Pneumatics machine is in moving process, can produce oil beyond heat and gas more than heat, come from the principle say, if these two kinds of heat can reclaim,rise, so energy-saving benefit can promote greatly.

To assure pneumatics engine lubricating oil 3 great merit can be developed normally, pneumatics aircraft moves working temperature to have range of one reasonable, optimal temperature: 85 ℃ of 60 ℃ ~ . If pneumatics mechanic makes more than 85 ℃ , engine oil of empty press has anxious tendency of ageing, knot, lubricant effect is reduced, sealed effect becomes poor, cause pneumatics engine trouble thereby, influence pneumatics aircraft moves normally. Additional, most pneumatics mechanism builds manufacturer to leave factory temperature of movement of set set fan is started for 85 ℃ , 75 ℃ stop. Of screw pneumatics machine those who produce tolerance to be able to run temperature as aircrew is elevatory and reduce. In be used actually, the mechanical efficiency of pneumatics machine won’t be stable in 80 ℃ demarcate produce the job on tolerance. Temperature every rise 1 ℃ , produce tolerance to drop 0.5% , temperature is elevatory 10 ℃ , produce tolerance to drop 5% . Prevailing wind is cold medicinal powder hot pneumatics machine is in 88 ~ move between 96 ℃ , its fall be in 4, 8% , summer more very.

In pneumatics machine in reducing a process, the main shaft that basically relies on equipment runs, drive compress a process to undertake. Because main shaft is in locomotive process, produce clash with plain bearing liner, bring about main shaft temperature to lift. Elevatory temperature, very big to running medium equipment to endanger, this part quantity of heat is about to rely on lube to be in lubricant to locomotive component process, take away quantity of heat. The quantity of heat that take away, deliver lubricating oil finally, make lube temperature elevatory. Accordingly, if undertake heat energy is used,transform, make pneumatics aircrew exhaust runs temperature and control of oily Wen Jun to be in less than of optimal temperature limits, reduce screw pneumatics machine to come loose time of sirocco fan movement, with respect to OK and managing much electric energy, at the same time better assurance gives tolerance.

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Begin available already press to undertake more than heat reclaims from 2006, use at the life to use the case of hot water. Before this, these quantity of heat of pneumatics machine are regarded as to abandon heat to discharge air in. To assure pneumatics opportunity move smoothly, the oil when preventing the job is lukewarm exorbitant, when still needing to let pneumatics accident go through heat exchanger, maintain in inside relatively constant temperature limits. Be in a litre to fall in the center, the life that combines a plant uses the requirement of hot water, more than heat reclaims the technology began to gain ground 2008.

Arrive from 2006 now, upgrade to using those who heat up demand as the factory, empty press of home more than heat reclaims the technology also matures stage by stage. Some still are using these technologies, and more users chose to reclaim efficiency is taller, energy-saving effect is better, recuperative heat volume is steadier, the empty press with honester service life more than heat reclaims technology. Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims is the energy-saving device with a kind of special efficient environmental protection, do not have any bad influences to pneumatics machine oneself, can reduce pneumatics machine effectively to run temperature instead, make pneumatics machine maintains fall in good working temperature, improve pneumatics machine efficiency, make at the same time originally medicinal powder sirocco fan stops turn, save electric energy. As a kind of new-style efficient and energy-saving equipment, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims the hot system of quantities that equipment passes pneumatics machine completely to arise takes hot water, use up without follow-up the sources of energy, its efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, economy is practical model had made each enterprise first selection.

   Machine of board type pneumatics more than heat reclaims

In pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims in the domain, machine of board type pneumatics more than heat reclaims. It is industry popularity rate highest, apply the widest sky to press machine beyond heat to reclaim technology. Its are main the principle is to use heat exchanger to receive the oil in pneumatics machine back and forth more than heat and gas more than heat. In pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims in, the use of board type heat exchanger is occupied than the biggest. The reason depends on workmanship simple, production is periodic short, cost low, price is cheap, so first selection of a lot of projects board type heat exchanger.

Board type the advantage that more than heat reclaims:

1) pass thermal efficiency tall: Efficiency of small heat exchange of stainless steel wall is tall;

2) cover an area of an area small: Structure of board type heat exchanger is compact;

3) weight is light: Of board type heat exchanger board piece ply is 0.4 ~ 0.8mm only;

4) the price is low: Board type heat exchanger is low-cost.

