Compressor of air of general and mechanical equipment is applied extensively in each fields that industry produces, if regard motivation as the source,be air feed of pneumatic a powerful person, ferment to medicine, food those who offer place to need is pure compress air to wait. Differ by the structure can divide wait for type of screw type, centrifugal type, piston, blade. Among them, compressor of screw type air is compressor of type of cubage of revolving of a kind of high speed, narrow through working cubage undertake gas is compressed, besides rotor of screw of revolving of two high speed, without other motion component, if centrifugal type compressor and reciprocating type compressor are like the advantage that piston compressor does not have,have circumgyrate type compressor. Volume is for instance minor, quality light, movement is smooth, fragile a little, efficiency is tall, odd big, energy does not have grade pressure ratio extremely adjust etc, consequently some closer year get developing quickly, piston compressor was replaced in a lot of domains.

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, of the structure of machine of screw type pneumatics and compressor of air of principle screw type basically form a component to include screw leader (nose) , valve of segregator of a powerful person of inhaler, inspiratory control valve, electromagnetism, one-way a powerful person, oil cylinder, oil gas, pressure, air. Look from moving principle, cent of work of screw pneumatics engine is inspiratory, compress, exhaust 3 main processes, and compress medium sealed reach carry such auxiliary process. Enter gas a powerful person to open above all, pneumatics machine enrages filter through entering inspiratory the air all round, those who make enter compress lead plane inside, rotor of yin and yang changes the volume inside lead plane through motion of clench the teeth, at the same time ceaseless gush lube undertakes lubricate and cooling to screw inside antrum, be compressed after producing be affected by the heat from this oil gas mixture. The oil gas mixture after rising lukewarm step up passes exhaust one-way a powerful person enters oil gas segregator, the most oil inside leader speech is inside oil gas segregator with compress air to undertake depart, use circularly via leader is being returned after refrigeration next. Achieve when the air inside oil gas segregator when what needing lowermost pressure, open of valve of the least pressure, the compression of high temperature after air enters condenser to cool, the compression that gets we need namely air, after be being handled again via what cross aftertreatment equipment, enter the facility using gas of fair condominium net or user. 2, of screw pneumatics machine maintain any mechanical equipment cannot leave maintenance, even if is long-term the machine of out of service, if want to maintain its to be in whole position, also cannot leave to safeguard, pneumatics machine is not exceptional also. Nevertheless, maintain and maintain have certain distinction actually. When maintenance basically is aimed at equipment occurrence malfunction, eliminate the work that breakdown place does; And maintaining is to point to a machine to be able to move normally commonly, appear to prevent breakdown, raise equipment to run efficiency at the same time, and the prevention of accidents that do works. Nevertheless, sometimes both place does the job to may overlap, temperature of some machine exhaust is for instance high because lube viscosity is bigger,be, and cause lube refrigeration effect not the reason of beautiful is the impurity in air too much. At this moment, change since of empty filter core is done maintain, also be the maintenance job that eliminates high temperature breakdown. So, let us see screw pneumatics opportunity common maintain what does the job have: 1. Of air filter core maintain reach change can say, oil is removed in reducing air system besides, great majority impurity is entered from inside air filter core. So, air filter core such ” guttural ” it is to make sure pneumatics aircraft moves normally and the key that reduces air quality, must undertake maintaining regularly. The action of the inhaler is filter gets rid of the dirt in air, impurity, the clean air after filtering enters the roll that screw lets rotor of yin and yang in pitch of inspiratory and alveolar volume to be compressed. Usually, 1500-2000 hour should change filter core, if air environment is dirtier, need to shorten change time interval. Air environment waits around plant of such as cement, job shops, foundry in very abominable operating mode, want to use core of burden empty filter. Although price comparing is common filter core is tallish, but burden empty filter can not raise too much devoted cost to the user, be opposite through reducing an environment instead the influence of pneumatics engine system, the cost of care and maintenance that reduced a client greatly thereby and other spare parts throw charge, in the meantime, also assured the quality using gas of the user, assured manufacturing efficiency then. Burden empty filter is to be on the foundation of ordinary air filter commonly, increased the structural design of centrifugal depart, make the air course that enters empty filter core departs beforehand, purify is bigger grain dust. Additional, manufacturer home adopts the structure that improves filter paper, increased its to contain grey amount greatly, drape layer also should pass special design, prevent damaged of filter paper