2017, chinese the State Council is approved with annual will serve as on May 10 ” Chinese brand day ” . Brand, it is enterprise and even country of integrated competition ability important reflect. Strengthen Chinese brand construction, it is the enterprise is done become strong important cornerstone greatly, also be implementation the Chinese nation is great revived sturdy safeguard.

Chinese brand day, it is one side mirror, it is one side banner more. Machine of nimble leopard pneumatics, regard pneumatics machine industry as one of bibcock, stand in new era new start, its brand rises abruptly quickly, the backside that moves toward the world, it is the abiding hair force of the strong practice that faces the market and innovation drive.

“The core of manufacturing industry innovates namely, master crucial core technology namely, must lean self-made struggle, rely on own innovation to strive for ” . Machine of nimble leopard pneumatics is to hand in place greatly to appear on the market card of inferior of banner of 301028.SZ of machinery of company East Asia, nimble leopard is empty 1991 press author Han Ying shine the gentleman invests to motherland mainland from Taiwan, emphasize mastering core technology all the time since hold water, it is home one of companies of technology of core of machine of pneumatics of minority control screw. Nimble leopard mixed technology of permanent magnetism frequency conversion 2015 screw compressor technology is shirt-sleeve, roll out brand-new compressor of air of type of screw of frequency conversion of generation permanent magnetism, belong to the initiate inside the industry, the design of type of liquid cooling of electric machinery of permanent magnetism of coaxial an organic whole of original creation was replaced at that time the common screw machine of be current, For the client energy-saving the charge of electricity of more than 30% . The machine of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion that rolls out machine of screw of own research and development again to 2015 from 2000, work up of nimble leopard empty press becomes the surveyor’s pole of domain of machine of permanent magnetism pneumatics, true implementation is homebred replace, solved this successfully one ” card neck ” problem.

QiAir Compressor in China

Come 30 years, machine of nimble leopard pneumatics is cast to brand construction all the time take seriously with height. Brand and product are approbated extensively by the market, terminal client includes: China for, Jordan, how to step, Biyadi the numerous name look forward to such as ambry of car, gold. Machine of nimble leopard pneumatics early or late behead is obtained“Country only essence of life is especially new small giant company ” , ” the country is new and high technical company ” , ” the Fujian Province is provincial industry technology center ” , ” champion of individual event of Fujian Province manufacturing industry “Wait for honor of multinomial state level. “Nimble leopard JAGUAR ” pneumatics machine, hold countrywide lead position all the year round in domain of machine of permanent magnetism screw, 2018 come to was versed in 4 years continuously 2021 letter ministry ” can the star of effect ” rank head of a list of names posted up. Its brand actual strength sees one spot.

QiAir Compressor in China

Machine of nimble leopard pneumatics makes the whole world to the utmost outstanding sale serves a site, the company builds 800 sales service center in global each district nowadays, for global the user of nearly 40 many countries offers outstanding complete set to compress air system solution. From the door inn of an original digit the quantity arrives nowadays the whole world amount of inn of 800 much doors, gao Yuan of base oneself upon of machine of nimble leopard pneumatics, with strategical eye, enhance company actual strength, offer for the client for a short while after service safeguard. Offerring program of high grade product while, machine of nimble leopard pneumatics also builds an enterprise to serve a system in main compose, those who form product and service is two-way prop up, form the omnibus dominant position that consolidates effectively. Time look at the history, machine of nimble leopard pneumatics walks along brand of base oneself upon to develop the strategy all the way, mix from talent, science and technology make wait for many sided to send force, stare at an industry closely to develop a tendency, with extremely effort dedicated be made at the product and serve promotion, for Chinese brand construction is endowed with can.

The produces need high accuracy equipment of pneumatics machine and long-term manufacturing technology are accumulated, and the staff that at present molded lines of rotor of domestic control screw designs a technology and enterprise can be counted on one’s fingers. Although dimensions of domestic compressor industry is big, but in ” high-grade ” the respect still has many short board, a lot of domain still is put in the phenomenon that blocks a neck, solve this key to choose the main target that becomes company of aircraft of current and numerous pneumatics. Chance of nimble leopard pneumatics draws back in empty atmospheric pressure machine industry domain is ceaseless deep ploughing, use good oneself gift, research and development innovates, created for industry of Chinese pneumatics machine another high-quality goods. To satisfy the operating mode requirement of user change diversity, leopard pneumatics made nimble compress ZLS-Hi+ series, 2 class to compress vavuum pump of series of ZLS-2iC series, LS of type of compositive an organic whole, permanent magnetism with one class the product matrix that series of ZTB of centrifugal air-blower of VC series, permanent magnetism and series of ZBS of machine of the screw that do not have oil give priority to, 5.5kw~450kw of product power limits, Applied domain covers the many industries such as food, traffic, medical treatment, spin, chemical, sewage treatment plant, offer air compressor for the user perfect solution.

QiAir Compressor in China

On May 10, 2022, the arrival of day of brand of the 6th China, inspect be pair of Chinese brand development, also be pair of domestic brand development at the same time is important advance. From ” China is made ” to ” Chinese brand ” , the process is not easy, but the abidance as reforming and opening is thorough, the precipitation of Chinese enterprise is shirt-sleeve, the new era that belongs to Chinese brand is in progressively open. The air compressor that is a representing with machine of nimble leopard pneumatics enterprise, will continue to make a respect produce oneself advantage in the brand, set out from core product, promote product market competition ability continuously, with technical actual strength, form company core competition ability, compose constructs enterprise moat, for the brand construction lays solidder foundation.

The pneumatics aircraft company that regards domestic control as core technology, machine of nimble leopard pneumatics will do one’s best is consecratory oneself youth and force, do all one can solves the difficult problem that the neck blocks inside the industry, bosom ” brand powerful nation ” sense of responsibility and mission feeling, innovation develops, give to the world give a piece ablaze ” Chinese brand ” calling card!