Reasonable gas storage tank configuration can effectively reduce the number of loading and unloading, and stabilize the production gas supply.

QiAir Compressor system
QiAir Compressor system

The air storage tank at the outlet of the air compressor plays the role of stabilizing the outlet pressure and buffering. Since the air consumption at the end of the compressed air system cannot be stable at all times, it is necessary to use the air storage tank to balance the stability of the system pressure. Reduce frequent loading and unloading of air compressors. The second is to prevent the compressed air pipeline from returning to the liquid for some reason during the shutdown of the air compressor and pouring it back into the air compressor because it is damaged. The third is to cool the dried compressed air again to reduce the moisture content in the compressed air. The basic requirements for the selection of the gas storage tank are as follows:

1. The volume of the gas storage tank should be between 10% and 20% of the displacement of the compressor.

We generally choose 15%. When the gas consumption is large, the gas storage The volume of the tank should be appropriately increased. If the on-site gas consumption is small, it can be lower than 15%, preferably not lower than 10%. 

2. The processing capacity of the dryer and filter should be consistent with the exhaust volume of the compressor. 

3. The filter before the dryer should be equipped with an automatic drain.

4. When using the adsorption dryer, the compressor should reserve the corresponding gas consumption. 

5. After the dryer is installed in the air storage tank, the function of the air storage tank is fully reflected, and it plays the role of buffering, cooling and sewage discharge, which can reduce the load of the dryer and be used for the working condition of the system with more uniform air supply. 

The dryer is installed before the gas storage tank, and the system can provide a large peak adjustment capacity, which is mostly used in conditions with large fluctuations in gas consumption. Gas storage tank supporting installation accessories: pressure gauge, safety valve The pressure gauge is to let you know the pressure in the storage tank, and the safety valve plays a protective role.