1.Basically design a basis

2016 edition ” colliery safe practice “

2020 edition ” system of management of standardization of colliery safe production asks basically to reach grading way ” (try out)

AQ1013-2005 ” the colliery is using check of air compressor safety to measure test gauge model “

AQ6201 ” colliery security supervisory system is current the technology asks “

AQ2055-2016 ” metalloid mine is in the metal to examine with air compressor safety standard “

2.Brief introduction

Pneumatics machine produces compressing gas is fluctuation of pneumatic drill, pulp shooting machine, mine all sorts of pneumatic such as equipment drill a car, factory automation equipment the dynamical source of equipment, reduce air pressure taller, and should store in pressure vessel, it is one of more important safety. The main moving part of machine of commonly used screw type pneumatics is contained advocate electric machinery and compressor machine first class, lubricant reach cooling means to use oily loop device generally, pneumatics machine takes independent moving control system oneself. Machine of much stage pneumatics stands group use much stage to control fashion dispersedly, system of groovy pneumatics engine control includes monitoring of necessary in-house moving parameter, control sensor is not had redundant, wait when control system sensor unusual when, exorbitant, temperature crosses existence atmospheric pressure advanced and safe hidden trouble. The online supervisory system that my company develops can realize successive empty press to run a state to monitor, have atmospheric pressure to exceed be restricted to call the police, gas tank temperature exceeds be restricted to call the police, break oil to call the police, vibration exceeds be restricted to call the police, bearing temperature exceeds be restricted to call the police etc, and appearing exceed when be restricted to call the police, control pneumatics machine to stop instantly machine, ensure pneumatics aircraft moves safety. Collect group control, automatic value can come true to defend linkage to control when group of aircraft of much stage pneumatics is used, raised the automation rate of pneumatics machine, ensure its on the safe side to move, the data of system of empty to mine press is collected, process control, production attempers and decision-making direct has important sense.

3.Systematic composition

System with advocate PLC control ark, control is carried out implement, long-range monitoring server (go up an Electromechanical head) wait for the supervisory system with whole composition, among them, PLC control ark and data are collected implement use news report of bus line of high speed Profinet, hang receive all sorts of sensor to reach carry out implement, the gets current equipment moving parameter with stable and fast, reliable real time, include the data such as face plate of machine of pneumatics of machine of vibration of gas tank temperature, pressure, electric machinery, pneumatics, should use when taking monitoring of feeling screen pilot cent to stand, can move independently, when needing long-range monitoring, temperature of the vibration that can serve as independence, bearing, break oil and overtemperature protection device to move alone, the overheating that has independence exceeds pressure, break vibration and bearing temperature protection to wait all set a function beforehand.

Equipment of transmit of changeover of agreement of appropriative of the installation inside PLC control ark, data and PLC controller and feeling screen, the monitoring data that shows an all distributed data to collect minute of station reachs state information, join through data bus line PLC controls ark, undertake consultative changeover, logistic control and data transmit, transmit data uploads long-range computer or mine wisdom changes platform, PLC controls box to support agreements of a variety of data news report, contented data receives the oldest rate to reach specific agreement transmit, compatible a variety of mine wisdom change platform to accept an agreement.

Long-range monitoring server (go up an Electromechanical head) it is center of the control in long-range data set, use system of software of configuration of communication of 10 thousand bits of intercurrent high speed to be developed independently, can get the moving data of supervisory system quickly, store monitoring data, have a curve to display a function at the same time, the moving condition that can be pneumatics machine undertakes dynamic analysis, discover breakdown hidden danger in time, avoid the happening of catastrophe failure.

The system comprises block diagram to be as follows:

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This system can realize machine of 2-20 stage pneumatics automatic and unmanned value defends a function

4.Main function brief introduction

The 4.1 projects that monitor

The system is online the moving condition that monitors machine of much stage pneumatics, include actuating pressure (include pressure of pneumatics machine exhaust, wind to include pressure, whether to break oil) , temperature (include wind to include temperature) with etc electric parameter (include electric machinery electric current, voltage) etc, controallable of machine of much stage pneumatics be started remotely and stop.

