QiAir Compressor in China

Machine of pneumatics of Zhuhai life power specializes in compressor of air of American life power, screw pneumatics machine, without oily pneumatics machine, machine of pneumatics of permanent magnetism frequency conversion, low-pressure pneumatics machine, two class compress pneumatics machine to wait, offer Shou Li for Zhuhai enterprise empty press maintenance and frequency conversion are energy-saving transform a service.

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QiAir Compressor in China

Machine of pneumatics of Zhuhai life power:

Machine of fuel injection pneumatics: Dual class of AS series, WS series, LS series, LH efficient series, TS is efficient dual class of series, TH is efficient series

Without oily pneumatics machine: Work series of series of GS of screw of water of the series of type screw DS, gush that do not have oil, VT of the vortex that do not have oil without oil

Maintenance of empty press of Zhuhai life power:

Install a replacement of quality goods maintenance formerly, absolutely not shoddy, 10 minutes are answered, 24 hours come freely to serve, 2-8 hour reachs the spot quickly.

QiAir Compressor in China

Patulous read:

The water branch in compressing air affects the function of pneumatics machine and life, what affect downstream facilities even is normal move. Accordingly, the account that understanding reduces air to carry water and corresponding processing technique have important sense.

Compress air to take the account of water:

Environmental humidity is high: When the relative humidity in air is higher, the vapor content in air is higher. The process is reduced in low pressure in, although reduce rate lesser, vapor reachs saturation likely also in cooling process and condense into water.

Cooling effect not beautiful: The cooling effect of press of high above in the sky not when beautiful, may bring about compress air to cannot cool adequately, make vapor cannot condense completely thereby. Because condenser jams,this may be, cooling fan breakdown or cooling water circulate not the reason such as free causes.

Reduce air pipeline problem: Of pneumatics machine compress air there may be water or vapor to adhere to inside conduit. Because temperature of conduit wall surface is installed under temperature of air dew point, conduit,this may be unreasonable (be like low cannot catchment) or the existence inside conduit is smudgy wait for a reason to bring about.

Gas tank and filter problem: Moisture may build up inside gas tank and filter, move in low pressure especially when, its discharge the effect likelihood not beautiful. In addition, the filter core inside filter may be saturated already, cannot effective purify moisture.

Low-pressure run time is too long: Long low-pressure moving likelihood brings about pneumatics machine to cannot reach regular job temperature, affect cooling effect and moisture purify thereby.

QiAir Compressor in China

Compress air to bring the processing technique of water:

Maintain pneumatics aircraft working environment is dry, avoid to move for long below high humidity environment.

Be checked regularly and clear the cooling system of pneumatics machine, ensure cooling result is favorable.

Optimize reduce air conduit position, ensure low installs outfall, clear regularly the seeper inside conduit and bilge.

Be checked regularly and change the moisture inside gas tank and filter, ensure its work normally.

Avoid long low pressure moves, if have need, can consider to use machine of frequency conversion pneumatics, adjust moving pressure according to reducing air demand.

Use proper air dryer: According to effective demand, install proper dryer to reduce air system, wait like drier of cold dry machine, adsorptive type, reduce the moisture content in air with purify.

Raise temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust: When moving to low pressure hydrous problem, can try to raise temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust, so that effectively purify water is divided. But want to notice, exorbitant exhaust temperature may bring about other issue, if oil gas is detached,the effect issues demote.

Undertake maintenance regularly to equipment: The crucial part such as machine of regular examination pneumatics, conduit, cooling system, dryer, ensure its move normally, change in time wear away component.

Add pressurization to shrink air reserve: Through adding gas tank capacity or setting amortize pot, can carry high pressure to shrink airy reserve, reduce low-pressure run time, reduce hydrous phenomenon thereby.

Pneumatics machine appears possibly also when low pressure moves hydrous phenomenon, this may suffer issue of environmental humidity, cooling effect, conduit, gas tank and filter problem to wait for a variety of element influences. Understand these reasons and take corresponding step, conduce to machine of the pneumatics when solving low pressure to move hydrous problem, carry high pressure to shrink air quality, the stability that ensures pneumatics machine and downstream facilities moves. The user should undertake checking to pneumatics machine regularly, safeguard, optimize systematic distribution, improve moving efficiency, in order to reduce the hydrous phenomenon when low pressure moves.