felt. 2. Of lube maintain reach change to enrage compressor to sky of most commonly used fuel injection screw, the main effect of lube has 3: Lubricant, cooling, sealed. Oily stand or fall has conclusive effect to the function of engine of aircraft of pneumatics of fuel injection screw, good oil is tasted have fight oxidation stability beautiful of sex of detached and good, rapid, clear bubble, tall viscosity, anticorrosive performance is good, accordingly, the proposal uses the special screw engine oil of former plant. Even if is used replace oil to taste, also must choose the oil that quality assures. Petty gain of map of avoid by all means uses inferior oil even secondhand the oil of oil or other equipment. Case shows the user compresses air to produce peculiar smell because of choosing inferior lube to cause, origin is lube metamorphism, bring about nose to wear away, bearing attaint, compress air finally to produce peculiar smell, machine high temperature jumps machine. Return nose plant overhaul act against one’s will, clean oil path thoroughly, cause upkeep costs of a huge sum. Lube changes cycle is not changeless, want a foundation of lube form will decide, to mineral lubricating oil, recommend 2000-3000 hour, best 2000 hours of assay; Half synthesis lube recommends 4000-6000 hour, 4000 hours of assay; Mix completely lube recommends 6000-8000 hour at most, 4000 with 6000 hours of assay. Current, because half synthesis is lubricant and oily price is higher, accordingly its are used on homebred pneumatics machine relatively extensive. Additional, the use operating mode that should inspect screw pneumatics machine and calm, the dust in wanting to see air for instance, impurity is much, caustic gas is contained in air, the lunt in air is big, temperature of computer room environment is high etc. If have above case, the oil change cycle of lube is about to shorten accordingly. The user can be in for many times on the foundation of assay lube, optimize a cycle of first-rate oil change, can save cost already, can improve the moving efficiency of equipment again. 3. Of oily filter maintain reach change to oily filter, core of oily filter filter should change after new machine runs 300-500 hour. Recommend the 2nd times change after using 2000 hours, suggest every 1500-2000 hour changes later new strain core. If encounter,change lubricating oil, had better change at the same time oily filter core, use when the environment is harsh should shorten change periodic. Forbidden exceed deadline to use oily filter core, jam as a result of filter core otherwise serious, press difference to exceed by-pass valve to bear bounds, by-pass valve is opened automatically, grain of a large number of dirty content, impurity can enter lead plane directly along with lube inside, cause to rotor then wear away, equipment high temperature, reduce equipment life and performance, can raise cost of care and maintenance greatly not only, still can affect the quality that use gas and manufacturing efficiency, serious when bring about flaw, bad possibly still to taste rate promotion, serious when still can cause stop production loss. 4. The maintenance of oil gas segregator changes oil gas segregator is the lube that reduces a process and the important part that compress air depart will be shared inside leader speech, also be the crucial part that decides pneumatics machine reduces air quality. In compressor of air of fuel injection screw, the carry secretly of oil gas mixture that comes out from the platoon inside leader speech is worn greatly small oily drop. When lard drop carries tin of oil gas depart easy depart, and the layer of makings of filter of fine of micron class Bo that small oily drop must pass core of filter of oil gas depart undertakes filtering. Those very small oily particle pass filter capable person diffuse action, by filter material intercept and in inertial collision the mechanism such as agglomeration falls, the suspension oily particle in letting compress air condenses lard drop, oily below gravitational action assemble divides core bottom in oil, through bottom sunken place answers vitta to return lubricant system to undertake working the next time circular, make thereby relatively ideal compress air. The meeting when because fail to be waited to pass oil by coagulation of the dirt impurity of block the way of air filter core, lube entirely,dividing core is stopped to be in filter in the layer, go round and round, accumulate more more, this brings about oil to divide core to press difference (obstruction) can increase ceaselessly. The with depart hind pressure difference before departing when oil gas segregator commonly exceeds 0.12MPa to must change filter core, can cause electric machinery overload otherwise, damaged of oil gas segregator runs oily. Extended active duty not only cannot save money, because electric current greatens,meet instead, waste costly charge of electricity. Below normal moving condition, the life of oil gas segregator is controlled in 3500-4000 hour, but humidity of gas of high above in the sky is bigger, be in especially day of overcast and rainy, when the platoon air temperature is spent under airy pressure dew point or when stopping machine refrigeration, can have more condenser water separate out. Accordingly, in environmental humidity bigger case falls, should shorten condenser water discharges time interval. ยท article chapter achieves an article formerly for compressor net, detail ( M=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=8) examine full text