1. Empty atmospheric pressure shrinks: Pneumatics machine adopts induction air and reduce its needs pressure, in order to provide power.

  2. Capacity adjustment: Pneumatics machine can enter those who enrage valve leave through adjusting degree will control capacity, in order to satisfy different requirement.

  3. Noise control: Pneumatics opportunity arises noise in moving process, but through design and using data reasonably, can be noise control inside acceptable range.

  4. Reliability is high: If the core component of pneumatics machine all uses high quality material and workmanship system of lead plane, control and oil path system, because this has higher reliability and durable sex.

  5. Automation rate is high: Contemporary pneumatics machine had realized automation to control, can realize pair of equipment through all sorts of sensor and control system monitor and control, raised the dependability of manufacturing efficiency and equipment.

The place on put together is narrated, pneumatics machines and tools has the characteristic such as efficient, reliable, energy-saving, environmental protection, it is a kind of important general and mechanical equipment.