation air to compress equipment. Centrifugal pneumatics machines and tools has stand-alone flow big, compress air not the characteristic of oiliness, but from energy-saving analyse with dependability angle, centrifugal pneumatics machine is not applicable and all domain.

Machine of the big pneumatics that discharge an amount (platoon quantity is in 60Nm3/min above) the market basically has machine of centrifugal type pneumatics and screw pneumatics opportunity at present kinds two products are old, machine of two kinds of pneumatics has respective special skill or knowledge, also have respective scope of application, they cannot replace each other completely, and will long-term coexistence. Because of user of this screw machine special the function understanding that is necessary to undertake many sided to machine of centrifugal type pneumatics, can provide certain reference when choosing pneumatics engine thereby, lest appear type selecting error. The user is in the choose and buy needs to consider the following aspect before centrifugal pneumatics machine:

One, principle of centrifugal type compressor

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Undertake differentiating to compressor from different point of view, the category that its can differentiate is varied. According to compressor form cent is stationary, movable type, enclosed wait for a category, centrifugal type compressor is one of most commonly used equipment.

1.1 principles

Compressor of centrifugal type air belongs to speed type compressor, job of compressor of air of centrifugal when the bear that use gas is stable type is stable, reliable. Compressor of centrifugal type air is by impeller belt take offense body does high speed to rotate, make gas produces centrifugal power, because gas controls flow in the enlarge in impeller, the velocity of flow after making gas passes impeller thereby and pressure get rising, produce continuously piece compress air. According to this one principle, centrifugal type compressor can provide enough air pressure in mechanical transmission system, promote the effective linkage between mechanical component, to exterior link device moves provide reliable power.

1.2 characteristics

To inchoate use compressor, centrifugal type compressor not only component structure got cutting reforming, and composition of compressor whole structure is more apt also the moving function of equipment. At present centrifugal type compressor uses 1 or the whirl of 2 above impeller is assembled jointly, accelerated the rate that gas flows, it is big that this can be controlled to aeriform pressure helpful. The basis uses a case, when pressure runs, gas of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics has stability characteristic, form between the component wear away degree is smaller, won’t have created big waste to mechanical spare parts, these conduce to the promotion of speed of compressor gas movement, and improved exhaust efficiency.

2, operational failure and processing

The last few years, the application of compressor of centrifugal type air in chemical course of study range is wider, this kind of equipment is itself gas pressure not only can adjusting control provided safeguard, it is to be compressor to join equipment provided enough aeriform pressure more can, what drive mechanical transmission system then is efficient movement. Compressor uses continuous flow of gas, primitive to electromotor mechanical energy has transition, intensity of work of this one process suffers the effect of load of mechanical equipment work. In view of the ceaseless promotion of load of movement of equipment of chemical industry machinery, the fault rate of centrifugal type compressor also has increase apparently.

2.1 oil pressure drop suddenly

Compressor oil pressure drops suddenly the matter is more complex, make the connection with close existence with the component inside aircrew, handle this one breakdown to want to be decided according to actual condition. Usually, oil pressure drops to wait for lubricant system vitta with oil pump, vitta relevant, handle this one breakdown to need to do good pressure test and processing work. For example, when oil pump breakdown is reduced, also reduced pressure, answer oil pump to be checked in time, the platoon investigates breakdown matter; When breakdown and vitta are concerned, breakdown results from cause leak about burst, concrete step is change new oil tube.

2.2 gas export discharge to reduce

Gas exports discharge to reduce main reason to consist filter and seal unit, control of these two kinds of components is undeserved the flow that can reduce gas, affect the normal function that equips to compressor. Breakdown processing technique: It is aeriform filter jams cause amount of air sucked in aeration the main reason that decreasing is filter generation breakdown, can pass pair of gas filter clean, thereby trouble removal; The 2 reasons that are breakdown of seal unit generation seal clearance in Yu Mi too big, cause leak, best means of settlement is to change sealed, perhaps undertake adjustment to its according to the regulation.

2.3 condenser outlet temperature is exorbitant

Aeriform condenser exports positional temperature to be more than 60 ℃ , between the cooling water quantity of the generation of this breakdown and condenser and its cooling pipe, velocity of flow, tube plate and canal cooperate to concern. For example, cooperate to become loose between tube plate and canal or cooling pipe burst, cannot maintain aeriform condenser to export positional temperature, make its exceed limit; Compressor movement pressure is exorbitant and added a part wear away, produced apparent temperature elevatory phenomenon. Specific processing measure, use pipe expander to bilge the pipe that become loose close, or the pipe that already damaged two end jam, undertake cleaning to the fuse of condenser.

