Air compressor as a machine to increase gas pressure. The development has nearly had a variety of structure types, and nowadays the mainstream screw air compressor has many advantages compared with the traditional piston compressor, it is more energy-saving, more reliable, and also has the advantages of less vibration, less noise, and higher exhaust purity.

The screw machine has advanced electronic control system, stable and efficient host, lower operating costs, and better environmental adaptability, all of which are characteristics that traditional piston air compressors do not have.

1、Advanced electronic control system.

The screw air compressor has an intelligent control system with advanced equipment protection and fault diagnosis functions, which can meet 24-hour uninterrupted work. When the equipment fails, the system will react accordingly and promptly update the parts or maintain the equipment. The air master screw air compressor is easy to get started and convenient to operate, which helps the factory to realize automatic production easily.

2. Stable and efficient host.

The proprietary rotor design of the screw air compressor is delicate and assembled with high precision, all of which meet the inspection under extreme load and can fully meet the requirements of enterprise production for air compressor reliability and efficiency.

3、Lower operating cost.

Air Master screw air compressor system adopts stepless adjustment of 0-100% exhaust volume. When the gas consumption decreases, the gas production will also decrease, and the motor current will also be reduced to achieve energy saving; when there is no need for gas, the air compressor is carried by the empty car to reduce energy consumption, and the system will stop automatically after the empty car is too long. When the amount of gas used increases, the system resumes heavy traffic again. To achieve the optimal energy-saving effect.

4. Stronger environmental adaptability.

Excellent heat dissipation system design, better cooling effect, can meet the high temperature and high humidity environment. Excellent noise reduction technology and vibration damping measures make the installation conditions of the screw machine simpler, and you only need to ensure a certain amount of ventilation and space for later maintenance and repair to place your air compressor set.