The news with the biggest this month industry is China of strong look forward to and China reach two old old brand of American to buy an agreement, the plan establishs new appear on the market company, establish the whole world the dimensions of brand of the 2nd big compressor, this already unexpected, it is in reason. Achieve certain market dimensions and implementation capital gather together through powerful powerful combination, it is international appears on the market a kind of when the company forms driving fighting capacity efficient way, also be the method of a kind of development that Chinese compressor business should draw lessons from.

On international compressor market, buy, joint-stock be very common and often be in the thing that produce. For instance, it is while China and China are amalgamative, the Bold of the company of Power Systems of & of Mid South Engine that Chinese · China bought American heart administrative division one after another and Germany&Cichos GbR.Besides company, su Ershou and Tamturbo spread out collaboration, exterran company bought Houston compressor factory, the compression that Chart company bought American Harsco company …… of business of gas and air refrigeration hot trade

Review an international market, we discover foreign company is right of capital it is mature to run line of business of the state-owend enterprise in wanting to compare really, frequency second many tall also, be accumulated in the technology and besides product service, without the force of capital of an enterprise ignored. And the ceaseless flounder move of capital market, still wait for resource for technology, market, product, business substantially upgrade optimize the agglomeration with company core competition ability. From these insanity in be being bought, can feel a company clearly to long-term gain what think and move toward to brand future is brand-new fixed position. Watch Chinese compressor company instead, because industry doorsill is low, operate the thinking confine of the market plus compatriots, be good at more and be used to single-handed, cut one another’s throat, the combination of rare capital, technology and market. This lets level of present competition of Chinese compressor industry be equivalent to only 60, the Euramerican market of 70 time, be in the times of cut down of each other of a compressor factory.

Answer the phylogeny that views Euramerican compressor trade, they also were experienced actually buy a such course to capital from competition of product, service. This kind of close to forestall competition kind that forms since abroad is long-term, also be a protective screen that installs for place of low qualitative, low, low-level baleful competition actually. Theoretic, in compressor quantity of total demand changeless or below the condition that stability adds, more answering is between the enterprise with reasonable means resource complementary, aid of advantage each other, it is a target with the market, hold big group in the arms to go get down more portion, is not it is a method with smaller gain, mutual rich weichis. After all the enterprise must have certain profit, ability has strength to spare to go up to be thrown ceaselessly in the market, technology and research and development, make an enterprise benign develop. Reality makes clear, the thinking of small profits but quick turnover applies to an enterprise to start only level and low end the market, long-term development still should enter mainstream market to undertake be managemented normally, openly engage in a battle, after all small profits but quick turnover, fixed position low end and baleful competition can be harmed each other only, and powerful combination, resource is complementary, just can go longlier farther.

In recent years, with the international compressor business that Chinese · China heads, accelerating ceaselessly buy pace, these buy case to prove adequately, current world compressor market is platform economy already, get along with the market, person of the same trade only with the eye of open thinking and capitalization, get reasonable profit in the market then, the road of the travel before ability allows a company is more broad and even —— this will be Chinese compressor industry and company future surely the road of classics!

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