2.4 bearing temperature is exorbitant

Bearing is the core component of operational failure of centrifugal type compressor, the locomotive efficiency that deciding whole platform equipment, bearing temperature is exorbitant it is to compress accident to compare common stoppage all right. Temperature breakdown basically behaves: The aperture of circle of reduce expenditure of the mouth that receive oil of bearing is too small, the capacity that receive oil is insufficient; Lubricant system oil pressure drops or oil purifier jams, the quantity that receive oil decreases; The cooling water of oil cooler measures inadequacy, the temperature that receive oil is exorbitant. According to these breakdown phenomena, actual processing process needs to overhaul lubricant system oil pump, vitta or clean oil purifier; Adjust the quantity drinking water of oil cooler cooling water; The aperture of circle of reduce expenditure of the mouth that receive oil of bearing is too small, the capacity that receive oil is insufficient, increase reduce expenditure to encircle bore diameter appropriately; Overhaul oil cooler, remove slack trouble or change new oil.

2.5 bearing vibration is too big

Oscillatory load increased bearing bear the weight of extent, and cause the breakdown consume of structure of compressor of centrifugal type air, to component injury has very big harm sex. Bearing vibration load exceeds the breakdown performance of mark: Rotor or add fast implement the dynamic balancing precision of size gear is destroyed; The interference between bearing lid and made of baked clay back of plain bearing liner is too small; Gear clench the teeth undesirable, gear wears away serious or attaint. To processing of this kind of breakdown, main way is new and corrective dynamic balancing; Blow grind bearing separates a side in lid level or abrade adjust spacer, make sure interference is 0.02 ~ 0.06mm; Inspect gear wear out condition, the rough travel between gear of new and corrective size is spent, the center is apart from reach area of clench the teeth, make accord with a requirement.

Effect of 2.6 condenser refrigeration is poor

Condenser basically is used at adjusting the stability of compressor interior temperature, maintain balanced temperature to run an environment in order to create advantageous compressor, and the play that cooling invalidation breakdown affected function of whole platform equipment. Primary failure expression: Aeriform condenser cooling power drops; Cooling pipe surface accumulates bilge; Cooperate to become loose between cooling pipe burst or canal and tube plate. Processing condenser breakdown needs to check component from many sided, at the same time the key examines cooling water quantity, the water velocity of flow in asking condenser is in charge of should be less than 2m/s; Clean condenser fuse; Jam already damaged two end of the canal or the canal that will become loose with pipe expander bilge close. When necessary, can choose condenser to install processing afresh, improve the cooling result that compressor runs actually, lowered the occurence rate of cooling breakdown.

3, centrifugal type compressor is safeguarded daily

Be based on industrial science and technology to reform setting to fall, a lot of mechanical equipment receive promotion application in industry production, air compressor is in charge of be mechanical energy change aeriform pressure can, went to the lavatory the daily movement adjusting control of mechanical automation system. On one hand, check the functional status of compressor machine system regularly, debug a method to detect through equipment breakdown hidden trouble, the processing that becomes good operational failure ahead of schedule works; On the other hand, tear open outfit examination to the main part such as bearing, condenser, whether is judgement machinery component wear away, lubricant wait for a problem, seasonable additional lubricating oil runs with improving a system efficiency; To the compressor equipment of a few ageing, can change when necessary new facility or component, this also is to be on guard the efficient way of breakdown.

4, the function of screw pneumatics machine and centrifugal empty press is compared

The integration level of machine of pneumatics of general and centrifugal type is pressed under screw sky greatly machine, field assembly workload big, cost is high. Of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics and screw pneumatics machine be being formed basically is about the same, it is mix by system of drive pneumatics machine, transmission, rotor, cooling system, lubricant system, sealed system, regulating system control system composition. Its are certain nevertheless the limits offerring money of the connotation of subsystem and model is big Xiang Jingting however.

Traditional system

Because centrifugal type is empty press rotate speed is high, need uses more complex design on bearing and lubricant system, brought about it to should not be frequent thereby open the character that stop.

Lubricant system is compared

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Sealed system

Machine of pneumatics of general and centrifugal type basically uses labyrinth of two kinds of sealed; and carbolic annulus formula. What screw pneumatics machine also uses same principle is labyrinthian and sealed, just differ somewhat in formally.

As a result of what used same principle, same quality sealed, the sealed life of centrifugal type and machine of screw type pneumatics, seal gas and the ability that seal oil about the same, can assure the air quality of 100% screw.

