Rotary screw air compressors are indispensable equipment for factory production lines. To ensure stable production, screw-type air compressors must be kept running for a long time. Air compressor is a kind of complicated mechanical equipment, therefore, the maintenance of air compressor is very important and strict. The general maintenance cycle of screw compressor can be divided into 4 stages: daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance.

1、 Daily maintenance

Check the oil level, check the air filter element and coolant level, check the hose and all pipe joints for leakage, check the consumable parts have reached the replacement cycle and must be stopped and replaced, check the exhaust temperature of the main engine, and if it reaches or is close to the warning temperature, the oil cooler must be cleaned and the separator pressure differential should be stopped and replaced when it reaches more than 0.6 bar (limit 1 bar) or when the pressure differential starts to have a downward trend. .

2、Monthly maintenance

Check the cooler, clean it if necessary, check all the wire connections and tighten them, check the AC contactor contacts, clean the dust on the surface of the motor suction port and the surface of the shell, clean the oil return filter, check whether the air compressor setting and operation are consistent.

3、 Quarterly maintenance

Clean the main motor and fan motor, replace the oil filter core, clean the cooler, check the minimum pressure valve, safety valve, check the sensor.

4、 Annual maintenance

Replace lubricating oil and oil-gas separator cartridge, replace air filter cartridge, oil filter, safety valve calibration, check flexible coupling, check cooling fan, clean automatic drain valve, replenish or replace motor lubricating grease.

Usually air compressor manufacturers will advise users to do air compressor maintenance regularly, and air compressor parts maintenance is also not to be saved, which can greatly extend the life of the air compressor, so that the air compressor can play the maximum effectiveness, to avoid early damage to air compressor parts, which is beneficial to us but not harmful.

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