Recently, the call that I manage the staff member receives client plum manager to be hit says they prepare to buy compressor of the air that do not have oil, but enquired several are water of a mist to returning, find us to want to seek advice to be divided after all without oily air compressor so it is which a few kinds. This problem, believe most user does not know. Compressor of Mai Ensi air explains machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil what to kind there is for everybody below?

Nowadays, air compressor gets the favour of consumer, have a lot of distinct advantages without oily air compressor among them. Compressor of the so called air that do not have oil is not point to not of oiliness, the compressor of the air that do not have oil on real significance is the air compressor with oily very small amount only. Compressor of air of the general screw that do not have oil divides probably for: Water is slippery model, dry grind model, reciprocating type, this 3 sort, what distinction do they have again? 1, water is lubricant because type does not have oily air compressor to use stainless steel and pottery and porcelain compound rotor, so system of its motivation bearing is devoid oily form. And can reduce device rotate speed because of gush water, so, water is lubricant the cubage efficiency of the pneumatics that do not have oil is taller.

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2, dry grind type doing to grind compressor of the air that do not have oil to be when movement, its screw rotor expands through high speed generation gas is compressed, and do the screw that grinds compressor of the air that do not have oil to go up a gush have colophony kind object, protect screw to won’t be injured in high speed attrition thereby. 3, reciprocating type of reciprocating type miniature does not have drive of odd axis of electric machinery of oily air compressor, structure of machinery of rocker of symmetrical distributinging brace. Move back and forth enrages structure of double crock of compressor odd axis without oily sky decorate double what can make the air current of equipment is one-cylinder in the rotate speed inside rated limits, solve the oscillatory noise that one-cylinder compressor produces well thereby. Machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil is the air compressor with a kind of better performance, its classify as above. The requirement of compressor of oily to notting have air also meets disparate of course industry to differ somewhat, can choose according to producing a situation.