Rotary screw compressors often encounter overheating problems, mainly in the form of high exhaust temperature and hot running parts. Today, QiAir will talk about several factors as to why rotary screw compressors overheat.

1. Environmental factors

Many times have a great impact on the ventilation and heat dissipation, the environment around the compressor affects the heat dissipation of the following three main factors: the distance of the compressor placed too close to the wall or other obstacles; there may be other heat sources near the compressor things, in this regard, it is recommended that the installation and use of air compressors in strict accordance with the installation and use of rotary screw compressor environmental requirements.

2, radiator blockage factor

Because it is possible that when the environment around the rotary screw air compressor is dusty, it will make long-term operation and cause the radiator exterior to adhere to a layer of dust or sludge, which will affect the heat dissipation effect. A dirty oil filter may also cause the compressor to overheat to a certain extent. If the oil filter of rotary screw compressor is too dirty, the oil will not enter the compressor according to the normal flow rate, which will make the screw compressor warm up rapidly due to insufficient cooling oil. Of course, the oil level of the cooling oil is too low. In this regard, it is recommended that the rotary screw compressor should be regularly maintained and serviced to avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned situation.

3. Low oil grade or poor oil quality

Rotary screw compressor should use the original special compressor oil of the manufacturer, such as the use of other low grade or poor quality oil may make the back viscosity and specific heat can not reach the standard, resulting in high temperature problems.