Lung ventilator is one kind can remove precaution and remedial breath exhaustion, reduce complication, rescue reach the crucial medical treatment device that prolongs patient life. Face the new coronal that increases ceaselessly pneumonic patient, a lot of countries face the dilemma that lung ventilator is in short supply, multilateral government is appealing each to big company help is purchased or produce lung ventilator. It is reported, beautiful honest force has announced the blueprint of lung ventilator came out, so, after taking blueprint, can you change the line of production, we talk about lung ventilator today:

01, the invention of lung ventilator and principle

In contemporary and clinical medicine, lung ventilator replaces the significant step that knows gas function independently as labour of an able person, cure of support of the anaesthetic breath management during the breathing exhaustion that is used generally already at all sorts of reason be caused by, big operation, breath and emergency treatment anabiosis in, very important place is had inside modern medicine domain. The concept of lung ventilator most writing brush about by British scientist first · Mei Ao (John Mayow) put forward 1670, but by American Philip heart forest overcomes · (Philip Drinker) be like with · of Louis · A Jiaxi (Louis Agassiz Shaw) most first 1928 product of make it commerce, namely ” of “ iron lung (Iron Lung) .

Principle of ↑↑↑↑ lung ventilator

Lung ventilator is used at machinery to assist aerate, implementation help patient breathes normally. When patient breath function is wrong, lung ventilator uses belt pressing air (dynamical source basically is compressor of the air that do not have oil or gas tank) the gas that the breathing rate of modular apery differs the quantity that contain oxygen (21%-100%) sends into lung, and regularity ground undertakes gas is exchanged, help patient improves anoxic, carbon dioxide to stop condition. Medical lung ventilator is 3 kinds of medical apparatus and instruments, lung ventilator of groovy family expenses is 2 kinds of medical apparatus and instruments. Have the involuntary patient that starts lung ventilator to basically be used at cure to spend breath to fail again, without achieving lung ventilator is to be aimed at the breath that has breathing consciousness to fail tall danger patient. Camp of crucial chip technology is tall, decided the clinical use effect of lung ventilator.

Lung ventilator is high-end equipment, supply catenary to support his production because of what need a whole world namely, crucial component all is to come from the top-ranking player that encircles at industry (for instance SMC, Huoniweier) , and main generator has good inheritance, main personnel all has the group of these companies more good experience, for instance, the chemical project that luck considers stridden father Peter Farrell to have Xiyatuhua to fill an university and biology engineering doctor’s degree and new Na Wei the doctor’s degree of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of Er person university. Found before lucky Sai Mai, he ever was in Japan Baxter Healthcare (100 special medical treatment) hold the position of vice-president of research and development, held water in Sydney 100 special medical research center.

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Additional, lung ventilator need is interdisciplinary of knowledge prop up, it is district of market mechanism, structure, gas, control, software, algorithmic the product at an organic whole. Breathe the control of mode algorithm especially, below the circumstance that need can accuse in cost, the tidal volume control of 5ML gas precision comes true on emergency treatment lung ventilator, if go looking, lucky Sai Mai owns more than 5000 patent.

02, manufacturer of global lung ventilator

Foreign main manufacturer has: General and electric (GE Healthcare) , case of German heart Er (Dr? Ger) , riverside of Holand flying benefit (Philips) , American luck Sai Mai (ResMed) , force of Irish beauty honest (Medtronic) , Swiss Ha Meidu (Hamilton) , is Swedish clean decided (Getinge) , German law Weishitaiyin (? Wenstein Medical) .

90 time lung ventilator begins the century on enter China, check according to look forward to check data and national medicines and chemical reagents to supervise management board data to show, china has lung ventilator to register card business only 31, the scope of operations that has 22 companies among them contains ” of “ imports and exports, occupy than exceeding 70% , famouser install to have Beijing friendship, Shenzhen strides medical treatment of fish dive of luck, Suzhou to wait.

03, produce lung ventilator to be in hard?

After epidemic situation erupts in the round, euramerican country emerge in large numbers the alignment that large quantities of one enterprises join “ to cross bound ” to produce lung ventilator, but manufacturing lung ventilator, guaze mask and wash one’s hands fluid is different, have taller technical camp:

1. Component demand is much. With guaze mask for, main need does not have spinning cloth and lava cloth two kinds of main raw material, and a lung ventilator has on 1000 component, come from global each district, lung ventilator research and development is in Europe, make in China, form a complete set is in the whole world. Comparing products plan of consistent stage lung ventilator is to be in Germany, assembling production is to be in China, the component among is the whole world is purchased. To using 2-3 at every turn for the 10 thousand machines of the hour, hardware is stable, durable particularly important, fan of the turbine in crucial component may be to be put in Germany or Switzerland is produced (for instance Swiss Micronel) , for instance sensor may come from Yu Ruishi or American Huoniweier, may come from Yu Deguo like miniature proportioning valve again or Japan (for instance SMC) , software comes from likely also at India.

