Pneumatics machine is one of commonly used equipment in industrial production, it becomes high-pressured gas through compressing air, store its rise use at all sorts of industry utility.

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However, as a result of long use or other reason, pneumatics machine may malfunction, the influence manufactures efficiency.

The article presses thorough and analytic sky the breakdown of machine and maintenance, offer a few relevant content to abound read an experience.

One, the classification of pneumatics engine trouble 1. Compress systematic breakdown:

This kind of breakdown basically involves air compressor share, include air temperature of compressor overheat, platoon to spend unusual, vibration to pass to wait for a problem greatly.

Breakdown of 2. pipeline system:

Pipeline system is the crucial part that pneumatics accident goes, breakdown may include pipeline flat, conduit jams wait for a problem.

3. filters systematic breakdown:

Filter the foreign matter that the system uses in eliminate air, but if appear breakdown, the likelihood causes air pollution, include filter core to jam, filter core is divulged wait for a circumstance.

Breakdown of 4. cooling system:

Cooling system breakdown may bring about compressor overheat, include the issue such as leak of cooling tower breakdown, cooling fluid.

2, trouble of common pneumatics engine and maintenance method 1. Breakdown:

Compressor overheat maintains a method:

Examine compressor refrigeration system, ensure cooling tower moves normally, cooling fluid is enough;

Clean fan, radiator, assure good medicinal powder hot.

2. breakdown:

Compressor discharges air temperature to spend unusual maintenance method:

Check outlet temperature sensor, ensure exact location breakdown is nodded;

Clean heat exchanger, eliminate jam;

Examination lubricating oil is enough, add in time.

3. breakdown:

Conduit is flat maintain a method:

Examination conduit and join whether to become loose;

Enrage a dot with suds check track down a leak, repair is flat place;

Change the conduit of attaint or join.

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4. breakdown:

Filter core jams maintenance method:

Change regularly filter core, clean filter core according to the regulation or change new filter core;

Ensure filter core is sealed and good, avoid flat.

5. breakdown:

Cooling tower breakdown maintains a method:

Whether do examination electric machinery and cooling tower fan run normally;

Clean and cooling tower, eliminate jam;

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Examination water pump is normal, be maintained in time or change.

3, pneumatics machine safeguards a note 1. Maintain regularly:

What have pneumatics opportunity according to the requirement of manufacturer is fixed maintain, include to change core of filter of lube, clean cooling system, examination.

2. stores with use environment:

Pneumatics machine should store when out of service in dry, ventilated environment, avoid dirt retention and damp to be caused to equipment damage.

3. cleanness and lubricant:

Maintain the cleanness of pneumatics machine, notice fixed and cleared dirt retention;

Be added in time or change lube.

4. checks regularly:

Check each parts of pneumatics machine regularly, include core of conduit, filter, cooling system to wait, discover the problem is maintained in time.

The classification that passes trouble of analytic pneumatics engine and common breakdown reach maintenance method, the moving mechanism that we can understand pneumatics opportunity better and safeguard a point.

In real industry production, those who maintain pneumatics aircraft is normal moving is to ensure the important segment that produces efficiency and quality.

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Accordingly, maintain regularly and be being maintained is the task with the indispensable person that pneumatics machine is used, pass only safeguard correctly, ability ensures the long-term stability of pneumatics machine moves.