After pneumatics machine is being bought through type selecting, be cannot switch on the mobile phone directly use, regular investment uses the talent after still needing to be debugged through installation. Wait for the limitation of the circumstance as a result of field, after machine of a lot of pneumatics is bought, be looked for at will a place place installation, want to be put it is well to fall only. Actually of pneumatics machine place and be being installed also is more important, a good placement and installation position can improve the function of pneumatics machine and life.

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1, the vibration of the generation when pneumatics accident goes is lesser, do not need special fixed part so, but the ground of installation needs level and the ground should enough bear the weight of compressor, prevent to pneumatics opportunity arises vibration and cause noise.

2, if pneumatics machine installation is upstair, must make step of good vibration isolation, prevent vibration to be passed to downstair or generation resonance produces a harm to pneumatics machine and building, reduce safe hidden danger.

3, come loose as a result of pneumatics machine quantity of heat is big, no matter be wind cold type or water-cooling type, need favorable ventilated environment, exorbitant meeting brings about environmental temperature compressor occurrence high temperature moves or overheating stays machine case. But also cannot open air is placed, insolation and drench go against pneumatics machine use, reduce the service life of the machine.

A few kinds of ventilated methods are as follows:

A: Air inlet and platoon a place with a draught install park to be aimed at the wall outdoor, call free installation;

B: Increase the electric fan that discharge wind;

C: Installation guides wind conduit discharges wind at the wall outside;

D: Of be defeated guide of mobile board guide wind conduit is designed;

(can be defeated by sirocco when need guide the computer room that enters chill, avoid temperature to be in centigrade happen when 0 reach phenomenon of its component cold knot)

E: The sirocco that uses machine eduction uses as warm wind.

The winter of cold region, the sirocco that can use a machine raises indoor temperature, summer criterion can stem from sirocco platoon outdoor.

QiAir Compressor
4, there is many moisture content in humid air, pneumatics machine is put in dry environment as far as possible, reduce the separate out of condenser water, fag end of journey of other explicit director adds ball valve, and make pipeline tilts 1~2° , the eduction of the condenser water in convenient pipeline.

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