2. Attestation cycle is long. Frontal lukewarm gun belongs to 2 kinds of medical apparatus and instruments, lung ventilator belongs to 3 kinds of medical apparatus and instruments, 2 kinds with 3 kinds differentiate representing dangerous level, 3 kinds are the top level in medical apparatus and instruments. Register the time that put on record to be in commonly one year half, add clinical trial some need are longer.

Besides, exit obtains exit country to permit even abroad: Medicines and chemical reagents of food of American need United States controls management board (FDA, foodand Drug Administration) attestation, exit needs to sell certificate or CE mark freely to the European Union, exit needs PMDA to register to Japan, the regulation of every country has a bit different. So eye comes round to say, the enterprise of organic meeting is put only have the company in deep ploughing of this one domain, cross an industry to enter bureau person do not have an opportunity basically (unless be in,mainland is obtained special examine and approve) .

Each country of even if unusual times also open examines and approve green passageway, but “ crosses a bound to ” produces medical treatment equipment and be done not have so simple, produce the time that a lung ventilator may want expenditure to amount to 40 days, assemble lung ventilator to also need well-trained working personnel. The complex degree of catenary of sophisticated technology, attestation, industry, these restricted lung ventilator to produce can promotion.

04, blueprint of lung ventilator of beautiful honest force is open

The intermediary outside occupying reports, beautiful honest force had published the technical material of lung ventilator, to other chance is for the person that wants to be engaged in lung ventilator producing but it is not easy still that the enterprise enters unfamiliar, produce line and system to build, the product is clinical and register need a large number of time, suggest this company that suits to have congener product quite goes producing.

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05, look forward to of car of “ all-purpose ” builds lung ventilator

All the time since, car look forward to has the ” of “ imperial crown in manufacturing industry say, sex of its “ all-purpose ” also gets sufficient proof in recent history development.

As we have learned, during World War II, a lot of look forward to of civilian battalion car changes the line of production in succession war industry product, can saying is ground of next manage to make do, the day can be hit on. Among them, most the Ford of nothing is more… than with hep outside changes the line of production B-24 liberator bomber. Concerned data shows, build a plant to 1945 from 1941 stop production, the factory of willow brook aircraft of Ford was made in all 8, 600 B-24 bomber, in produce can when efficiency is the biggest, every 63 minutes can get offline.

“ in fact, building a car is even more difficult than making an aircraft, besides very strict to the requirement on quality system outside, synchronous even balanced cost. Can say, the person that can build good car, what like turning to other sphere, can do is very good. ” ever took office as the market of science and technology of look as far as ones’ eyes can see with old job and eminent of strategic vice-president Chen Chao to express in North America Ford.

And will nearly look, epidemic disease is fought in Chinese the whole people in the action, partial car look forward to changes the line of production quickly the success that medical treatment equipment gained materiality. Like Biyadi guaze mask produces line and alexipharmic gel to produce a line to all be in condition of full load movement nowadays, day is produced can part can achieve 5 million to mix 300 thousand bottles. And wide steam and on steam is general 5 water chestnut also completed guaze mask product line inside shorter time build and produce, made larger contribution for ” of “ war pestilence.

Although produce lung ventilator and craft of production guaze mask to differ, difficulty also bigger, but car look forward to let each country government see a hope in the flexibility of the moment of truth and all-purpose sex.

The near future, dong Yu of vice-chairman of association of engineer of car of North America Chinese expresses when accepting matchless car to interview: “ car look forward to belongs to mechanical manufacturing industry, having quite strong equipment to design compositive and integrated ability. Although lung ventilator belongs to medical treatment equipment, but dominate unifinication point of view from Electromechanical fluid, the look that having certain project technology with traditional automobile industry is epicene. Change in current automation, intelligence especially, compositive change, of digitlization today, automobile industry is opposite more capable to assume the research and development of lung ventilator and equipment of other medical treatment and make. ”

Italy’s biggest breath mechanism builds business Siare Engineering presiding apparitor Ji Anlu blocks · Pu Lei Qiaosa also, “ lung ventilator is made and general character of auto industry existence, special depend on electron and pneumatic technology. ” does not pass, although existence photograph is epicene, like that after all be in two different domains, car look forward to wants short-term amount to mark, be afraid still put in bigger challenge.

Accordingly, relative to at other industry character, car maker whether build a lung ventilator to come on this one problem basic be affirmation, just want to view time accident.

06, much home company crosses extent amount to produce, cycle of research and development becomes pain spot

Produce can insufficient problem to solve lung ventilator, a lot of blame major enterprises had crossed bound end quantity to produce in succession.

Place on March 26, the say tesla CEO Ma Sike that has ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of iron and steel of “ actual edition is pushed in the individual go up especially express, will as soon as possible new open produces lung ventilator in the factory of new York, became the United States to alleviate immediately one machine of “ is multi-purpose the hope of ” predicament. Before this, he ever bought 1255 lung ventilator to send the United States los angeles from China.

