What is the function of the emergency stop switch next to the control panel of the screw air compressor? As the name implies, the emergency stop switch is mainly used to deal with some emergencies.

When the air compressoris in a dangerous state, or there is a sudden failure during the production process, in order to avoid greater damage, the downtime inspection must be carried out in time. We can cut off the power supply and stop the operation of the equipment by pressing the emergency stop switch to protect the safety of people and equipment.

What are some situations that can be stopped?

If the following situations occur, the air compressor should press the emergency shutdown button to make an emergency shutdown, find out the reason, and troubleshoot before turning it on.

  1. The current and exhaust pressure gauge suddenly exceed the specified value;
  2. The cooling water of the water-cooled air compressor suddenly cut off, and the cooling interrupted the supply;
  3. If the water temperature and oil temperature of a certain part of the air compressor exceed the permitted value, and the automatic control system fails, it should be shut down urgently;
  4. The air compressor makes abnormal sounds, such as the sound of metal collision and loose connections, damage to cylinder, cylinder head, screws and other parts;
  5. When the pressure of lubricating oil drops or the supply suddenly stops;
  6. There are serious leaks and leaks in the gas transportation process of the air compressor;
  7. When the motor has a strong vibration or a burning odor;
  8. The weather is suddenly abnormal, the air pressure station room is flooded, or there is an emergency around.

How to get an emergency downtime?

When you are in an emergency downtime, you don’t need to uninstall it first. You can directly press the “Emergency Stop” button.

After the shutdown, the residual gas in the system should be discharged after the operation of the air compressor, and the pressure should be zeroed. After a period of downtime, the condensation water in the oil and gas barrel, oil cooler and rear cooler should be discharged out. In the cold winter, freezing and cracking damage in a low temperature environment and rust should be avoided.

Emergency Downtime Record Check

After an emergency downtime, it is recommended that you document the reason for the downtime for service inspection, including:

  1. Downtime and type of downtime;
  2. Preliminary assessment of emergency shutdown losses;
  3. Preliminary judgment of the cause of emergency shutdown;
  4. Matters that need the assistance of relevant departments in rescue and rescue;
  5. Recovery or emergency repair time;

How to reset an emergency downtime?

How to reset the air compressor after emergency shutdown?

  1. The emergency stop switch is pressed. Turn the emergency stop switch clockwise to see if it pops up. If not, replace the emergency stop switch.
  2. After the air compressor is idle for a long time, please reset it when it is turned on, but reset does not work. In this case, it can be preliminarily judged that the emergency stop switch is disconnected or the emergency stop control circuit is in poor contact, and the emergency stop switch can be replaced or repaired.