Buy pneumatics confidential what to hole note?

6, the stability of air compressor

Pneumatics machine regards current production as equipment, indispensable effect is being produced in all sorts of enterprises, compared with the product that price of brunt complete sex compares, should choose to run stable empty press more. After all the influence that breakdown stops machine opposite to produce buys pneumatics confidential to be gotten greatly than you much.

7, demand of option of power of basis empty press, actual paper, buy pneumatics machine reserve to connect 1.1 ~ 1.2 of natural gas peak value with common generation general, if buy norms to cross big empty press, can increase only buy cost and power consumption, if have the requirement that raises tolerance later, it is OK to should increase a pneumatics chance that accords with demand only.

Above is me of empty to the choice press suggested at 7 o’clock, pneumatics machine is the core equipment with manufacturing indispensable company, quality should consider cautiously when the choice, tens of thousands of yuan balance can not offset the load loss that the reason on quality causes.