Switch machine is ordinal
1, Before switching on the mobile phone, Check pneumatics machine pipeline to whether have oily appearance of leakage oily ooze first, whether does screw have become loose, acknowledge power source tension.
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2, Before switching on the mobile phone, Whether is the cooling oil level that checks can between two scale, be like oil level under next graduation mark when, need to add lubricating oil to can.

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3, Before switching on the mobile phone, Appreciably opens ball valve of blowdown of lower part of oil gas bucket, the condenser water inside bucket of eduction oil gas, should see when oil is poured out of, close ball valve quickly.

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4, Switch on the mobile phone: Open refrigerant type drier first, the key that press ON yields dew point temperature achieves 5 degrees or the following when reopen pneumatics machine (note: Water-cooling machine opens cooling water ball valve first) .

5, pneumatics machine switchs on the mobile phone: Press the key that start or ON key, if pneumatics machine voice is unusual or other emergency, press emergency stop button please.

6, adsorptive type drier switchs on the mobile phone: Whether is the water that inspects gas tank and accurate filter discharged clean, open ball valve when pressure achieves set pressure, drier of open adsorption type.

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8, Close machine: By stop key or OFF, (close engine order to be close adsorptive type drier first, pass pneumatics opportunity again, close refrigerant type drier again, involve ball valve again, shut power source) , blame emergency, do not pull directly please brake stops with use emergency stop button machine.

9, if be laser machine,switch on the mobile phone: Let exhaust of laser cut head 1 lens is taken out to look to whether be polluted after arriving 2 minutes, put in again completely with alcohol put on the skin switch on the mobile phone.

The note in moving

1, the indication temperature on observation Control Panel, normal value is 80 ℃ , between 95 ℃ .

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2, the gas tank that installed water trap, accurate filter, cold dry machine, every 4 hours check whether normal catchment exhaust, be like not catchment exhaust clears in time; Ask every other without what install water trap 1, 2 hours of hands use drain off water, filter every 30 minutes of catchment.

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3, whether is observation three-phase electric current balanced, voltage is normal.

4, observation vitta connect and other have without leakage oil.

5, proposal of laser machine lens is wiped 4 hours every with alcohol.

Pneumatics machine is safeguarded daily

1, switch on the mobile phone if high temperature early-warning or other call the police,show on face plate, it is normal to check oil level please (switch on the mobile phone condition should be between two red line, under leave red line or cannot see oil, need to stop machine from cheer a mouth to add note) whether does radiator jam (illuminate radiator with flashlight dirt is old) .

2, the lube of different name and different manufacturer prohibits mixing use, taboo is unqualified lube.

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3, the airiness that maintains pneumatics computer room, pneumatics machine and the environment all round are clean.

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4, day of every other 2-4, stop machine take clean filter core, by after the dust inside clean filter core and carapace of empty filter lid is being blown outside introversion, reload is answered. (note: Of 24 hours of ceaseless machine change directly reserve empty filter core) .

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5, everyday / every should blow pneumatics machine radiator and all air inlet dustproof and radiator of Leng Gan machine. Should blow every week sweep, electric equipment, electric machinery and ravel radiator is clean board thoroughly clean dirt, water-cooling machine half an year is cleaned water-cooled condenser conducts heat canal. (notice: ?  ; Is  of Bo of Qian of  department Zhen enzymatic a bit does ⑷ of glare of  of Dan of mace natrium  circle Yong to admire enough  of clear of bud of low of stool of Pi You Gua to take Pai  to see ⑷ of ignoranting   circle Man to pour ⑷ of Yan of full of  Xi  to circle  of Dan of Du Qian sigh?

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6, pneumatics prow is protected change lube, glib style, empty filter, time is 500 hours or 3 months, be being protected greatly is 1 year or hour or 3000 basises of lube stick consistency and decide, change oily cent, engine oil, glib style, empty filter. The active alumina of adsorptive type drier and molecular sieve and accurate filter filter core proposal is 1 year or 3000 hours, or discover content of lube water portion to change instantly please greatly.

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7, time everyday the condenser water that discharges gas tank and accurate filter.

8, half an year or 3000 hours of back end before be electric machinery regularly add electric machinery special grease (note: Of axis of an organic whole need not add note) .

The end of the year maintains or pneumatics machine is changed new, no matter where you are,ask, All butDial local door inn to serve a hot lineOr pass digitlizationNurture heart cloud ” the newspaper constructs a service “, we provide professional and efficient service for you.