The comparison of regulating system

Because breathe heavily brace up phenomenal existence, want complete escape to breathe heavily again while implementation discharge adjusts brace up, centrifugal type is so empty the adjustment of press means and screw pneumatics machine widely different. The adjustment that is used at machine of pneumatics of pneumatics of general and centrifugal type at present does means basically have two kinds of: ? Location of street of U of Pi of Piao of band of bald Chang of glue of J of far   putting in order wrings Pu of Piao of  of ü of high and steep of broadleaf plant border low pull jump over  to censure head of Zou tan Ш bends over? bypass) a powerful person has cooperative control.

(1) is automatic double mode

Automatic double mode is standard adjustment means, it can make exhaust pressure is controlled in ± inside limits of 0 · 1barG, to machine of centrifugal type pneumatics it also is energy-saving adjustment means.

(2) constant voltage is controlled

Constant voltage control is optional adjust means, it can make exhaust pressure stable in ± inside 0.03barG limits, but if offer tolerance often under asthma brace up tolerance, will have a large number of deflate, not energy-saving. It is so commonly used there is firm demand in baric to the platoon force, often stabilize again for tolerance in asthma brace up the circumstance of discharge above.

Control a system

Conclusion: ? Emperor grabs  of  of ⒋ of  of gourd ladle of divide evenly of enough  of clear of helmet neon charming to steal low level of Gu know well? of  of bursa of badger of faint of Xing Huang ┨ is compared with screw photograph so, its control system is a bit complex, reference point is a bit much. But the control system that level of engine of pneumatics of general and centrifugal type supplies money is very simple, a lot of it is to choose offer content.


(1) makes azotic trade in film, using centrifugal pneumatics machine or screw pneumatics machine to regard air as the source is possible, what enrage because of both product is pulsatile and lesser, successional good, won’t affect the quality of nitrogen and crop because of the wave motion of aeriform discharge, pressure.

(The efficiency of machine of pneumatics of 2) centrifugal type the work efficiency under machine of screw type pneumatics. Centrifugal pneumatics machine because aeriform velocity of flow loss of fast, energy is bigger, the work efficiency of the engine of centrifugal type pneumatics that produces at present has 60%; only commonly and the work efficiency of machine of screw type pneumatics can achieve 70%~80% , field of odd managing energy considers, machine of use screw pneumatics is more centrifugal than using pneumatics opportunity is more significant.

(The platoon of centrifugal pneumatics machine measures 3) only station to be more than screw pneumatics machine far. According to market survey, the only station with at present minor volume is centrifugal the platoon quantity of pneumatics machine can achieve 80~120m3/min; and the capacity of machine of pneumatics of screw of only station high pressure is 60m3/min, namely of machine of a centrifugal pneumatics produce tolerance basic with machine of 2 screw pneumatics produce tolerance to comparative bigger even.

(The exhaust of centrifugal pneumatics machine approachs 4) odd level force is far under screw pneumatics machine. According to market survey, its discharge the screw pneumatics chance that at present two class reduce baric force can achieve 2.5MPa above, and the exhaust pressure that 3 class reduce centrifugal pneumatics chance also has 1.6MPa only.

(The oil content difference of 5) gas is bigger, centrifugal pneumatics machine belongs to screw to lubricate, the oil content in producing gas is extremely low, velar canal filters to gas the service life that asks inferior; is in charge of to film affects lesser; and because screw pneumatics machine is general use have oil-lubricated cooling, its produce the oil content in gas to be able to achieve 20 × 10-6, once filter systematic occurrence issue, the service life that will run to film produces an effect.

(6) tolerance adjusts. Because centrifugal pneumatics machine is in,can arise ” asthma brace up ” phenomenon, the capacity of because this is centrifugal empty press can adjust between 70%~100% only; and because screw pneumatics machine is nonexistent ” asthma brace up ” phenomenon, when using cubage adjustment, its capacity can adjust arbitrarily between 0~100% .

5, conclusion

Compressor of centrifugal type air undertook optimizing upgrading to traditional compressor structure, raised compressor to be opposite the changeover efficiency of electric mechanical energy, make mechanical energy generate more air pressure can, drove the automation control of system of chemical machinery equipment. In view of the functional characteristic of compressor of centrifugal type air, the enterprise chooses this kind of equipment to must want to do good breakdown to handle the work, solve the breakdown risk that when compressor runs, exists in time, reduce the functional sex damage that breakdown causes to mechanical equipment. Using tolerance the big, wave motion that use gas suits to use centrifugal pneumatics machine below little state of affairs, in can effect, safeguard the respect such as charge, fault rate, life centrifugal pneumatics machine still has definite advantage.

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