Pneumatics plane full name is air compressor, use electric energy namely or be the air that mechanical energy will come to to have air compression getting constant pressure thereby, and output offers a client end is used.

QiAir Compressor in China
In using a process to the empty press that buys newly, get air, environment, the influence of temperature, after pneumatics machine is using period of time, want to undertake maintaining effectively, what just can assure pneumatics opportunity is normal move. Maintain to pneumatics machine convention, ministry of empty press after service can be solved very quickly commonly, but should be pneumatics machine use time is too long, the use environment of empty perhaps press is very poor, the main core component of pneumatics machine answer via wearing away badly, upkeep costs occupies new facility to purchase the 50-60% of charge, might as well the consideration purchases a new machine.

For instance machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw uses time to grow too, screw rotor may appear the following problem: Bearing wears away; Gap of clench the teeth is too big; Oil path not free, oscillatory; Moving noise is too big. If do not undertake be checkinged in time reaching repairing, face the possibility a lot of losses: Rotor is unusual grind, change is moved; Moving dependability drops; Efficiency drops, specific power consumption increases; Unexpected damage, affect production thoroughly. A kind of concealed that is equal to company cost to manufacturing result is being affected for the enterprise of form cost increase. And below the condition that the empty press with an use very long time embraces dead in lead plane, the cost that maintenance increases upkeep cost is higher. Under photograph comparing, still purchase new machine to come more be to one’s profit.

Perhaps you can say, new machine is very expensive also. Yes, brand-new empty press really the price does not poor. Compare old machine nevertheless, the specific power consumption below province of new pneumatics function, higher reliability and lower maintenance and maintain cost, should call in the investment of new machine, often compare you beforehand of appraise some faster. It is easier that prep let alone uses old machine existence stops machine the risk that affects production even. From this, pneumatics opportunity arises certain upkeep costs, to the enterprise, reduce upkeep costs, also be managing to a kind of company cost.