Complier language: Current, china is in an industry to upgrade transition period, energy-saving fall bad news and the two big targets that carrying qualitative synergism is national development. The compression with good quality air aftertreatment equipment can help an user managing production cost, promotion manufactures technology, accord with the overall development demand of the market and society.

And market of air aftertreatment equipment is compressed to go up in China, living not only a large number of inside endowment enterprise, return active a lot of outstanding foreign capital brands, italian Fu Rui FRIULAIR is the among them person that above average. As a history long, the major with technical banner whole world compresses air aftertreatment enterprise, fu Rui is in while for China the user brings good product, also brought the advanced concept of Europe that use gas for us. This period general manager of division of Asia-Pacific of company of drier of Fu Rui FRIULAIR of Italy of our specially invite Mr Raffaele Michael Tufano, chat to be inscribed about reducing the sentence of air aftertreatment and Fu Rui together.

This period specially invite interviews a honored guest:

Raffaele Michael Tufano of general manager of division of Asia-Pacific of company of drier of Italian Fu Rui FRIULAIR

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Q: ? Does caboodle consider wholesale  Fen?

R:RAffaele Michael Tufano

Q: ? How does  of Kuo of  of peptide of  of  boundless and indistinct mast RIULAIR of Zuo of locust of  of Kou Huang approach is an enterprise?

R: ? Company of locust Zuo RIULAIR held water 1989, headquarters is located in Italy Fuliuli (Friuli) area, it is the household company of a dovish operation.

Fu Rui is dedicated at reducing the air drier, research and development that compresses an inhaler and production, after the company holds water 10 years, rapid development is compress air to purify the lead company inside limits of domain whole world, our technical capability and crop rank the banner place with very prominent industry.

Character is reliable, energy-saving environmental protection is us the characteristic of all range of products. Rich experience, advanced equipment, strict flow examines with end item, it is the outstanding characteristic of our company more.

Italian rich luck acts on professional spirit and the long commitment to the industry, design, research and development, sale reduces air purifying device and cold water unit. Our product supplies global client, we produce the most high quality product only.

Q: ? Strong dash forward does lens of  of Er of orchid Zou locust seek grain of coil up of  live abroad model of Song of  of  phenolic imperial order?

R: ? Lens of locust Er  mu large bamboo hat of natrium of  of  of exuviate of ⒑ of crab of ⒀ of ㄎ emperor close ㄗ carries Pi of  of  Ge Si paragraph to joke of  grave  be favored with says eye palm  considers wholesale  to put level ground road to change uncut jade of   Fu chasm of cheek of  of part of the day of the calcic be buried alive with the dead that put Bu.

High quality product brings the reputation of high-end brand for our partner, also brought specific power consumption for final user managing the promotion with product quality.

Experience makes clear, after the client selects our drier product, change normally no longer brand, our durative sale growth and the drier facility that stability of a large number of 10 years of above run witnessed a client the praise and honor to us.

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Q: ?

R: ? Drier of tropics of series of CT-T of of lung of  of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of Man of pa of locust Wu carapace refrigerant type, this type is burden, high temperature resistant design, environmental temperature can amount to 50 ℃ , entrance temperature can amount to 70 ℃ , press Chinese 14bar, get used to summertime high temperature tall wet environment, in southeast Asia tropics region market has the good application experience that is as long as 20 years.

It has outstanding product characteristic:

1, stable dry rate, pressure dew point maintains 3 ℃ the following; 2, tall energy-saving character, relatively traditional cold dry engine is energy-saving 50% above; 3, high reliability, crucial and fragile aluminium makes a — board type evaporator protects solid period 5 years.

We have a products plan and production concept ——Built To Last, with be eventually only then. Want to let us design made high quality product to still can be a client very well to serve after 10 years namely, create value for the client.

Q: ? Doesn’t admonish of reed of  of extensive money Yue Chu have  of round  of to joke of smile of Ф cangue Ang to consider sprain palm  to consider wholesale   hard to jade crack does Juan of  of  of Guo of illicit of α of Bei of Fang Chen of Dun of  of coil of courtyard of Fu of hurry of  of the ⅲ that fight cut down growing permanent teeth rip Du to whiz tan1huan4  ?

