Rotary Screw Air Compressor is one of the general equipment in manufacturing industry, and good energy-saving management of air compressor is necessary to achieve power saving in enterprises. In order to save the production cost of enterprises, it is urgent for enterprises to equip with high energy-efficient air compressors. So how to make the air compressor energy-saving?

1、Govern leakage

It is measured that a small hole of 1mm2, under 7bar pressure, the leakage amount is about 1.5L/S. Check all the delivery pipe network and gas-using points, especially the joints and valves, and deal with the leakage points in time.

2、Governance of pressure drop

Set up pressure gauge to detect pressure by pipeline segmentation, check your pressure drop in each segment in detail, and check and maintain the problematic pipeline network segments in time. General air compressor outlet to the point of use, the pressure drop can not exceed 1bar, strictly even not more than 10% that is 0.7bar, the pressure drop of the cold-dry filtration section is generally 0.2bar. factory as far as possible to arrange ring-type pipe network, balance the pressure of gas at all points.

3、Adjust the pressure matching of gas-using equipment

Evaluate the pressure demand of gas-using equipment, and try to lower the exhaust pressure of air compressor under the condition of ensuring production. For every 1 bar reduction in air compressor exhaust pressure, energy saving is about 7~10%.

4、Adjustment of unreasonable use of gas behavior

According to authoritative data, the electric energy utilization rate of air compressor is only about 10%, and about 90% is converted into heat energy lost, which needs to be evaluated for pneumatic equipment in the factory, and whether it can be solved by electric means instead. At the same time should also firmly put an end to the use of compressed air to do routine cleaning work.

5、Adopt centralized control mode

If the number of air compressors is small, one variable frequency air compressor can be used to regulate the pressure. If the number is large, centralized linkage control can be used to avoid the stepped exhaust pressure rise caused by multiple air compressor parameter settings.

6、Good equipment maintenance and cleaning

Increase the heat dissipation effect of air compressor, the exchange effect of water-cooled, air-cooled and other heat exchangers, and keep the oil quality clean.

7、Recovery of waste heat of air compressor

Recover heat from the oil system of the air compressor to prepare hot water for other processes or auxiliary living facilities.

8、Drying system renovation or replacement

The new drying equipment uses the waste heat of air compressor air to dry and dehydrate compressed air, and the energy saving rate is over 80%.