Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims sketch map of cycle unit join

How when compressing air, pneumatics machine is to produce caloric?

Does the quantity of heat of different system reclaim what difference does the level have?

Wind cold system is in medium or small position is held in compressor system. Their be apt to sheds refrigeration to compress air with low-pressure gas, and those warm air that cool without cold winter, as it happens can be used at giving a building heating. This kind of energy-saving law, coming from at decreasing from exterior the heat source that purchase. Nevertheless, the cold Ji Zhongcai that this energy-saving measure is in a year only shines brilliantly.

Oily cold system sheds refrigeration to compress air with oil, quantity of heat is in the system by compress air to be delivered to oil. In the system that closes in, oil can return production in the process. Quantity of heat transfers production through heat exchanger in the process, reduced the demand that heats to report heats or burning gas thereby. Water-cooling system can be open mode, shut type, loop type or blame loop type. In numerous form, the closed circuit system of circular water type is used most extensively. In water-cooling system, water flows circularly between pneumatics machine condenser and craft heat exchanger, in changing redundant compressor quantity of heat production course, reduced pair of heating demand thereby. In closed circuit system, the control of water quality is attached most importance to especially should, because need avoids mineral deposit,affect to what the system moves. Accordingly, this kind of system not only efficient, clean, and long-term stability can fall to move in the circumstance that need not intervene too much. No matter be wind oil is cold, cold still be water-cooling system, reclaim the quantity of heat in compressing air recycle, can reduce pair of exterior the sources of energy buy demand. This kind decreased to reduce the discharge capacity of carbon dioxide not only, still reduced operation cost. In energy cost tall look forward to today, these are managing great to raising the gain ability of the manufactory to be had undoubtedly sense, the carbon that also conduces to implementation company at the same time reduces a goal.

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