Policy support and future are looked into

Reclaim to popularize more than heat technical application, the government sector can make corresponding supportive policy. These policy can include the measure such as fund of derate taxation, allowance, favourable loan, reclaim with reducing an enterprise to introduce more than heat cost pressure of the system. In addition, still can strengthen technical research and development and promotion, encourage enterprise and cooperation of scientific research orgnaization, capture more than heat reclaims jointly technical difficult problem.

Future, of the ceaseless progress as science and technology and environmental protection consciousness rise, more than heat reclaims technical hopeful gets applied in more domain. The development of new-style material and can effect promotion will reduce more than heat reclaim further the production cost of equipment, make its gain ground more. In the meantime, discharge the attention that drains with the sources of energy to increase ceaselessly to carbon as the whole world, more than heat reclaims the important instrument that the technology will make industrial business pursuit can develop continuously.

Pneumatics machine the new trend that the innovation solution of more than heat is energy-saving environmental protection, it will waste the heat energy with hot useful translate into, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, reduce carbon to discharge, reduce manufacturing cost, can develop continuously for the enterprise brought new opportunity and challenge. Through policy support and technology innovate, we have reason to believe, more than heat reclaims the technology can produce mainer and mainer effect in future, build for compose more the force that the environmental protection, society that can last contributes him.