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Ford car expressed on March 30, its are located in Mixiegen the Ford factory of Xi Landi of city Yi general, will from April 20 this week begins to produce lung ventilator, the target is 50 thousand are produced inside 100 days, later produce 30 thousand every months. General motors released the photograph that its are in factory of Mo Gong of family of indiana state division on March 29, indication company already began to produce lung ventilator. General motors expresses, current target is produce 10 thousand lung ventilator every months to the summer, this one production plans to keep cost only, do not seek profit.

Besides afore-mentioned tesla, Ford, general motors, the United States adds up to have manufacturer of more than 12 cars that cross a state, had developed device of concerned lung ventilator prepare and produce the job.

Flower husband of dagger of Chinese cabinet minister also Yu Benzhou 2 express, tycoon of British manufacturing industry has formed alliance, include Laosilaisi and Dai Sen inside much home company, will roll out lung ventilator quickly and throw a quantity to produce.

Instead of Israel missile product line produces lung ventilator. Department of defense of the Israel before this expresses, the throughout the country is only 2000 lung ventilator, to make up for medical the shortage of equipment, already had missile product line transforming, turn and produce lung ventilator. In addition, still express, company of Israel aviation industry has developed collaboration with manufacturer of equipment of a medical treatment, enlarge the production of lung ventilator further, at present already to consign of Israel Ministry of Public Health 30 lung ventilator.

Be not professional firm end to step kingdom production, whether can you alleviate the grim situation with in short supply lung ventilator of instantly whole world? Fish dive controller is not quite hopeful: “” cannot entrust firm of major of hope Yu Fei. ”

It is the limitation on time above all, new coronal is pneumonic the patient’s cure against time, “ but lung ventilator is high-end medical apparatus and instruments, be not professional firm to step kingdom production, meeting faces product line to transform, the limitation that supplies the link such as catenary safeguard, Training Within Industry, authoritative attestation. Only product line is transformed consume a week possibly, training Within Industry also wants 1 ~ in Feburary. ”

Besides the time limitation that produces segment, cycle of research and development is the most crucial speed limit link more. Fish dive controller expresses, research and development of “ lung ventilator is periodic at least 10 months, small to filter cotton, design to air channel greatly, of any one place hardware alter, metropolis convection quantity produces an effect, software is long also need to make adjust accordingly. It is with fish dive exemple, the product software in we are 45 this years has updated the 8th generation. ”

07, is China produced can how?

Express on industry and policy of informatization ministry industry and the press conference that code manages director Xu Kemin held in the morning on March 30, 2020: Urge company of medical treatment equipment with all one’s strength answer of go back to work is produced, it is our epidemic situation keeps the first job that offer all the time. Lung ventilator is cure new coronal pneumonic patient’s most crucial medical treatment equipment. Since epidemic situation happening, chinese lung ventilator basically produces a business resume production for a short while. Be like, shenzhen strides the 2 urgent recall at the beginning of lucky good year to have a holiday exigence technical backbone, with all one’s strength answer of go back to work is produced. We organize more labour to believe a branch, doing good epidemic situation to prevent the premise that accuse to fall, realize its upper reaches very quickly answer of 794 go back to work in business of form a complete set of 853 whole nations are produced, timely help enterprise solves component shortage, content shedding to carry not the problem such as free. Up to on March 29, accumulative total of company of main lung ventilator supplies lung ventilator to the whole nation many 27 thousand, have among them achieve lung ventilator many 3000. Although also appeared for a time,be in in the process circumstance of entail much effort, but overall look, strong ensured Chinese epidemic situation to prevent accuse to play the need that wins Hubei to guard battle, Wuhan to guard battle especially.

The near future, epidemic situation spreads quickly in the whole world, the demand that abroad equips to medical treatment increases quickly, the demand that achieves lung ventilator to having especially is particularly big. Current, china has achieve lung ventilator to produce an enterprise to share 21, among them 8 main product (produce can make an appointment with 2200) obtained an European Union mandatory CE attestation, occupy the whole world to produce about can 1/5. Already signed order to make an appointment with 20 thousand at present, in the meantime, still have many international intent order for goods everyday negotiating. According to not complete count, since March 19 10 days short, in safeguard China demand while, urgent already offer to abroad have achieve lung ventilator many 1700, obtained the in part that Chinese gross supplies since this year. Can say, our enterprise is prevented for global epidemic situation accuse to be in all the time without a stop, work overtime. Be known according to me, most enterprise is 3 fall, keep producing momently, even personnel of partial research and development also is sent to go up product line.

A lung ventilator has on 1000 component, main component supplier has those who be in China not only, also a few include Europe in abroad. Think below epidemic situation influence mass increase production is not easy thing, all and contented all demand also is not actual. To continue to provide the help of in one’s power in time to concerned country, on March 29, we held catenary of industry of equipment of key medical treatment technically to cooperate with enlarge produces video to meet, organized China to have achieve enterprise of lung ventilator key, place to concern a section, try to find out the real intention the problem that the enterprise faces and difficulty, research industry catenary cooperates with enlarge produces measure. In the meantime, we also ask the enterprise wants strict quality canal to accuse, strengthen safe production.

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