4.2 main functions

(1) gas tank overheating protects a function

Monitoring divides a station to be able to monitor the temperature inside gas tank in real time, when temperature exceeds 120 ℃ , can call the police instantly, control pneumatics machine urgent stop machine. This function accords with the wind of compressor of the 439th air in colliery safe practice to wrap, should set in the shady and cool place outdoor in the ground, should set in the place with fluent air below the well. Below the well, part of one’s job of bag of stationary compressor zephyr fastens a setting to be in 2 Dong are indoor. The temperature inside wind bag should maintain it is under 120 ℃ , contain overtemperature protection device, when overheating but automatic dump and call the police.

(2) function of the protection that break oil

In running a course when pneumatics machine, occurrence lube when the road is unusual, call the police instantly and control pneumatics machine is urgent stop machine. This function accords with coal money compressor of the 437th air in safe practice must have pressure watch and relief valve. Pressure is expressed must fixed calibration. Relief valve and pressure adjuster must the action is credible, pressure of relief valve movement must not exceed 1.1 times of rated pressure. Use oil-lubricated air compressor to furnish breaks oily protector or must stop oily signal display unit. Water-cooled air compressor must furnish cuts off the water supply protector or cut off the water supply signal display unit.

(3) electric machinery vibration and function of bearing temperature protection

In process of electric accident travel, when occurrence vibration quantity and main bearing temperature exceed set to be worth, call the police instantly, control pneumatics machine urgent stop machine. This function is accorded with ” system of management of standardization of colliery safe production asks basically to reach grading method ” the 143rd page, project content controls wind system the 11st. Use low cost, advanced, reliable electronic-controlled device, electromotor and main bearing temperature and vibration are monitored;

(4) linkage control

Air feed of monitoring of real time trends provides the system road pressure, according to the change of pressure, of automata pneumatics machine open number stopping a station, idling of machine of the pneumatics when avoiding the slow down in demand that use gas moves, add often perhaps uninstall. When the demand that use gas increases, can press automatically need to throw stand-by number of pneumatics machine stage. Advocate moving pneumatics machine and stand-by of pneumatics machine open stay order, can go up through feeling screen to reach real time adjusts an Electromechanical head. Realize pneumatics machine to be pressed automatic spell, automatically thereby need to open stop a function

Press the first step that accident goes through user set sky, can time automatically switch advocate moving pneumatics machine, make pneumatics aircraft moves equably, make wear extent is balanced relatively, make safeguard period of time to be centered relatively, facilitating care and maintenance.

(5) data logging function

Station of each monitoring cent and go up the head all has an Electromechanical data logging and curve display a function, can examine pneumatics accident linage to call the police according to reaching at any time data. Go up moving data can make an Electromechanical head forms for reporting statistics, can use at printer to file inquiry.

(6) through above pneumatics accident travel monitoring function is configured, can realize room of pneumatics machine station unmanned value is defended, save artificial amount of labor, save moving cost. The monitoring that configures at the same time protects a function, can satisfy the overall demand that pneumatics machine safety detects, successful through detecting central safety detects.

(7) anthology match a function

Gas tank is automatic catchment function, when pneumatics pilot time moves, condenser water can appear inside gas tank, need fixed drain off water. After configuring automatic catchment function, can realize automatic time catchment, start catchment function remotely perhaps. Be in winter chill area, to avoid drainpipe road to freeze, need increases drainpipe road to heat function. This function is pneumatics machine station group what unmanned value defends a function is perfect with complement, client basis needs to choose by oneself.

5.Hardware setting

PLC controls ark to gather the core device that reachs communication agreement changeover as systematic control, data. Configure PC of a standard to perhaps go up a machine as go up remotely a machine, installation runs special software. PLC control ark and go up a machine use agreement of news report of high speed network to have news report of high speed data, when communication when the distance is further, number can use light according to transmitting fine is transmitted or network relay is transmitted, control PLC ark and go up a net of engine system group, in control room go up an implementation on machine is long-range monitoring. Main hardware equipment introduces as follows:

5.1PLC controls ark

Use PLC of standard of S7-200 Smart of former outfit Xi Menzi, configure the spot to show feeling screen and data collect module, communication module, executive controller to wait, real time collects those who show each sensor to monitor data and pneumatics machine interior to run data, pass the logistic control of PLC. Protection of system of implementation pneumatics engine and trends are opened stop control. Inside PLC control ark, at the same time setting communication agreement changes a function, install equipment of transmit of high speed data, through the agreement changeover accepts web of mine communication annulus, perhaps change for fiber-optic link, have high speed data far pass.