R: ? Branny bell of Peng of  of fierce Guo of τ of  of  loose Ji does not have Ф to add ⒀ of cut down of Ω bud ス to consider Q of Suan of serve of class of persimmon of sprain palm  to consider sprain palm  to divide assorted melt namely  jab Shun cracks health flinch the  that do not have Р divides uncut jade of ⑸ of Suan of persimmon class serve abdomen: Does Shan Shun of Fei of dark green of bad money of insane of Fang Jinan ≡ of coil  Dun crack health difficult in all Suan of serve of Nai of Xiong of Qin of mother of  of plaque of pagoda tree of  of seal gum Lu?

Our user does car component to machine production, the quality of cold dry engine that the initial stage that build a plant configures is not high, compress air to contain liquid state water in great quantities. Client later period is transformed, used adsorptive type drier to replace cold dry machine, 3 season reduce wintry year air quality is eligible, the summer still has water of many liquid state to appear. In the meantime, increase what blot machine caused specific power consumption greatly.

The client of demand of false sex drier that this is a model, machining company uses high quality cold dry machine to be able to satisfy manufacturing requirement completely, however because of misapplication blot machine brings about specific power consumption exorbitant.

We persuade a client, use Fu Ruileng dry machine to replace adsorptive type drier, the control with pressure stable dew point is under 3 ℃ , satisfied manufacturing requirement of the client well. Fu Ruileng does the 1/6 that functional bad news is bad news of former blot function, solve for the client reduce air quality problem while managing a large number of charge of electricity.

Q: ? Does  of stalk of ⒄ of rich  of  of Yin of Xing Di of skip of ひ of  of widow fat discharge having enough make an appointment with Ao to flatter Qi numerous P asks garden chews humorous of  of  of clump cellar free time ” ⒀ of where benzyl А considers  of Yue Juan cover with a straw mat does  of sprain palm  say sodium cent inspects Xin Shuo?

R: ? Does  of  of  of imperial mandate of  of mystery of  of  of housing pa discharge stop  to sift  of Yu of Sun of stalk  of branny ⒄ of persimmon of Lie of buffalo gnat of  of coffin of Dong Ping ⒄ to denounce inclined lay to wish happily Jiang Mujuan of Zhuo of massacre of numerous P of ⒒ of bath of box of fluorene of flatter of talk in one’s sleep of ⒏ of sip cent province?

It is OK below 95% scenes to compress air to purify demand will satisfy requirement by high quality Leng Gan machine, because the Leng Gan machine of endless ideal on the market handles the effect, the blot machine that a lot of users used high-energy waste time will solve compress air purify demand. This is very big false sex demand, the specific power consumption of blot machine is the 6 times above of cold dry machine, this creates waste of very big specific power consumption to the user, created more pressure to environmental protection.

The fluctuation across that Fu Ruileng does machine patent is refluent board type evaporator, have the level pressing difference of entire industry lowest, highest heat exchange efficiency, whole function bad news is evaporator of traditional envelope type of cold dry machine 50% the following. Sufficient heat exchange, efficient inside the safeguard with buy air-water very good also depart compress airy dry degree, the control with pressure stable dew point is under 3 ℃ .

Furui’s high quality cold dry machine replaces demand of blot machine false sex, we had made excellent case in Chinese market, a client that helps us is annual and managing charge of electricity of 1.2 million RMB.

Q: ?

R: ?  of the palm that consider sprain a bit the 7 Wei that treat  shows einsteinium ǔ reef a bit Sha ⑽  wrings reef a bit reef of Qiang rapid な a bit? is planted mode.

Velar mood is dry bulk is cabinet, not bad news report, suit to measure equipment pettily extreme applies or movable type application. Cost of the facility when atmosphere is measured is exorbitant and backflushing gas loss is overmuch, unfavorable use.

Adsorptive type drier can be accomplished – dew point of 70 ℃ pressure, dry effect is very good, also can achieve very big tolerance, suit the senior officer dry such as electronic industry to spend the industry of the requirement.

The problem of blot machine is specific power consumption very tall, still have the charge that sorbent changes regularly and trouble, if blame is necessary, do not want to use as far as possible.

Refrigerant type drier compresses the water in air with cooling principle depart, it is the most mature with current technology, apply to large flow application.

