Machine of pneumatics machine screw is one kind is used at generation to reduce airy facility, it is having main effect in industrial production.

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In the article, process of the principle that we discuss development machine of pneumatics machine screw, job and to it relevant a few content, so that understand better,mix use this one product.

Above all, we need to understand the working principle of machine of pneumatics machine screw.

Machine of pneumatics machine screw uses two screw to rotate in an airtight housing, provide power through exterior gearing.

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A screw serves as active screw, another regards driven as screw.

When two screw rotate, their helix chamfer narrows gradually, push gas from the end that take energy of life vent one’s anger upright, finish pair of airy to compress.

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Such, compress air to was arisen to come out.

Next, we will understand the working process of machine of pneumatics machine screw.

After machine of screw of press of high above in the sky is started, electric machinery drives active screw and driven screw to rotate through exterior gearing.

Rotating in the process, screw chamfer narrows gradually, make gas is compressed.

The gas after compressing passes drain tap eduction, and new gas enters housing from the valve that take energy of life, continue to be compressed.

Whole process has continuously, realize ceaseless to compressing airy generation thereby.

Compare with the pneumatics machine photograph of other type, machines and tools of pneumatics machine screw has a few distinct advantages.

Above all, the work efficiency of machine of pneumatics machine screw is tall.

What rotate as a result of screw is successional and efficient, they can use up generation with inferior energy more compression air.

Next, the service life of machine of pneumatics machine screw is long.

Screw parts is made through nicety and reasonable design, can bear high speed rotates and atmosphere force, assured the stability of equipment and wear thereby.

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In addition, machine of pneumatics machine screw still has volume small, noise is low characteristic, make its apply to the application of all sorts of industry domains.

Besides the basic knowledge of above, we still can understand opportunity of pneumatics machine screw further a few derive content.

For example, machine of pneumatics machine screw applies mediumly in auto industry.

The compression with auto industry many need air comes drive all sorts of pneumatic equipment, wait like brake system, pensile system.

Function of pneumatics machine screw offers what what need steadily to compress air, those who assure a car is normal move.

Additional, machine of pneumatics machine screw also has wide application in building an industry, for example the process such as concrete eject and agitate needs to reduce airy support.

Machine of pneumatics machine screw is a kind of important industry equipment, the means generation that rotates through screw compresses air.

It has the efficient, advantage such as macrobian life, producing crucial effect in each industrial domains.

We should understand deep more and use machine of pneumatics machine screw, in order to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.