5.2 go up remotely an Electromechanical head

Use PC of tall configuration standard to regard as go up an Electromechanical head, run intercurrent system software 10 thousand a little bit, dynamic to running condition to have high speed monitoring and data logging.

6.Control function realizes principle introduction

Oil of 6.1 pneumatics act on one’s own judgment in an emergency protects:

The protection that break oil is through detecting pressure of pneumatics machine oiling carries out protection to stop the unit of machine to pneumatics machine, its purpose is when pneumatics engine oil filter jams, oil path jams, when the system does not have oil, undertake stopping machine protection to pneumatics machine, inadequacy is measured to will bring about pneumatics aircraft nose to damage because of lube when preventing pneumatics accident to go, serious when meeting occurrence card is dead, sticky connect, even on fire accident.

Overheating of 6.2 gas tank, super- press protection:

Overheating, super- pressing protection is through shrinking to gas tank internal pressure airy temperature and pressure undertake detecting and carry out protective function. Its purpose is compressing air because of what pneumatics machine discharges is gas of high temperature high pressure, and minim pneumatics engine oil is contained in air, pneumatics engine oil becomes mist state inside high-pressured air, if have inside conduit drossy wait sundry, sundry when compressing air to flow produce electrostatic, scintilla extremely easily with conduit wall attrition, right now meeting ignition vents his anger the gas inside the canal, if cannot be protected in time,stop machine, because combustion makes the gas inside gas tank expands,meet, pressure instant is increased, will appear pipeline explodes, cause beyond recall serious consequence.

Temperature of vibration of 6.3 electric machinery, winding and bearing temperature are protected

6.3.1 install special and oscillatory sensor through be on electric machinery, real time measures the oscillatory volume of electric machinery, call the police when what oscillatory quantity exceeds set when the value, call the police instantly clew, urgent stop machine, avoid grave accident happening.

Pneumatics machine couplet accuses to reach online monitor

6.3.2 through be in electric machinery surface installs temperature sensor, feel temperature of electric machinery surface, the temperature that reflects a winding thereby changes, because heat conducts action, measure result and winding actual temperature has corresponding concern, deviation is inside permission range, can reflect the temperature that gives winding.

The temperature sensor of the 6.3.3 buy outside be being installed through the lid is being carried to go up in electric machinery bearing, real time measures bearing to carry the exterior temperature of the lid, reflect the actual temperature of bearing thereby, because heat up conductive action, measure result and bearing actual temperature has corresponding concern, deviation is inside permission range, OK and real report gives the temperature change case of bearing.

6.4 pneumatics accident controls fashion all right

6.4.1 condition monitoring: The condition of equipment shows, include condition of pneumatics machine movement, moving data (discharge baric force, discharge air temperature, run time, electric machinery electric current (Control Panel has detect when data) ) the condition that waits for spot equipment shows, all can going up a machine and feeling screen show.

6.4.2 automata: Go up in distance after the data parameter with a corresponding set on machine, pneumatics engine system can use tolerance according to the spot, those who realize aircrew is automatic move and stop.

6.4.3 call the police remind start automatically with equipment aircraft: When the system current unit appears when breakdown, can enable automatically reserve aircrew reduces air tolerance demand with satisfying the spot to be opposite.

6.4.4 aircrew are automatic rotate: Aircrew can realize automatic rotate, in order to ensure the run time of each aircrew roughly close, the oldest rate makes sure the locomotive time of each pneumatics machine is balanced.

6.4.5 sheet accuse: Oneself of unit of each pneumatics airplane runs independently, do not share the interlocking control of other aircrew.

6.4.6 couplet accuse: Machine of much stage pneumatics gives priority to aircraft of machine and subsidiary engine, equipment respectively. All participates in couplet to accuse empty press inside the system are received to same pressure system inside, and the aircrew that is in couplet to accuse state together interlocking movement.

6.4.7 on the spot: Aircrew accepts terminal of on the spot to handle the order that the station issues alone only. “On the spot ” below operation mode, can go up to undertake to pneumatics machine in station of operation of terminal of on the spot ” sheet accuses ” and ” couplet accuses ” the choice of the operation. If choose to be ” sheet accuses ” , every pneumatics machine should click through the mouse below mode ” start / stop ” key will operate pneumatics machine to be started alone with stop; If choose to be ” couplet accuses ” , machine of either stage pneumatics is clicked with the mouse below this mode ” start / stop ” key, couplet accuses aircrew to enter couplet automatically to accuse state, at the same time this machine will accuse the first lead plane to be started above all as couplet move, other aircrew starts the foundation delay time of delay time time, the unit that if manager net pressure already was restricted high to set,the value did not start is not being started.

