According to statistic of American Ministry of Agriculture, complete beauty has many 30 thousand food and beverage processing factory, employed in all many 150 worker, among them the produce raw material that each factory consumes sexual food and beverage product to production used a variety of processing technology.

In these processes, industry compresses airy application to producing main effect. The processing factory uses the classification that reduces air system to support food and beverage product, cut, shape and pack. The company still uses container of the cleanness before compressing air to be installed in fill, blow grain when clean food and equipment.

Food compresses air system to include conduit of air compressor, drier, filter, system, fittings, weather strip, air to store with what drink manufacturer uses device, valve, pump, air cylinder and electric machinery.

This system includes a few moisture, oil and atomic purify level. These different level include water segregator, absorb filter of purify of type drier, refrigerant type drier, oil gas, agglomeration filter of type filter, adsorptive type, remove dust filter and asepsis filter. Each moisture and phase of grain content purify must be achieved or exceed management board of confederative medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) organize with international standard (ISO) performance standard [2] . Outside eliminating these levels, still England reduces air society (BCAS) , England is retail federation (BRC) with association of safe quality food (SQF) , canadian food safety strengthens a plan (FSEP) also released monitor the level that reduces air quality or optimal practice [3] .

Although systematic demand each are not identical, but use contact of food and or of process of beverage treatment application reduces air system, or uses blame contact high risk to reduce air system. Contact compresses air system to make compress air and food to be contacted directly. Although won’t make compress air to contact food directly,blame contact high risk reduces air system, but the material that these systems can produce to contact food directly, if pack. Blame contact compresses air system to include to control motor of a powerful person, air and other device, but not with food or pack direct contact.

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The sanitation in food drink treatment is Chongzhongzhi heavy

Because this industry provides some dimensions and complexity, if be opposite because of the existence of contaminant or pathogen,the product undertakes health and safe recall, the likelihood causes the financial damage estrangement that cannot make up for almost to be opposite of company reputation damage. Harmful microbial community can pass the hand of surface of unripe food, air, water, treatment and plant personnel or dress to enter a system. Microbial likelihood is installed in the section and cut equipment, conveyer, storage tank that heads conduit, fill biomembrane is formed on machine and packer and heat exchanger.

An investigation 2011 described grocery Manufacturers Association the influence that health and safe recall process trade to food and beverage. The effort that involved sale gives in loss of loss, shut down cost, product and recall product, can saying to go up is astronomical.

All these showed food and beverage production use the security that reduces air system and sanitation crucial. Metropolis stimulative fungus mixes any moisture in compressing engine of air conduit, air or air compressor microbial grow. If do not have proper wholesome program, it is OK to reduce air system will microbial contaminant, oil and other particulate matter are blown to food character. Food and beverage production are used compress air system to also need dry air; The fungus that any redundant moisture content that are played to food can give food to go up or microbial grow creation opportunity.

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Legal laws and regulations is right the effect that reduces air system

All food and beverage treatment operation must accord with safety of food and food of medicaments management board modern proposed law (FSMA) in included provision is safe standard. Safe management board covered food to produce consumer to prepare use provision to supply chain from raw material, the key is to prevent disease of the sex that feed a cause. Carried out superintendency law to strengthen the examination to food processing factory, rose to detect the ability that disease of the sex that feed a cause erupts, increased to give orders the influence of recall food. In addition, food safety management board still built a central database that dog and tracks food security information.

” control of precaution of food of mankind of food safety management board is final and regular ” requirement food establishment makes stabilization plan, include to endanger analysis and crucial reference point (HACCP) plan. Below this kind of circumstance, the risk is involved compress any contacts between air and food to nod.

HACCP plans to analyse biology, chemistry and physical harm, descriptive product, include to be based on the precautionary control of the risk, with the smallest the harm that change or prevents to already identified. Precautionary control includes cook, dry, cold storage, filter, the process such as refrigerant, pasteurize and acidification food; The definition controls the method that allergen across contacts; Describe wholesome process. The processing factory must undertake monitoring to preventing pilot application, correct, test and verify and record [5] .

