Machine dimension does not protect pneumatics to reach the designated position to be able to appear all sorts of breakdown, want to solve pneumatics engine trouble to need to find the reason of breakdown happening quickly. Machine of a few pneumatics was summed up below common breakdown type and means of settlement. 1, pneumatics aircraft capacity is insufficient. If the locomotive efficiency that the size of capacity is affecting pneumatics engine directly appears exhaust is not worth a problem, can change above all happen to injure or appear the component of crackle, be checked next and clear air muffler, seasonable additional lubricating oil, those who hold oily amount is enough. 2, breakdown of system of pneumatics machine refrigeration. Breakdown of system of pneumatics machine refrigeration is common is knot dirty phenomenon or air enters cooling system. Be aimed at this kind of problem, can prevent air to enter through crust is being installed on water meter, change regularly next condenser core, avoid appearance of occurrence knot dirty, ensure of cooling system move normally.

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3, problem of pneumatics machine air-tightness. A powerful person of pneumatics engine energy of life presses close sex to reduce a problem, can enrage board of a powerful person and a powerful person through cleaning piece cleared accumulate carbon to solve, perhaps choose prevention and cure to accumulate the electrostatic and plastic pipe that carbon produces, raise the clean sex of pneumatics machine effectively, avoid the occurrence of breakdown. 4, pneumatics engine lubricating oil should change in time. The quality of lube affects the moving result of pneumatics machine, so, after in pneumatics machine investment moves, can maintain every 6000, 7000 hours change lube, can promote the quality of lube effectively so. Will integratedly look, maintain pneumatics aircraft of each component clean and complete, be defend measure effectively what ensure pneumatics aircraft moves normally. Besides, those who make sure oil measures pneumatics machine interior is enough, those who raise pair of empty press maintain and examine working strength, can make sure pneumatics machine develops good working standard to operate integratedly, science management maintains in time is the efficient way that reduces pneumatics machine fault rate. Strengthening equipment administrator to groom next also is to make sure pneumatics chance is good locomotive key.