6.4.8 in accuse: The user can be in in accuse the room is right each unit that condition charges to fall in be in undertakes distance is controlled. “Accuse in ” below operation mode, the user can be in in accuse the room is right pneumatics machine undertakes ” sheet accuses / couplet accuses ” operation. Working way and ” terminal of on the spot operates a station ” control way is same.

6.4.9 couplet accuse leader build does the: below condition accuse in couplet? Does cut down of calf of honest of my Xun τ prick evil spirit of Qian of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of Meng an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings is let out of  of ɑ of mother of  of thorn of cut down of calf of honest of τ of  of Lu of  of  of common of  of stern of  of dice of extensive of show off of  of Chi of  of couch of  of hoarse of  of  of  of stern of natrium of enough  of clear of  busy eye rich   ?

6.4.10 couplet accuse to uninstall control

Does the: below condition accuse in couplet? Ark of control of LC of of Xi of island of bend so as to breakstubborn of shipboard of ι of buy of  of rank Wan Gorgon euryale or terminal operate buy Υ mace station basis uninstalls delay time time to uninstall equipment aircraft automatically; When if still be in pressure upper limit,be worth, continue delay time uninstalls subsidiary engine automatically; If uninstall signal surrive, continue delay time hind uninstalls the 2nd lead plane automatically, last delay time uninstalls the first lead plane automatically.

6.4.11 couplet charge to load control

Manager net pressure is worth under pressure floor set, the time when PLC controls ark or terminal operates station general to be delayed according to to load, give the first lead plane automatic to load above all; If be in charge of net pressure to still be worth under pressure floor set, according to time of to load delay time, will give the 2nd lead plane automatic to load; When if provide net pressure,still be worth under pressure set, after time of delay time of classics to load subsidiary engine of automatic to load, last delay time is automatic aircraft of to load equipment.

6.4.12 couplet accuse breakdown to call the police

Couplet accuses pneumatics machine to be in moving process, after malfunctioning like aleatoric moving aircrew, PLC controls ark or operation station meets terminal cut its automatically intelligent couplet to control a system. The others aircrew still can be pressed beforehand the programmed control of set asks automatic to load is mixed uninstall, when if cause pressure tubal a network to set calm lower limit under pressure right now,be worth, the basis opens time of machine delay time, did not start the ordinal other that start reserve machine, in order to satisfy the requirement of manager net pressure.

6.4.13 couplet charge the changeover time of lead plane

Accuse to run a course in couplet in, PLC controls ark or terminal operation station can change time according to the lead plane of set, have run time automatically to aircrew of each run mode time, undertake lead plane turns automatically switch, in order to achieve balanced and every the moving working hours of aircrew.

6.4.14 couplet accuse condition switch

Accuse to run a course in couplet in, user but the demand according to the system, random cuts engine of a pneumatics a couplet to accuse state, and but the intelligent couplet that the investment of aleatoric pneumatics machine that will be in sheet to accuse state goes to to moving accuses go in the system.

Of 6.4.15 overhauls aircrew eliminate

Feel screen to perhaps go up through be in an Electromechanical head, but the hand moves a setting whether does current pneumatics machine enter overhaul mode, after entering overhaul mode, will participate in couplet to accuse no longer, undertake controlling by the Control Panel of pneumatics machine oneself.

The couplet of 6.4.16 above introductions accuses a function to serve as reference only, actual program logic upgrades as version can have newer, main control function is changeless, mode of operation can have adjust, real mode of operation with consign when groom the data is accurate.

6.5 gas tank are automatic catchment function

Add in gas tank outfall outfit is dynamoelectric or pneumatic ball valve, pass PLC programme controll, realize time open catchment. Catchment can time start long-range perhaps hand to move start.

This plan contains oil of act on one’s own judgment in an emergency of protection of gas tank overheating, pneumatics machine of vibration of protection, electric machinery and bearing temperature protection, pneumatics is opened automatically stop control, can pass directly detect the center is right the safety of the computer room that press wind detects. On this foundation, all functions when second of optional mount article, can add outfit is long-range go up a function of Electromechanical head control.