Crucial reference point (CCPs) the potential risk that identifies likelihood happening, it still defined a process to control, in order to prevent the possibility that by the sex that feed a cause the harm causes disease, harm or death. After defining crucial reference point, the key that the member of group of plant food safety is built and managed certain technology to operate a condition is restricted to be worth.

Besides affirmatory CCPs, HACCP plan still was built implement good and wholesome practice and groomed precondition plan. When HACCP planned to if systematic breakdown brings about deviate CCP key to be restricted to be worth,still set correct measure, and ensure the measure of test and verify that accords with food stabilization plan.

HACCP plans to identify reduce air system risk

What food and beverage treatment reduce air system is normal move to enrage filter through entering ambient air inspiratory system. Ambient air contains moisture, bilge, atomic, oil and other material, make when the meeting when they contact food food becomes poisonous. The one stere compression without processing air contains grain of 80 million kinds of about 100 million bilge, include metal of water, gaseous hydrocarbon, pollen, minim and other contaminant [6] .

Without the compression of processing air also carries a bacterium, these bacteria travel very easily through reducing air system, contact with food. Besides contacting alimental possibility directly, the bacterium that in reducing air system, carries is OK still and adherent go up in conduit of air compressor, gas tank, system and fittings, grow as microbial biomembrane [7] .

Because compress air system to may contact food or food to pack directly, the likelihood is put in much CCPs chance and necessary process. For example, pneumatic knife and agitate tool and food are contacted directly and represent CCPs. Cover bag of system and food to have medical contacts, also having the effect of CCPs at the same time.

Compress management of air system risk

HACCP plans and CCPs is designed through what engineer meticulously and preventive defend a program, rise risk identifying and risk management connection. In food and beverage treatment process, health of first consideration consumer and safe superintendency and occupation standard. Be based on the design example with fiducial industry as, manufacturer suggests to compress air system to be in any compression the place that air and food have indirect or direct contact all needs to install asepsis filter.

The design feature of another key is involved, desiccative purify is used to reduce the moisture content in air before whole system allocates. Inside compressor of the air in because moist air can promote contact and blame contact Gao Feng,reducing air system nearly and systematic conduit microbial with fungus grow. When the system moves, microbial can blow food with other contaminant or wrap mount [8] .

Safeguard a program to consider to pollute a source, flow into the input end of air compressor to begin through entering air filter from air, undertake microscope to air compressor next, whether is test pipeline dispatching system put in contaminant, monitor store receiver, adopt correct measure. The performance that defends a program to still involve segregator and desiccator and safeguard. For example, complete maintenance is checked should affirm segregator goes besides a large number of liquids, the critical temperature threshold value that and pressure dew point maintains needs in place is the following.

Because need the particle in cleared system, the filter in reducing air system also can uphold a particle as the key. The hangover of dirty of the bacterial spore that these solid grain content may include to still can survive below dry condition, dirt all round, canal, chemical cleaner and other contaminant. Pass an inspection, namely the set threshold value according to 0.01 micron, in DOP (adjacent benzene law of mist of 2 laborious ester checks 2 formic acid) when efficiency ≥99.99% , can continue to be mixed from contaminant of solid of the purify in compressing air, water through condensing type filter oily mist [7] .

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Preventive safeguard what in still including to monitor all production process regularly, use to compress air. According to international standard organization, England compresses the definition of air association and institute of safe quality food, compress air audit to include the analysis of grain, oil and microbial contaminant. ” BCAS food and beverage class compress air optimal practice guideline ” regulation, the company should test and test and verify direct or the compression of medical contacts food is empty temperamental quantity, annual two, perhaps notice in safeguarding an activity the likelihood affects the detail of air quality.

A minute of precaution is surpassed treat extremely

Intervene as a result of what food machines somebody, so by recall happen very likely. For example, 2016, share recall incident 905 cases [10] . Data shows, most food recall is freewill, its drive element is the ” of “ reasonable probability that food may be polluted.

Let us remove one condition from inside technical information, change this subject into the language that we can understand. The author had favour to visit North America the food of a lot of different types machines establishment, among them each regard first job as food safety. Although these establishment are checked by the government supervise, but control government of expert proper motion by special quality, when they understand to be being machined or pack food, precaution of a minute is surpassed very cure. After all, in the food in human edible and the risk control that feed source sex disease, this nots allow to ignore.

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