Manufacturer of low-pressure empty press basically produces cement low pressure machine of pneumatics of machine of pneumatics of screw of gearshift of machine of pneumatics of screw of machine of conveyer screw pneumatics, pulverous conveyer, permanent magnetism, low-pressure screw, dual class compresses screw pneumatics.

QiAir Compressor in China

Cement creates the air that needs a large number of opposite low pressure. Fan and fan offer fuel or combustion air for kiln, no matter be coal fines,combustion or oil burn. Below fan pressure, a large number of air immerse cement grog, make its temperature falls 2500 degrees from Fahrenheit to Fahrenheit 150 degrees, improve cement quality, restore quantity of heat, cement grog refrigeration arrives suit abrade temperature.

Be in with the use that matchs material muller at the wind tunnel of abrade coal mushroom

Cement is made and industry of product silicon cement is to compress one of airy consumer, in diversity respect of application, very rare industry can exceed it, compress air to be used at carrying in part of cement plant * . Same method often also is used at handling the smoke pink, leak that pack and coal fines. Normally cement plant provides low-pressure miniascape system — cement of low-pressure pneumatics machine carries a system, the noise when solving agitate station discharging is big, oily the board inside storehouse of be affected with damp be affected with damp of tall, cement, cement wastes waste time, storehouse coping is ejective grey pollution environment, explode even a series of problems such as storehouse while, can reduce the transportation of 50% time. Cement of low-pressure air compressor carries a system to will compress systematic setup to stand in concrete, by compressor of low-pressure screw air generation compresses air, through enraging coal tub to store amortize is mixed except water, be defeated by water pipeline through carrying the interface of outside air source of car to visit pneumatic. Pulverous carry arrives when silo, system data of storehouse of real time monitoring. Pressure of the gas inside storehouse is exorbitant, pulverous when excessive, can start automatic alarm, air compressor Suo Dinghe is shut, from go up at all solved super- press an issue. This kind of carriage system of low-pressure and rigid structure controls dust and noise pollution effectively.