Manufacturing industry falls in different operating mode, pneumatics machine use environment has each different, the particle of small this world such as dirt, vitriolic, nitric acid, organic compound, grit is contained in air, in process of pneumatics accident travel, air enters lead plane through the inhaler, accordingly, the inhaler made the first defense line of pneumatics engine system.

What is an inhaler?


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Pneumatics machine inhaler (QiAir Compressor Filter) it is by empty filter assembly and filter core are comprised, exterior arrive through contact and whorl canal join a powerful person taking energy of life of pneumatics machine, filter thereby the dust in entering air, the impurity such as grain.

Air filters working principle

The particulate contaminant of float of air horizontally pivoted hung is character by solid or liquid particle child place composition. Air dust can divide for dust of narrow sense air and dust of broad sense air: Dust of narrow sense air is the solid state particle in pointing to atmosphere, namely real dust; The much more dispersive gas collosol that the contemporary notion of air dust includes solid state particle to also include liquid state particle already, it is the suspension particle in pointing to atmosphere only, bead diameter is less than 10μm, this is the air dust of broad sense.

To be more than the particle of 10μm, because heavier, after the ruleless Brownian movement that passes period of time, below gravitational action, they can sedimentation gradually on the ground, it is the main goal of dust control; In atmosphere 0.1—The dirt particle of 10μm also does ruleless to move in air, because weight is lighter, float easily along with air current, and sedimentation very hard on the ground. Accordingly, the concept of the air dust in clean technology mixes air to remove dust commonly the concept of the dirt in the technology is distinguished somewhat.

Air filters the technology basically uses filter detached method: Through installing the filter of different function, eliminate air hangs dust mediumly particle and microbial, also expect through filter dust particle the cut that catch market stays namely, spend a requirement with making sure those who send wind force is clean.

Airy filters reach classification

Hold the first defense line of air cleanness, filter with first-rate efficiency and the least resistance prevent air grain impurity to enter pneumatics plane, include commonly:

Vertical inhaler: Mix all sorts of filtering by crust composition of core of contact, filter, the orgnaization is compact.


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Horizontal inhaler: Prevent bump into plastic outer covering, won’t rusty, enter wind force big, filter efficiency is tall.


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The installation position of the inhaler

Inhaler, be located in front of a powerful person that take energy of life, the mouth that take energy of life joins air inlet duct, want the inhaler of installation according to choose into the size of wind force.


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If air filter core jams or do not change for a long time, can have what consequence


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If filter core jams, can bring about pneumatics machine to cannot work normally, baric meeting becomes a lot of lower, bring about back end machine to produce can become low.

If filter core jams hind arise no longer filter action, the grain in atmosphere compares big impurity to be able to enter lead plane, possible meeting occurrence lead plane blocks dead circumstance, time grows, bring about occurrence nick of screw rotor surface, make the border between screw rotor increases gently, crack of a confusion of voices of pneumatics aircraft main engine is noisy, serious meeting makes screw lead plane direct bite into discards as useless.

If precision of empty filtration filter is not tall, a large number of tiny speck press machine interior with respect to can inspiratory sky, pollute the lube of pneumatics machine, affect the core part such as rotor, bearing then, cause lead plane loss of efficiency finally, life is decreased short; Dirt enters oily filter, increase oily filter burden, serious when oily filter jams, cause pneumatics machine high temperature to jump machine; Dirt enters oily cent, cause oily cent to jam, serious when oily cent is out of shape, cause pneumatics machine to run oily.

If empty filter waterproof properties not beautiful, easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, affect pneumatics engine then inspiratory and expedite, empty filter is met and fold jam even, create the waste that use phone.

Of empty filter maintain


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The pneumatics machine manual that suggests you are configured according to the manufacturer, undertake professional dimension is protected regularly. Will tell commonly, basis pneumatics machine uses air environment, dirt the user with big, particularly harsh environment is best and daily empty filter of manage Qing Dynasty, blow with air gun, abide by manufacturer strictly to maintain periodic table.

Filter of high grade air has what feature


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1, filter efficiency is tall, effect makes sure pneumatics machine works reliably;

2, the resistance that take energy of life is low, offer the air with pneumatics ample opportunity;

3, store grey capability is strong, reduce empty strain maintain frequency, reduce use cost.

Material of bad news of certified products of Chinese former plant

Material of filter of pure entrance of material of Chinese inhaler filter, working procedure of a complete set of changes production to be made without dirt factory in intelligence, every inhaler course examines, assure superior quality.

Can effective filter divides Chinese inhaler suspension is the dust in ambient air, sand, oily the impurity such as mist, avoid screw rotor wears away prematurely or oily filter and oil gas segregator are premature block; Filter precision ≤10μm, filter effect ≥99.9% ;


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QiAir Compressor

Chinese inhaler can lengthen oil to divide service life, reduce whole to run cost substantially thereby, avoid to maintain cycle shortens, the loss such as machine attaint.


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