We said the empty press of all sorts of series in front, everybody can consult when the choose and buy these articles, of course, so much of pneumatics machine sort, believe everybody also is met dazzling, so it is everybody today the classification of pneumatics machine has popular science what.

The classification of pneumatics machine can spend from 5 kinds of dimension will distinguish:

1, according to working principle, pneumatics machine can be divided for cubage model, motivation with heating power model.

2, according to lubricant means, can divide have oil to be mixed without oily pneumatics machine (or engine oil) lubricant pneumatics machine. (in front had introduced, does the detail lubricate without grease it is thus clear that does where of machine of pneumatics of screw of pneumatics machine principle add lubricating oil? Etc)

3, according to function, can divide for low noise, frequency conversion, explosion proof the pneumatics machine of these 3 main types.

4, distinguish according to utility, can divide wait these utility a moment for freezer, air conditioning, pneumatic, the detail sees the action of pneumatics machine and use

5, distinguish according to the form, can divide for stationary, enclosed with machine of movable type pneumatics.

(to carry an article rigorous sex, above content has referenced Baidu 100 divisions)

Above is the classification of pneumatics machine, can continue to be everybody in the future popular science more pneumatics machine knowledge, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody. If have need,call please.

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