Compressor device is assess the important criterion of its job dependability, oscillatory meeting causes connection become loose or rupture, component wears away quickly, the power comsumption of the machine is added try to reach generation noise, produce resonance when aircrew especially when, equipment cannot move normally, produce grave accident even. Accordingly, solve its vibration problem thoroughly, have very important sense.


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“ decreases a confusion of voices brace up ”

When new facility just began investment to use to the factory, vibration and noise can be accepted to the client, but as machine run time accumulate, its noise also as increase (noise originates oscillatory) , the fault rate of the machine rises, from this the service life of the machine also produces an effect as a result of the vibration of the machine. Want to avoid the rise of equipment fault rate, be about to reduce the noise of the machine and vibration.

Current, pneumatics engine noise basically uses sap of muffler, noise elimination and sound insulation technology 3 will come true:

One, muffler of installation pneumatics machine

Main noise source comes from pneumatics machine into / vent, should choose so enter aptly / exhaust muffler. Pneumatics machine enters the audio spectrum of a confusion of voices of gas mouth to show low frequency character, should choose impedance into gas muffler so complex formula construction. The atmospheric pressure of vent is great, aeriform shedding rate is high, answer to choose alveolus muffler in vent.

2, sap of noise elimination of setting pneumatics machine

Noise elimination sap is a kind of underground or half subterranean sap, tunnel wall is become with the bricky step with sound absorption good performance. Air inlet duct of will empty press and photograph of noise elimination sap join, make air passes noise elimination sap first, reentrance pneumatics machine, can achieve the goal that reduces noise.

3, build acoustic hood

In pneumatics machine into / vent installs muffler or decorate noise elimination sap to be able to fall air current noise 80 decibel are the following. But, outside dividing air current noise, pneumatics machine still has very loud mechanical noise and electric machinery noise, outfit blimp is added to be able to eliminate this kind of noise effectively on pneumatics airplane unit.

4, body of pensile space sound absorption

In computer room of a lot of pneumatics, the noise of generation can produce reverberation with the workshop of lofty hollowness. Need to wait for place cloth to establish sound absorption system in workshop ceiling right now, can reduce the noise of workshop 3-10 decibel so, also reduced reverberation time at the same time.

The vibration of compressor is the problem that when the machine moves, often encounters, the safety of compressor of serious oscillatory and immediate impact moves, put in serious safe hidden danger. Accurate method ought to begin from the design phase of compressor and fundamental installation, adopt effective vibration isolation and decrease brace up measure, want from each link proceed with, strengthen decrease brace up, make sure compressor is safe, normal move. Prevent and solve the vibration of compressor, what can assure compressor not only is safe, also be helpful for improving the efficiency of compressor, put an end to catch fire, the happening of the accident such as explosion.

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