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But as a result of board type more than heat reclaims the effect that equipment suffers its itself structure, also put in the following defect:

1) sealing is poorer, easy leakage discharge, need to often change washerbed down the livestock;

2) use pressure accepts certain restriction, do not exceed 1MPa commonly;

3) use temperature suffers material of washerbed down the livestock to be able to bear or endure the limitation of lukewarm function;

4) easy jam, do not apply to the fluid that contains suspension substance;

5) fluid obstruction photograph is older than providing form.

Its are main the reason is oil of high temperature of sclerotic water classics dielectric heating is unripe lukewarm, produce unripe furring easily. And gap of flow path of board type heat exchanger is very narrow, if appear,furring jams extremely easily, bring about heat exchanger efficiency to drop.

Interpose is planted at this circumstance, tubal type heat exchanger went out again on the market.

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   Be in charge of type heat exchanger and its characteristic

Twining heat exchanger tubal form is a kind of new-style heat exchanger, its structure is different from the envelope type heat exchanger that uses extensively in industrial industry at present. The heat exchanger tube of this heat exchanger shows helix to circle make record, and twine multilayer. Each layer and before one successive is apart from through deciding between the layer board the distance that keeps certain, way is winded between the layer contrary. Because heat exchanger is in the length inside housing is OK lengthen, shortened thereby the crust dimension of heat exchanger, make pass thermal efficiency to rise.

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The company developed Lynd to twine heat exchanger tubal form first 1895, just be used to at that time the air liquefaction equipment that makes industrial scale. Before long, british Han Pusen is designed again and make come out helix of anguine canal form circles heat exchanger tubal form. So, twine heat exchanger tubal form to also call Linde Hampson heat exchanger. Of Lynd twine heat exchanger tubal form to twine coiled pipe coiler by two homocentric canals, high-pressured air connects inner tube and air becomes cold low pressure to shed classics inside and outside to run the gap between upstream. The heat exchanger that Han Pusen uses is comprised by a lot of pipe, these pipe from make a round trip outside introversion helix is twined, form coil to fold fall on central cylinder.

Twine heat exchanger tubal form from design first, make now, already appeared early or late in the formally that circle a canal a lot of forms of each different new-style heat exchanger of the type that circle a canal, but main body structure is very much the same.

Opposite at board type heat exchanger, heat exchanger tubal form has a few advantages that cannot compare: Applicable temperature range is wide, get used to oneself of thermal shock, thermal stress to eliminate, compact degree tall, as a result of the special construction of oneself, make shed a sufficient progress, nonexistent flow dead band, especially special is through installing many monitor (housing Cheng is odd) , many fluid can be satisfied inside an equipment while heat exchange. Accordingly, heat exchanger tubal form is an efficient and compact heat exchanger, configuration is complex, although cost is higher, but its have a lot of advantages:

1. The span of heat exchanger tube with accurate essence. It is very difficult when bend or be twined that stainless steel was in charge of material to material pledges and be brought about because of its have plasticity, to realize the span of all heat exchanger tube it is unified, complete technology and rich experience need when this is producing treatment with respect to the requirement, the high accuracy equipment that is former outfit entrance and top craft provided good basis for mechanical production.

2. Provide an amount and layer span reasonably. When heat exchange, every opposite canal way is in producing change, angle should keep consistent again, should making sure the length of every heat exchanger tube is basic and identical is accomplished very hard really. And stylist design gave every heat exchanger tube different amount, and reasonable layer span captured faultlessly this one difficult problem, also resolved the flow path demand below condition of complex heat exchange at the same time.

3. Solder flow. Among the course that produces in equipment, use full automatic the robot that change solders, go up in order to make sure all solder are nodded in tube plate solder especially the standard is uniform, safety performance is extremely high.

4. Suitable scope wide, structure is compact, unit volume is had bigger conduct heat area. Tubal diameter of 8 ~ 12mm conduct heat canal, of every stere cubage conduct heat the area can amount to 100-170 square metre.

5. Nonexistent flow blind angle, only station equipment can have a variety of medium at the same time conduct heat, small to enraging sex of block up of road heat exchange, not easy knot dirties.

6. Use full automatic the robot that change solders make sure the operation pressure inside the canal is high, at present highest operation pressure can amount to 20 much MPa.

7. Conduct heat tubal heat expands can undertake compensating by oneself.

8. Heat exchanger comes true easily large change development, apply to machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil, centrifugal to enrage road heat exchange.

9. Odds of foreign matter deposit low, service life grows tendency of dirty of low, knot

The place on put together is narrated, as pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims ceaseless progress of the technology, be in charge of type sky to press machine beyond heat to reclaim to compare board style more than heat reclaims easy divulge, easy jam circumstance, had very good improvement. Believe its will be pneumatics accident to escort the Emperor all right convoy contributes more force, also can create more benefit for the user.