Once compressor appears breakdown, be familiar with the principle of compressor and structure, be analysed not hard and remove breakdown cause. Breakdown analysis should begin from simple, convenient place. It is the analysis of a few common breakdown and processing technique below.

One, compressor not to load.

(1) is tracheal the pressure that go up exceeds rated bear pressure, pressure adjuster disconnects. When tracheal the pressure that go up the to load under pressure adjuster (the position) when pressure, compressor will be automatic to load;

(Breakdown of 2) electromagnetism a powerful person, disassemble examination, change when necessary;

(Segregator of 3) oil gas and uninstall the control conduit between a powerful person to have leak. Check conduit and link. If have leak, should have repair.

2, exhaust pressure is too low.

(Before 1) checks depart, mix 2 manually operated valve after depart and pressure watch whether leak. If have leak, should remove leak trouble or change manually operated valve;

(2) examination adjusts electromagnetism a powerful person is flat, if have flat, remove trouble, change when necessary adjust electromagnetism a powerful person;

(3) if air consumption exceeds capacity, whether does examination conduit have leak. If have, should eliminate leak to nod or decrease with tolerance;

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(Filter of 4) examination air whether does filter core jam, be cleaned when necessary or change;

(5) checks relief valve whether leak, change when necessary;

(6) checks butterfly a powerful person to whether be opened entirely, whether does the adjuster that take energy of life work normally, if have a problem,should change or readjust pressure switch; The floor level on examination pressure switch is normal, adjust when necessary;

(7) compressor invalidation, contact manufacturer, compressor is checked after talking things over.

3, exhaust pressure is exorbitant.

(1) checks orgnaization of butterfly a powerful person to whether have mechanical failure, if have, should remove trouble;

(A powerful person of electromagnetism of 2) to load is flat, if have flat, should remove trouble, change when necessary electromagnetism a powerful person;

(3) examination adjusts the floor level on pressure switch, change when necessary pressure switch.