In all sorts of dry means, cold dry machine is the dry means with the the smallest, most energy-saving specific power consumption. Change without running stores demand, defend the work simple. The cold dry machine that reachs dew point of 3 ℃ pressure can satisfy the applied requirement of 95% above, it is major user most the economy, most efficient compress air drier ideal to choose.

Q: ? Does cheek invade  to break through humorous of neon of  of fear of dirty Wan of Ju Huan of  discharge  does 8 locust Lu seek armour of  of Gui of correct of  of Tao of lens of  Fen Yi does Qia of ぷ of Juan Sinan ┕ rising to a height?

R: ?

So, we established delegate office in China, developed numerous area dealer, built enough whole garage to put with spare parts inventory. In addition, china served an engineer to undertake in our manufacturing plant strict technical service grooms.

The product quality that believes we are admirable and seasonable this locality change a service, can bring good use experience and economic benefits for Chinese user.

Q: ?

R: ? Does locust target swan cheek of  of ぃ of 3 overstep one’s authority pointing to Dong growing permanent teeth steals north of extensive of ∫ of humorous of  of discharge of leg of  of  of tiny stream cover with a straw mat does  of ⑵ of idle of favour of  of Shi frequency  touch Xing Di of garden cook over a slow fire to guide ㄓ circles Xie to conceive Xing Daoyue of ┬ of Wu of  of an ancient drinking vessel tiny stream cover with a straw mat?

Our cold dry machine entered system of gas employer company recently. They are the 20 old experts inside the industry, oneself invest construction pneumatics station, for final user air feed, all facility cost and the cost that use phone is load of gas employer company, the user needs to be bought by air feed quantity only compress air.

Gas boss the dry effect of machine, total to Leng Gan specific power consumption, press poor, dependability, intelligence to change, the service has approximately slashing demand, enraging a boss to choose Fu Rui is our honor, the supplier of machine of high quality energy-saving Leng Gan that also proved we are to be worth professional client to trust truly.

Q: ?  of stand upright of  of  of  of ⑸ of Pi of  of discharge of Shi of  of eggplant of heart of  of  of Lu of Xing Jin of brandish of ⒚ of a legendary bird with poisonous feathers of locust of  of naphthalene illicit Guo knocks coil up of live abroad of fish hawk of locust of  standing tall and upright to lie Huan of  of melon of  of Shi discharge  stand upright throat of where of Jian of ぷ of Lian of basketry a surname alone leg discharge  .

R: ? Ш of こ of  of exhaust of Xun of favour of locust Liao cleanse swallows? of ┕  こ manufacturing base, thailand factory was built 2000, the component such as our refrigeration compressor, evaporator is imported from Europe entirely, 2 factories retain synchronous quality control, production is same high quality cold dry machine. We hold stock of full amount convention in Chinese storehouse, although need custom-built product, our date of delivery also is controlled in 6 weeks of less than.

Policy of profit from free trade, the product of cold dry machine that imports Chinese market 0 custom duty, our price retained very good competition ability.

Believe high quality demand, pay attention to the client with managing specific power consumption to be able to be willing finally to select our Leng Gan engine. 10 years the stability of above moves, net of couplet of wisdom industry other people controls a system, the date of holiday of specific power consumption of 50% brings the profit with product complete durative lifecycle for the user, the user buys our cold dry opportunity to make a redound is highest astute investment.

Q: ?

R: ? Does discharge  consider sprain palm  to change Shan of bang of Mi of Bi of berth of  of  of loose leave uncovered of  of  humorous 〕 showing disrespect or contempt aing shallow lake overgrown with wild plants to suckle Rong  to occupy channel of branny ⒄ of persimmon of Lie of buffalo gnat of bank of Zhuang of clear  goody to mire S of otter of  protruding  does not have Ф to wish does sip cent show the uncut jade that change  float?

We can increase the investment of pair of China markets continuously, afterwards 2017, after 2018, we the portion attended the 3rd Shanghai ComVac compressor to exhibit continuously in October 2019 meeting. Exhibit this meet us will bring the machine of new-style Leng Gan that uses 513A refrigeration agent for Chinese market. 513A refrigeration agent is current most the refrigeration agent of environmental protection, european market is used already generally, but at present Chinese market has not make response.

We will keep open, carry study, with Chinese market the person of the same trade strengthens communication, promote industry health jointly, high quality develops.

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