Of machine of screw type pneumatics basically maintain means is to change 3 filter one oil, main method has:

1, air filters core. The need after working 1500 hours changes;

2, lube filters core. Use 2000 hours or so to need to change daily;

3, oil gas segregator. Normal 3000 hours change with respect to need, specific basis uses environmental decision;

4, lube. Have to mix with sort with, the filter when oil change also needs to change along with all the others.

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3, oil gas segregator. Have lube and the effect that reduce air depart, if separate action is abate, cannot depart effectively the oil content in air, can raise oily cost, maintain normally need undertakes changing after moving 3000 hours, according to the job at the same time the environment also can change ahead of schedule;

4, lube. The character of lube decides the stability that equipment runs and use life, besides cannot mix the oil that uses different type to taste, after its work 2000 hours, should change according to working environment, at the same time filter also needs to adjust.

Does machine of screw type pneumatics need what to item notice when move?

1, the working situation that needs to inspect facility in travel of daily pneumatics accident, abnormal moving condition can increase power consumption, cause equipment to be opened often stop cause electric machinery trouble;

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2, equipment does not have in working environment but volatile poisonous and combustible gas, can cause the mouth that take energy of life to jam otherwise, the influence moves;

3, when moving, any unusual sound exist in equipment oscillatory perhaps, should stop machine examination instantly.

Machines and tools of screw type pneumatics has good stability, the noise small specific power consumption that arises in move is low, compare in the market welcome, be in so the choose and buy is the aptitude that needs to notice product quality and raw firm.